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Season Five - 23 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
93T27.13201Oct 05/16Legacy
T27.13102Oct 11/16Paradox (The Flash episode)
94T27.13202Oct 12/16The Recruits
T13.20001Oct 13/16Out of Time (Legends of Tomorrow episode)
95T27.13203Oct 19/16A Matter of Trust
96T27.13204Oct 26/16Penance
97T27.13205Nov 02/16Human Target
98T27.13206Nov 09/16So it Begins
99T27.13207Nov 16/16Vigilante
T27.13108Nov 29/16Invasion!, Part 1 (The Flash episode, Legends of Tomorrow & Supergirl crossover)
100T27.13208Nov 30/16Invasion!, Part 2 (The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow & Supergirl crossover)
T13.20007Dec 01/16Invasion!, Part 3 (Legends of Tomorrow episode, The Flash & Supergirl crossover)
101T27.13209Dec 07/16What We Leave Behind
102T27.13210Jan 25/17Who Are You?
103T27.13211Feb 01/17Second Chances
104T27.13212Feb 08/17Bratva
105T27.13213Feb 15/17Spectre of the Gun
106T27.13214Feb 22/17The Sin-Eater
107T27.13215Mar 01/17Fighting Fire With Fire
108T27.13216Mar 15/17Checkmate
109T27.13217Mar 22/17Kapiushon
110T27.13218Mar 29/17Disbanded
111Apr 26/17Dangerous Liaisons
112May 03/17Underneath
113May 10/17Honor Thy Fathers
114May 17/17Missing
115May 24/17Lian Yu

Season One - 23 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
1296818Oct 10/12Pilot
22J7302Oct 17/12Honor Thy Father
32J7303Oct 24/12Lone Gunmen
42J7304Oct 31/12An Innocent Man
52J7305Nov 07/12Damaged
62J7306Nov 14/12Legacies
72J7307Nov 28/12Muse of Fire
82J7308Dec 05/12Vendetta
92J7309Dec 12/12Year's End
102J7310Jan 16/13Burned
112J7311Jan 23/13Trust But Verify
122J7312Jan 30/13Vertigo
132J7313Feb 06/13Betrayal
142J7314Feb 13/13The Odyssey
152J7315Feb 20/13Dodger
162J7316Feb 27/13Dead to Rights
172J7317Mar 20/13The Huntress Returns
182J7318Mar 27/13Salvation
192J7319Apr 03/13Unfinished Business
202J7320Apr 24/13Home Invasion
212J7321May 01/13The Undertaking
222J7322May 08/13Darkness on the Edge of Town
232J7323May 15/13Sacrifice

Season Two - 23 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
Oct 02/13Year One (one hour recap & preview)
242J7451Oct 09/13City of Heroes
252J7452Oct 16/13Identity
262J7453Oct 23/13Broken Dolls
272J7454Oct 30/13Crucible
282J7455Nov 06/13League of Assassins
292J7456Nov 143/13Keep Your Enemies Closer
302J7457Nov 20/13State vs Queen
312J7458Dec 04/13The Scientist (The Flash origin)
322J7459Dec 11/13Three Ghosts (The Flash origin)
332J7460Jan 15/14Blast Radius
342J7461Jan 22/14Blind Spot
352J7462Jan 29/14Tremors
362J7463Feb 05/14Heir to the Demon
372J7464Feb 26/14Time of Death
382J7465Mar 05/14The Promise
392J7466Mar 19/14Suicide Squad
402J7467Mar 26/14Birds of Prey
412J7468Apr 02/14Deathstroke
422J7469Apr 16/14The Man Under the Hood
432J7470Apr 23/14Seeing Red
442J7471Apr 30/14City of Blood
452J7472May 07/14Streets of Fire
462J7473May 14/14Unthinkable

Season Three - 23 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
296848/T25.10090Oct 07/14City of Heroes (The Flash episode)
473J5151/T27.12151Oct 08/14The Calm
483J5152/T27.12152Oct 15/14Sara
493J5153/T27.12153Oct 22/14Corto Maltese
3J5354/T27.12354Oct 28/14Going Rogue (The Flash episode)
503J5154/T27.12154Oct 29/14The Magician
513J5155/T27.12155Nov 05/14The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak
523J5156/T27.12156Nov 05/14Guilty
533J5157/T27.12157Nov 19/14Draw Back Your Bow
3J5358/T27.12358Dec 02/14Flash vs Arrow (part 1 - The Flash episode)
543J5158/T27.12158Dec 03/14The Brave and the Bold (part 2 - The Flash crossover)
553J5159/T27.12159Dec 10/14The Climb
563J5160/T27.12160Jan 21/15Left Behind
573J5161/T27.12161Jan 28/15Midnight City
583J5162/T27.12162Feb 04/15Uprising
593J5163/T27.12163Feb 11/15Canaries
603J5164/T27.12164Feb 18/15The Return
613J5165/T27.12165Feb 25/15Nanda Parbat
623J5166/T27.12166Mar 18/15The Offer
633J5167/T27.12167Mar 25/15Suicidal Tendencies
643J5168/T27.12168Apr 01/15Public Enemy
3J5368/T29.12368Apr 14/15All-Star Team-Up (The Flash episode)
653J5169/T27.12169Apr 15/15Broken Arrow (The Flash crossover)
3J5369/T29.12369Apr 21/15Who is Harrison Wells? (The Flash episode)
663J5170/T27.12170Apr 22/15The Fallen
673J5171/T27.12171Apr 29/15Al Sah-Him
683J5172/T27.12172May 06/15This is Your Sword
3J5372/T29.12372May 12/15Rogue Air (The Flash episode)
693J5173/T27.12173May 13/15My Name is Oliver Queen (The Flash crossover)

Season Four - 23 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
703J5801/T27.12801Oct 07/14Green Arrow (The Flash crossover)
713J5802/T27.12802Oct 14/14The Candidate
723J5803/T27.12803Oct 21/14Restoration
733J5805/T27.12805Oct 28/14Beyond Redemption
743J5804/T27.12804Nov 04/15Haunted (Constantine crossover)
753J5806/T27.12806Nov 11/15Lost Souls
763J5807/T27.12807Nov 18/15Brotherhood
3J5658/T27.12658Dec 01/15Legends of Today (part 1 - The Flash episode)
773J5808/T27.12808Dec 02/15Legends of Yesterday (part 2 - The Flash crossover)
783J5809/T27.12809Dec 09/15Dark Waters
793J5810/T27.12810Jan 20/16Blood Debts (The Flash crossover)
4X6351/T13.19351Jan 21/16Pilot, Part 1 (Legends of Tomorrow episode)
803J5811/T27.12811Jan 27/16A.W.O.L.
813J5812/T27.12812Feb 03/16Unchained
823J5813/T27.12813Feb 10/16Sins of the Father
833J5814/T27.12814Feb 17/16Code of Silence
3J5665/T27.12665Feb 23/16King Shark (The Flash episode)
843J5815/T27.12815Feb 24/16Taken
4X6356/T13.19356Feb 25/16Star City 2046 (Legends of Tomorrow episode)
853J5816/T27.12816Mar 23/16Broken Hearts
863J5817/T27.12817Mar 30/16Beacon of Hope
873J5818/T27.12818Apr 06/16Eleven-Fifty-Nine
4X6362/T13.19362Apr 21/16Last Refuge (Legends of Tomorrow episode)
883J5819/T27.12819Apr 27/16Canary Cry (The Flash crossover)
893J5820/T27.12820May 04/16Genesis
4X6364/T13.19364May 05/16River of Time (Legends of Tomorrow episode)
903J5821/T27.12821May 11/16Monument Point
913J5822/T27.12822May 18/16Lost in the Flood
4X6366/T13.19366May 19/16Legendary (Legends of Tomorrow episode)
923J5823/T27.12823May 25/16Schism

Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns home a changed man after being shipwrecked for five years on a remote island. He appears to go back to his old carefree, philandering ways but secretly he works to make amends for the wrongs done by his family by becoming the vigilante known as Arrow.

Genre: action, drama, science fiction
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ongoing
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 115
Broadcast Run: 2012 - present
Starring: Stephen Amell
David Ramsey
Willa Holland
Paul Blackthorne
Emily Bett Rickards (season 2-5)
Echo Kellum (season 5)
John Barrowman (season 3-4)
Neal McDonough (season 4)
Katie Cassidy (season 1-4)
Colton Haynes (season 2-3)
Susanna Thompson (season 1-2)
Manu Bennett (season 2)
Colin Donnell (season 1)
Developed By: Greg Berlanti & Marc Guggenheim & Andrew Kreisberg
Based on Characters
Published By:
DC Comics
Green Arrow Created By: Mort Weisinger & George Papp
Showrunner: Andrew Kreisberg
Marc Guggenheim
Broadcast Network: The CW
Production Company: Bonanza Productions
Berlanti Productions
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Arrow
See Also: The Flash (2014)
Constantine (2014)
Supergirl (2015)
Legends of Tomorrow (2016)
IMDb's Arrow page