Pseudonyms: Raul Cabeza De Vaca
Born: August 3, 1946 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
First Published Short Story: In the May, 1984 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, "The Grass of Remembrance"
First Published Novel: In 1983 by Ace Books, Starrigger
1988Castle Perilous
1989Castle For Rent
1989Castle Kidnapped
1990Castle War!
1991Castle Murders
1992Castle Dreams
1992Castle Spellbound
1994Bride of the Castle

Castle Falkenstein (novelization of the role-playing game)
1996From Prussia With Love
1996Masterminds of Falkenstein

Dr. Dimension
1993Dr. Dimension with David Bischoff
1994Masters of Spacetime with David Bischoff

1984Red Limit Freeway
1986Paradox Alley

1999Other States of Being: 16 Short Abductions (16 stories)
"Secrecy" aka "The Seepage Factor" 1997 "Death and Transfiguration" aka "Hitler Clone in Argentina Plots Falklands Reprise" 1994
"Slow Dance for a Dead Princess" 1999 "The Vig" 1995 "Watchcat" 1998 "Oracle" 1990 "Elf Help" 1997 "Broomworms and Nosewigs" 1996
"Murder On-Line" 1992 "Getting Real" 1996 "BattleMagic For Morons" 1998 "Spellchucker" 1997
"Tu Quoque" 1995 "Planet in the Balance" 1997 "The Night Caller" aka "O! The Tangled Web" 1996 "The Richmond Enigma" 1995
1996Castle Fantastic edited by John DeChancie & Martin H. Greenberg (16 stories)
Introduction by John DeChancie "Hall of Mirrors" by Roger Zelazny "The Garrison" by Lawrence Watt-Evans
"Castle Collapse" by Jane Yolen "Broomworms and Nosewigs" by John DeChancie "Concrete Example" by Nancy Springer
"Death Swatch" by Esther Friesner "Brigbuffoon" by David Bischoff "Gie Me Somethin' ta Eat Afore I Dee" by John Alfred Taylor
"Gwythurn the Slayer" by Lawrence C. Connolly "Collectors" by Pamela Sargent "Getting Real" by Raul Cabeza de Vaca
"Merdinus" by Mike Resnick & Linda Dunn "Knight Squadron" by S.N. Dyer "Swimming the Moat" by Barbara Paul
"The Soft Terrible Music" by George Zebrowski "Held Safe by Moonlight and Vines" by Charles de Lint
ForthcomingWeird LA
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Other Works
1987Crooked House with Thomas F. Monteleone (Horror)
1987Peron (biography)
1987Nasser (biography)
1993The Kruton Interface
1995Living With Aliens
2002Witchblade: Talons (novelization of the TV show)
1984"The Grass of Remembrance" from The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction vol 66 #5
1991"The Soul is Dead That Slumbers" from The Pittsburgh Quarterly #1
1996"The Dark and the Damp" from the anthology 100 Astounding Little Alien Stories edited by Robert Weinberg, Stefan R. Dziemianowicz & Martin H. Greenberg
1997"Planet in the Balance" from the anthology Free Space edited by Brad Linaweaver & Edward E. Kramer
2000"The Sagebrush Brujo Meets the Last of the Platters" from the anthology Spell Fantastic edted by Martin H. Greenberg & Larry Segriff
2005"The Loaves and the Fishes" from the anthology I, Alien edited by Mike Resnick

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