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Legends of Tomorrow
Season Two - 17 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
17T13.20001Oct 13/16Out of Time (Arrow crossover)
18T13.20002Oct 20/16The Justice Society of America
19T13.20003Oct 27/16Shogun (The Flash crossover)
20T13.20004Nov 03/16Abominations
21T13.20005Nov 10/16Compromised
22T13.20006Nov 17/16Outlaw Country
T27.13108Nov 29/16Invasion!, Part 1 (The Flash episode, Arrow & Supergirl crossover)
T27.13208Nov 30/16Invasion!, Part 2 (Arrow episode, The Flash & Supergirl crossover)
23T13.20007Dec 01/16Invasion!, Part 3 (Arrow, The Flash & Supergirl crossover)
24T13.20008Dec 08/16The Chicago Way
25T13.20009Jan 24/17Raiders of the Lost Art
26T13.20010Jan 31/17The Legion of Doom
27T13.20011Feb 07/17Turncoat
28T13.20012Feb 21/17Camelot/3000
29T13.20013Mar 07/17Land of the Lost
30T13.20014Mar 14/17Moonshot
31T13.20015Mar 21/17Fellowship of the Spear
32T13.20016Mar 28/17Doomworld
33T13.20017Apr 04/17Aruba

Season One - 16 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
Jan 19/16DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Their Time is Now (half hour special)
14X6351/T13.19351Jan 21/16Pilot, Part 1 (Arrow crossover)
24X6352/T13.19352Jan 28/16Pilot, Part 2
34X6353/T13.19353Feb 04/16Blood Ties
44X6354/T13.19354Feb 11/16White Knights
54X6355/T13.19355Feb 18/16Fail-Safe (The Flash crossover)
64X6356/T13.19356Feb 25/16Star City 2046 (Arrow crossover)
74X6357/T13.19357Mar 03/16Marooned
84X6358/T13.19358Mar 10/16Night of the Hawk
94X6359/T13.19359Mar 31/16Left Behind
104X6360/T13.19360Apr 07/16Progeny
114X6361/T13.19361Apr 14/16The Magnificent Eight
124X6362/T13.19362Apr 21/16Last Refuge (Arrow crossover)
134X6363/T13.19363Apr 28/16Leviathan
144X6364/T13.19364May 05/16River of Time (Arrow crossover)
154X6365/T13.19365May 12/16Destiny
164X6366/T13.19366May 19/16Legendary (Arrow crossover)

When heroes alone are not enough,

the world needs legends.

Legends of Tomorrow
AKA: DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Genre: action, drama, science fiction
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ongoing
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 33
Broadcast Run: 2016 - present
Starring: Victor Garber
Brandon Routh
Arthur Darvill
Caity Lotz
Franz Drameh
Ciarra Renée
Falk Hentschel
Amy Pemberton
Dominic Purcell
Wentworth Miller
Based on Characters
Published By:
DC Comics
Broadcast Network: The CW
Production Company: Bonanza Productions
Berlanti Productions
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Legends of Tomorrow
See Also: Arrow (2012)
The Flash (2014)
Supergirl (2015)
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