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Monsters vs Aliens
Season One - 26 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
Mar 27/09(US)Monsters vs Aliens (94 mins)
Sep 26/09(US)B.O.B.'s Big Break (13 mins)
Oct 28/09(US)Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space (26 mins)
Aug 28/12(DVD)Night of the Living Carrots (11 mins)
1101Mar 23/13Welcome to Area Fifty-Something
2a102aApr 13/13Danger Wears a Diaper
2b102bThe Toy From Another World
3a103aApr 20/13The Bath Effect
3b103bThe Fruit of All Evil
4a104aApr 27/13Frenemy Mine
4b104bMaximum BOB
5a105aMay 04/13It Came... on a Field Trip
5b105bEducational Television
6a106aMay 11/13Flipped Out
6b106bThe Wormhole Has Turned
7a107aMay 18/13The Two Faces of Dr. Cockroach
7b107bJun 01/13The Thing With One Brain
8a108aJun 08/13Night of the Living Dog
8b108bJun 15/13Attack of the Movie Night
9a109aJun 22/1398 Pound Cockroach
9b109bJun 29/13When Nature Shrieks
10a110aOct 12/13Screaming Your Calls
10b110bThe Time-Out That Wouldn't End
11a111aSep 28/13It Got Out of Hand
11b111bThe Sound of Fear
12112Sep 14/13Vornicarn
13a113aOct 05/13The Sorry Syndrome
13b113bSpeak Not the Q Word
14a114aDec 07/13It Came From Channel 5
14b114bIt Ruled With an Iron Fist
15a115aNov 02/13Driven to Madness
15b115bThe Beast From 20,000 Gallons
16a116aNov 09/13The Sneezing Horror
16b116bPrisoner of the Dark Dimension
17a117aNov 16/13I Predict Horror
17b117bDestroy Chickie D!
18a118aOct 26/13Number Seven!
18b118bThe Friend Who Wasn't There
19a119aNov 23/13The Mystery of Dr. Cutter
19b119bThe Partymobile That Invaded Earth
20a120aOct 19/13Curse of the Man-Beast
20b120bIt Came From Level Z
21a121aNov 30/13Ginormicat!
21b121bMy Monster, My Master
22a122aJan 04/14This Ball Must Be Dodged
22b122bIt Spoke With Authority
23a123aJan 11/14Debtor Alive!
23b123bThe Grade That Wouldn't Pass!
24a124aJan 18/14You Can't Breathe in a Diner... in Space!
24b124bRace to the End... Zone!
25a125aFeb 01/14Bride of the Internet
25b125bThe Invisible Threat (Also Silent)
26a126aJan 25/14When Luck Runs Out
26b126bThat Which Cannot Be Unseen

Alien problem? Monster solution.

Monsters vs Aliens
Genre: comedy, science fiction
Show Type: cgi animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 26 (50 stories)
Broadcast Run: 2013 - 2014
Starring: Diedrich Bader
Eric Edelstein
Riki Lindhome
Chris O'Dowd
Jeff Bennett
Kevin Michael Richardson
James Patrick Stuart
Based on the Dreamworks Movie: Monsters vs Aliens
Broadcast Network: Nickelodeon
Production Company: DreamWorks Animation
Nickelodeon Productions
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Monsters vs Aliens
IMDb's Monsters vs Aliens page