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Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
Season One - 22 epsEpPNAirdateCase FileTitle
1a107Nov 04/9628120The Underneath
1b52113Phantom Limb
2a108Nov 11/9664131The Transient
2b86126Two Lost Old Men
3a109Nov 18/96623119UFO Duplication
3b847117Clara's Friend
4a110Nov 25/96702134The Hunter
4b969121The Healer
5a101Dec 02/9634112Dream House
5b52111UFO Encounter
6a102Dec 09/9667102Possession
6b10103Man Out of Time
7a103Dec 16/9699101Reptillian Revenge
7b44114Ghostly Voices
8a104Dec 23/9677110Creeping Darkness
8b10106The Power
9a105Dec 30/9647129Freefall
9b92109The Presence
10a106Jan 06/9733130Infestation
10b87105Human Apportation
11a111Jan 13/97631136The Curse
11b260122Angel on a Plane
12a112Jan 20/97288128Anasazi Cave
12b199137Devil's Triangle
13a113Jan 27/97763139The Undead
13b569135Stalker Moon
14a114Feb 06/97260140The Forbidden North
15a115Feb 10/97984141Greenhouse Effect
15b213127The Buzz
16116Feb 17/97206132The Light
17a117Apr 07/97957133The 13th Floor
17b284145The Believer
18a118Apr 14/97559146The Fog
18b810126House on Garden Street
19a119Apr 21/97295143Second Sight
19b734138Chocolate Soldier
20a120Apr 28/97994124The Fire Within
21a121May 05/97693142Death at Sunset
22122May 12/97312247Perestroika

Season Two - 22 epsEpPNAirdateCase FileTitle
23201Sep 22/97262201Threads
24202Sep 29/97263202Donor
25203Oct 06/97360203Wish I May
26204Oct 13/97245208Communion
27205Oct 20/97417205Frozen in Time
28206Oct 27/97567212Devolution
29207Nov 03/97371211The Warrior
30208Nov 10/97669207The Grey Men
31209Nov 17/97267210Man of War
32210Nov 24/97905209The Damned
33211Jan 19/98416209Hell Week
34212Jan 26/98350213The Edge
35213Feb 02/98340212Bad Dreams
36214Feb 09/98936214Kiss of the Tiger
37215Feb 16/98604215The Haunting
38216Feb 23/98938216The Night of the Setting Sun
39217Apr 06/98309217The Labyrinth
40218Apr 13/98721219Pentimento
41219Apr 20/98400218Frozen Faith
42220Apr 27/98420202Map to the Stars
43221May 04/98104723The Endangered
44222May 11/98102964The Egress

Season Three - 22 epsEpPNAirdateCase FileTitle
45301Sep 25/98898750Jaunt
46302Oct 02/98751718Comings and Goings
47303Oct 09/98898777Heartland
48304Oct 16/98145345The Kiss
49305Oct 23/98568977Absolution
50306Oct 30/98659311All Hallows Eve
51307Nov 06/98600001Palimpsest
52308Nov 13/98965789Return
53309Nov 16/98828456Harlequin
54310Nov 23/98790002Little People
55311Jan 18/99340872The Winding Cloth
56312Jan 25/99500208Changó
57313Feb 01/99286051Solitary Confinement
58314Feb 08/99443987Valentine
59315Feb 15/99392101Old Wounds
60316Feb 22/99222989The Observer Effect
61317Apr 12/99333016School of Thought
62318Apr 19/99009879Y2K
63319Apr 26/99098509John Doe
64320May 03/99899997The Tribunal
65321May 10/99298321Forever and a Day, Part 1
66322May 17/99298322Forever and a Day, Part 2

Season Four - 22 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
67401Sep 20/99Shocking
68402Sep 27/99Sacrifices
69403Oct 04/99Happy Birthday, Matt Praeger
70404Oct 11/99Soul Survivor
71405Oct 18/99883
72406Oct 25/99Once Upon a Time in the West
73407Nov 01/99Body and Soul
74408Nov 08/99Temple of Light
75409Nov 15/99Inertia
76410Nov 22/99Nocturnal Cabal
77411Nov 29/99'Til Death Do Us Part
78412Jan 24/00Tyler/Tim
79413Jan 31/00Super Sargasso Sea
80414Feb 07/00Persistence of Vision
81415Feb 14/00GeoCore
82416Feb 21/00Gone Fishing
83417Apr 10/00Chiaroscuro
84418Apr 17/00Regeneration
85419Apr 24/00Wendigo
86420May 01/00Elevator
87421May 08/00Force Majeure
88422May 15/00Stone Dreams

These stories are inspired by the actual case files of the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research.

Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
Genre: drama, science fiction, mystery
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 88 (108 stories)
Broadcast Run: 1996 - 2000
Starring: Paul Miller
Nancy Anne Sakovich
Barclay Hope
Colin Fox
Maurice Dean Wint
Matt Frewer
Nigel Bennett
Peter MacNeill
Joanne Vannicola
Soo Garay
Hosted By: Dan Aykroyd
Created By: Peter Aykroyd & Christopher Chacon & Peter Ventrella
Broadcast Network: syndication
Production Company: Atlantis Films
Country of Origin: Canada
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