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Rod Serling's Night Gallery
Season One - 6 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
Pilot episode (two hours)
aNov 08/69The Cemetary
cThe Escape Route
1aDec 16/70The Dead Man
1bThe Housekeeper
2aDec 23/70Room With a View
2bThe Little Black Bag
2cThe Nature of the Enemy
3aDec 30/70The House
3bCertain Shadows on the Wall
4aJan 06/71Make Me Laugh
4bClean Kills and Other Trophies
5aJan 13/71Pamela's Voice
5bLone Survivor
5cThe Doll
6aJan 20/71They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar
6bThe Last Laurel
Segments unaired during original run, released in syndication
Room For One Less
Die Now, Pay Later

Season Two - 22 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
7aSep 15/71The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes
7bMiss Lovecraft Sent Me
7cThe Hand of Borgus Weems
7dPhantom of What Opera?
8aSep 22/71A Death in the Family
8bThe Merciful
8cThe Class of '99
8dWitches' Feast
8eMar 22/72Satisfaction Guaranteed (aired instead of "Witches' Feast" in repeats)
9aSep 29/71Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay
9bWith Apologies to Mr. Hyde
9cThe Flip-Side of Satan
10aOct 06/71A Fear of Spiders
10cMarmalade Wine
10dThe Academy
11aOct 20/71The Phantom Farmhouse
11bSilent Snow, Secret Snow
12aOct 27/71A Question of Fear
12bThe Devil is Not Mocked
13aNov 03/71Midnight Never Ends
14aNov 10/71The Diary
14bA Matter of Semantics
14cBig Surprise
14dProfessor Peabody's Last Lecture
15aNov 17/71House - With Ghost
15bA Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank
15cDr. Stringfellow's Rejuvenator
15dHell's Bells
16aNov 24/71The Dark Boy
16bKeep in Touch
16cWe'll Think of Something
17aDec 01/71Pickman's Model
17bThe Dear Departed
17cAn Act of Chivalry
18aDec 08/71Cool Air
18bCamera Obscura
18cQuoth the Raven
19aDec 15/71The Messiah of Mott Street
19bThe Painted Mirror
20aDec 29/71The Different Ones
20bTell David
20cLogoda's Heads
21aJan 05/72Green Fingers
21bThe Funeral
21cThe Tune in Dan's Cafe
22aJan 12/72Lindemann's Catch
22bThe Late Mr. Peddington
22cA Feast of Blood
23aJan 19/72The Miracle at Camafeo
23bThe Ghost of Sorworth Place
24aJan 26/72The Waiting Room
24bLast Rites For a Dead Druid
25aFeb 09/72Deliveries in the Rear
25bStop Killing Me
25cDead Weight
26aFeb 16/72I'll Never Leave You, Ever
26bThere Aren't Anymore McBanes
27aFeb 23/72The Sins of the Fathers
27bYou Can't Get Help Like That Anymore
28aMar 01/72The Caterpillar
28bLittle Girl Lost

Season Three - 15 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
29Sep 24/72The Return of the Sorcerer
30Oct 01/72The Girl With the Hungry Eyes
31Oct 15/72Fright Night
32Oct 22/72Rare Objects
33Oct 29/72Spectre in Tap-Shoes
34Nov 05/72The Ring With the Red Velvet Ropes
35aNov 12/72You Can Come Up Now, Mrs. Millikan
35bSmile, Please
36Nov 19/72The Other Way Out
37Dec 17/72Finnegan's Flight
38Dec 24/72She'll Be Company For You
39Jan 14/73Something in the Woodwork
40Mar 04/73Death On a Barge
41May 13/73Whisper
42May 20/73The Doll of Death
43aMay 27/73Hatred Unto Death
43bHow to Cure the Common Vampire

We're truly delighted that you've come. I mean, anyone can go to the movies or a night doubleheader or a discotheque or what have you, but only the tasteful visit a place like this. Their taste, of course, must of necessity run toward the slightly odd or at the very least, the bizarre. That's what we deal with here, the bizarre. The expected unexpected, if you will, as in the case of this painting here...

Rod Serling's Night Gallery
AKA: Night Gallery
Genre: mystery, horror, fantasy, anthology
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour (seasons 1-2)
half hour (season 3)
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 43 (96 stories)
Broadcast Run: 1970 - 1973
Hosted By: Rod Serling
Created By: Rod Serling
Broadcast Network: NBC
Production Company: Universal Studios
Country of Origin: United States
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