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Saving Hope
Season Five - 18 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
68Mar 12/17(CA)Dr. Dustiny
69Mar 19/17(CA)Midlife Crisis
70Mar 26/17(CA)Birthday Blues
71Apr 02/17(CA)A Stranger Comes to Town
72Apr 09/17(CA)Tested and Tried
73Apr 16/17(CA)Doctor Robot
74Apr 23/17(CA)Gutted
75Apr 30/17(CA)Knowing Me, Knowing You
76May 07/17(CA)
77May 14/17(CA)
78May 21/17(CA)
79May 28/17(CA)

Season One - 13 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
1101Jun 07/12(CA)Pilot
2102Jun 14/12(CA)Contact
3103Jun 21/12(CA)Blindness
4104Jun 28/12(CA)The Fight
5105Jul 05/12(CA)Out of Sight
6106Jul 12/12(CA)The Great Randall
7107Jul 19/12(CA)Consenting Adults
8108Jul 26/12(CA)Heartsick
9109Aug 16/12(CA)Bea, Again
10110Aug 23/12(CA)A New Beginning
11111Aug 30/12(CA)The Law of Contagion
12112Sep 06/12(CA)Ride Hard or Go Home
13113Sep 13/12(CA)Pink Clouds

Season Two - 18 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
14201Jun 25/13(CA)I Watch Death
15202Jul 02/13(CA)Little Piggies
16203Jul 09/13(CA)Why Waste Time
17204Jul 16/13(CA)Defense
18205Jul 23/13(CA)The Face of the Giant Panda
19206Jul 30/13(CA)All Things Must Pass
20207Aug 06/13(CA)Bed One
21208Aug 13/13(CA)Defriender
22209Aug 20/13(CA)Vamonos
23211Jan 02/14(CA)Wishbones
24213Jan 09/14(CA)En Bloc
25212Jan 16/14(CA)Nottingham 7
26214Jan 23/14(CA)Wide Awake
27215Jan 30/14(CA)43 Minutes
28Feb 06/14(CA)Don't Poke the Bear
29Feb 13/14(CA)Breathless
30Feb 20/14(CA)Twinned Lambs
31Feb 27/14(CA)Broken Hearts

Season Three - 18 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
32Sep 22/14(CA)Heaven Can Wait
33Sep 25/14(CA)Kiss Me Goodbye
34Oct 02/14(CA)Awakenings
35Oct 09/14(CA)Stand By Me
36Oct 16/14(CA)Breaking Away
37Oct 23/14(CA)Joel 2:31
38Nov 26/14(CA)The Way We Were
39Dec 03/14(CA)The Heartbreak Kid
40Dec 10/14(CA)The Other Side of Midnight
41Dec 17/14(CA)Days of Heaven
42Jan 07/15(CA)The Parent Trap
43Jan 07/15(CA)Hearts of Glass
44Jan 14/15(CA)Narrow Margin
45Jan 21/15(CA)Trading Places
46Jan 28/15(CA)Remains of the Day
47Feb 04/15(CA)A Simple Plan
48Feb 11/15(CA)Fearless
49Feb 18/15(CA)All the Pretty Horses

Season Four - 18 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
50Sep 24/15(CA)Sympathy For the Devil
51Oct 01/15(CA)Beasts of Burden
52Oct 08/15(CA)Start Me Up
53Oct 15/15(CA)Miss You
54Oct 22/15(CA)Heart of Stone
55Oct 29/15(CA)Rock and a Hard Place
56Nov 05/15(CA)Can't You Hear Me Knocking?
57Nov 12/15(CA)Waiting on a Friend
58Nov 26/15(CA)Shattered (part 1)
59Dec 03/15(CA)Emotional Rescue (part 2)
60Dec 10/15(CA)Shine a Light
61Jan 07/16(CA)All Down the Line
62Jan 14/16(CA)Goodbye Girl
63Jan 21/16(CA)You Can't Always Get What You Want
64Jan 28/16(CA)Not Fade Away
65Feb 04/16(CA)Torn and Frayed
66Feb 14/16(CA)Anybody Seen My Baby
67Feb 14/16(CA)Let Me Go

Charlie Harris, Chief of Surgery at Hope-Zion Hospital is in a car accident on his wedding day which puts him in a coma. Now his spirit roams the halls of the hospital, trapped between life and death, while his fiancée and fellow doctors try to save his life.

Saving Hope
Genre: drama, supernatural
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ongoing
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 85
Broadcast Run: 2012 - present
Starring: Erica Durance
Daniel Gillies
Huse Madhavji
Julia Taylor Ross
Kristopher Turner
K.C. Collins
Glenda Braganza
Ben Ayres
Salvatore Antonio
Wendy Crewson
Michael Shanks
Created By: Malcom MacRury & Morwyn Brebner
Broadcast Network: CTV
Production Company: ICF Films
Country of Origin: Canada
Official Website: Saving Hope (CTV)
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