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3rd Rock From the Sun
Season One - 20 episodes
1101Jan 09/96(US)Brains and Eggs
2105Jan 16/96(US)Post Nasal Dick
3106Jan 23/96(US)Dick's First Birthday
4103Jan 30/96(US)Dick is From Mars, Sally is From Venus
5107Feb 06/96(US)Dick, Smoker
6109Feb 13/96(US)Green-Eyed Dick
7110Feb 20/96(US)Lonely Dick
8113Feb 27/96(US)Body, Soul and Dick
9112Mar 04/96(US)Ab-Dick-ted
10102Mar 12/96(US)Truth or Dick
11111Mar 19/96(US)The Art of Dick
12117Mar 26/96(US)Frozen Dick
13104Apr 02/96(US)Angry Dick
14108Apr 09/96(US)The Dicks, They Are A-Changin'
15116Apr 21/96(US)I Enjoy Being a Dick
16115Apr 23/96(US)Dick Like Me
17114Apr 30/96(US)Assault With a Deadly Dick
18119May 07/96(US)Father Knows Dick
19120May 14/96(US)Selfish Dick
20118May 21/96(US)See Dick Run (Part 1)

Season Two - 26 episodes
21/22201/202Sep 22/96(US)See Dick Continue to Run (Part 2 - one hour)
23205Sep 29/96(US)Hotel Dick
24203Oct 06/96(US)Big Angry Virgin From Outer Space
25204Oct 13/96(US)Much Ado About Dick
26207Oct 27/96(US)Dick the Vote
27206Nov 03/96(US)Fourth and Dick
28208Nov 10/96(US)World's Greatest Dick
29209Nov 17/96(US)My Mother is an Alien
30210Nov 24/96(US)Gobble, Gobble, Dick, Dick
31211Dec 08/96(US)Dick Jokes
32212Dec 15/96(US)Jolly Old St. Dick
33213Jan 05/97(US)Proud Dick
34214Jan 12/97(US)Romeo & Juliet & Dick
35215Feb 02/97(US)Guilty as Dick
36217Feb 16/97(US)A Dick on One Knee
37216Mar 09/97(US)Same Old Song and Dick
38218Mar 16/97(US)I Brake For Dick
39219Mar 23/97(US)Dick Behaving Badly
40220Apr 06/97(US)Dickmalion
41221Apr 27/97(US)Sensitive Dick
42223May 04/97(US)Will Work For Dick
43222May 11/97(US)Fifteen Minutes of Dick
44224May 11/97(US)Dick and the Single Girl
45/46225/226May 18/97(US)A Nightmare on Dick Street (Part 1 - one hour) (3-D)

Season Three - 27 episodes
47/48301/302Sep 24/97(US)Fun With Dick and Janet (Part 2 - one hour)
49305Sep 30/97(CA)Tricky Dick
50304Oct 15/97(US)Dick-In-Law
51306Oct 28/97(CA)Scaredy Dick
52303Nov 04/97(CA)Moby Dick
53307Nov 11/97(CA)Eleven Angry Men and One Dick
54308Nov 18/97(CA)A Friend in Dick
55309Dec 02/97(CA)Tom, Dick and Mary
56327Dec 03/97(US)Seven Deadly Clips
57310Dec 16/97(CA)Jailhouse Dick
58311Jan 06/98(CA)Dick on a Roll
59312Jan 20/98(CA)The Great Dickdater
60/61313/314Jan 25/98(US)36! 24! 36! Dick! (one hour)
62315Jan 27/98(CA)Pickles and Ice Cream
63316Feb 03/98(CA)Auto EroDicka
64317Feb 24/98(CA)Stuck With Dick
65318Feb 25/98(US)Portrait of Tommy as an Old Man
66319Mar 31/98(CA)My Daddy's Little Girl
67323Apr 14/98(CA)The Physics of Being Dick
68320Apr 28/98(US)Just Your Average Dick
69321Apr 29/98(US)Dick and the Other Guy
70322May 06/98(US)Sally and Don's First Kiss
71324May 12/98(CA)When Aliens Camp
72325May 20/98(US)The Tooth Harry
73326May 20/98(US)Eat, Drink, Dick Mary (Part 1)

Season Four - 24 episodes
74402Sep 22/98(CA)Dr. Solomon's Travelling Alien Show (Part 2)
75401Oct 06/98(CA)Power Mad Dick
76403Oct 14/98(US)Feelin' Albright
77404Oct 20/98(CA)Collect Call For Dick
78405Oct 27/98(CA)What's Love Got to Do, Got to Do With Dick?
79406Nov 03/98(CA)I am Dick Pentameter
80407Nov 10/98(CA)D3: Judgement Day
81410Dec 08/98(US)Indecent Dick
82409Dec 15/98(US)Happy New Dick
83411Jan 05/99(US)Two-Faced Dick
84408Jan 12/99(US)Dick Solomon and the Indiana Solomons
85415Feb 02/99(US)Dick and Taxes
86412Feb 09/99(US)Sally Forth
87414Feb 16/99(US)Paranoid Dick
88413Feb 23/99(US)The House That Dick Built
89416Mar 02/99(US)Superstitious Dick
90417Mar 16/99(US)Y2Dick
91418Apr 06/99(US)Dick "The Mouth" Solomon
92420Apr 27/99(US)Citizen Solomon
93422May 04/99(US)Alien Hunter
94419May 11/99(US)Dick vs Strudwick
95421May 18/99(US)Near Dick Experience
96/97423/424May 25/99(US)The Big Giant Headache (one hour)

Season Five - 22 episodes
98501Sep 21/99(US)The Baby Menace
99502Sep 28/99(US)Dick For Tat
100505Nov 02/99(US)The Fifth Solomon
101504Nov 09/99(US)Dial M For Dick
102503Nov 16/99(US)Dick and Tuck
103506Nov 23/99(US)Dick, Who's Coming to Dinner
104509Nov 30/99(US)Sex and the Sally
105508Dec 14/99(US)Charitable Dick
106507Jan 11/00(US)The Loud Solomon Family: A Dickumentary
107512Jan 25/00(US)Gwen, Larry, Dick and Mary
108514Feb 08/00(US)Dick Puts the Id in Cupid
109517Feb 22/00(US)The Big Giant Head Returns
110511Feb 22/00(US)Rutherford Beauty
111518Mar 14/00(US)This Little Dick Goes to Market
112515Mar 21/00(US)Youth is Wasted on the Dick
113510Mar 28/00(US)Dick Strikes Out
114513Apr 18/00(US)Shall We Dick?
115519May 02/00(US)Dick and Harry Fall in a Hole
116520May 09/00(US)Frankie Goes to Rutherford
117516May 16/00(US)Dick Solomon's Day Off aka Dick Cassidy and the Strudwick Kid
118/119521/522May 23/00(US)The Big Giant Head Returns Again (one hour)

Season Six - 20 episodes
120609Oct 24/00(US)Les Liaisons Dickgereuses
121603Oct 31/00(US)Fear and Loathing in Rutherford
122605Nov 14/00(US)InDickscretion
123612Nov 21/00(US)Dick'll Take Manhattan
124613Nov 28/00(US)Dick'll Take Manhattan, Part 2
125606Dec 05/00(US)Why Dickie Can't Teach
126602Dec 12/00(US)B.D.O.C. (Big Dick on Campus)
127604Dec 19/00(US)Red, White and Dick
128601Jan 09/01(US)Dick Digs
129610Jan 16/01(US)There's No Business Like Dick Business
130607Jan 30/01(US)A Dick Replacement
131608Feb 06/01(US)Dick's Ark
132616Feb 13/01(US)You Don't Know Dick
133611Feb 20/01(US)My Mother, My Dick
134614Apr 17/01(US)Glengarry Glen Dick
135615May 01/01(US)Dick Soup For the Soul
136617May 08/01(US)Mary Loves Scoochie
137618May 15/01(US)Mary Loves Scoochie, Part 2
138619May 22/01(US)The Thing That Wouldn't Die
139620May 22/01(US)The Thing That Wouldn't Die, Part 2

As many intelligent people know, aliens are all around us. This is the story of a band of four such explorers. In order to blend in, they have assumed human form. This is the High Commander. He has assembled an elite team of experts: a decorated military officer, a seasoned intelligence specialist, and, well, they had an extra seat.

3rd Rock From the Sun
Genre: comedy, science fiction
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 6
Number of Episodes: 139
Broadcast Run: 1996 - 2001
Starring: John Lithgow
Kristen Johnston
French Stewart
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Simbi Khali
Elmarie Wendel
Wayne Knight
Jane Curtin
Created By: Bonnie Turner
Terry Turner
Broadcast Network: NBC
Production Company: The Carsey-Werner Company
Country of Origin: United States
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