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Season One - 22 episodes
1E535JSep 30/01Truth Be Told (90 mins)
2E631Oct 07/01So it Begins
3E632Oct 14/01Parity
4E633Oct 21/01A Broken Heart
5E634Oct 28/01Doppelganger
6E635Nov 18/01Reckoning
7E636Nov 25/01Color Blind
8E637Dec 02/01Time Will Tell
9E638Dec 09/01Mea Culpa
10E639Dec 16/01Spirit
11E640Jan 06/02The Confession
12E641Jan 20/02The Box
13E642Feb 10/02The Box, Part 2
14E643Feb 24/02The Coup
15E644Mar 03/02Page 47
16E645Mar 10/02The Prophecy
17E646Mar 17/02Q & A
18E647Apr 07/02Masquerade
19E648Apr 14/02Snowman
20E649Apr 21/02The Solution
21E650May 05/02Rendezvous
22E651May 12/02Almost Thirty Years

Season Two - 22 episodes
23E652Sep 29/02The Enemy Walks In
24E653Oct 06/02Trust Me
25E654Oct 13/02Cipher
26E655Oct 20/02Dead Drop
27E656Nov 03/02The Indicator
28E657Nov 10/02Salvation
29E658Nov 17/02The Counteragent
30E659Dec 01/02Passage
31E660Dec 08/02Passage, Part 2
32E661Dec 15/02The Abduction
33E662Jan 05/03A Higher Echelon
34E663Jan 12/03The Getaway
35E665Jan 26/03Phase One
36E664Feb 02/03Double Agent
37E666Feb 09/03A Free Agent
38E667Feb 23/03Firebomb
39E668Mar 02/03A Dark Turn
40E669Mar 16/03Truth Takes Time
41E670Mar 30/03Endgame
42E671Apr 27/03Countdown
43E672May 04/03Second Double
44E673May 04/03The Telling

Season Three - 22 episodes
45301Sep 28/03The Two
46302Oct 05/03Succession
47303Oct 12/03Reunion
48304Oct 19/03A Missing Link
49305Oct 26/03Repercussions
50306Nov 02/03The Nemesis
51307Nov 09/03Prelude
52308Nov 23/03Breaking Point
53309Nov 30/03Conscious
54310Dec 07/03Remnants
55311Jan 11/04Full Disclosure
56312Jan 18/04Crossings
57313Feb 15/04After Six
58314Mar 07/04Blowback
59315Mar 14/04Facade
60316Mar 21/04Taken
61317Mar 28/04The Frame
62318Apr 11/04Unveiled
63319Apr 18/04Hourglass
64320Apr 25/04Blood Ties
65321May 02/04Legacy
66322May 23/04Resurrection

Season Four - 22 episodes
67401Jan 05/05Authorized Personnel Only
68402Jan 05/05Authorized Personnel Only, Part 2
69403Jan 12/05The Awful Truth
70405Jan 19/05Ice
71409Jan 26/05Welcome to Liberty Village
72406Feb 09/05Nocturne
73404Feb 16/05Detente
74407Feb 23/05Echoes
75408Mar 02/05A Man of His Word
76410Mar 09/05The Index
77411Mar 16/05The Road Home
78412Mar 23/05The Orphan
79416Mar 30/05Tuesday
80413Apr 06/05Nightingale
81414Apr 13/05Pandora
82415Apr 20/05Another Mr. Sloane
83417Apr 27/05A Clean Conscience
84418May 04/05Mirage
85419May 11/05In Dreams
86420May 18/05The Descent
87421May 18/05Search and Rescue
88422May 25/05Before the Flood

Season Five - 17 episodes
89501Sep 29/05Prophet Five
90502Oct 06/05...1...
91503Oct 13/05The Shed
92504Oct 20/05Mockingbird
93505Oct 27/05Out of the Box
94506Nov 10/05Solo
95507Nov 17/05Fait Accompli
96508Dec 07/05Bob
97509Dec 14/05The Horizon
98510Apr 19/06S.O.S.
99511Apr 19/06Maternal Instinct
100512Apr 26/06There's Only One Sydney Bristow
101513May 03/0630 Seconds
102514May 10/06I See Dead People
103515May 17/06No Hard Feelings
104516May 22/05Reprisal
105517May 22/05All the Time in the World

My name is Sydney Bristow. Seven years ago I was recruited by a secret branch of the CIA called SD-6. I was sworn to secrecy, but I couldn't keep it from my fiancé. And when the head of SD-6 found out... he had him killed. That's when I learned the truth, SD-6 is not part of the CIA. I'd been working for the very people I thought I was fighting against. So I went to the only place that could help me take them down. Now, I'm a double agent for the CIA, where my handler is a man named Michael Vaughn. Only one other person knows the truth about what I do, another double agent inside SD-6, someone I hardly know... my father.

Genre: action, thriller, science fiction
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 105
Broadcast Run: 2001 - 2005
Starring: Jennifer Garner
Ron Rifkin
Michael Vartan
Bradley Cooper
Merrin Dungey
Carl Lumbly
Kevin Weisman
Victor Garber
Created By: J.J. Abrams
Broadcast Network: ABC
Production Company: Bad Robot
Touchstone Television
Country of Origin: United States
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