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CSI: Cyber
  • Ep: 14
  • Why-Fi
  • war driving -
    Hijacking connections to wireless networks broadcast in residential or commercial areas.

  • Guest Starring: Angela Trimbur (Francine Krumitz), McKenna Roberts (Rae), Molly Burnett (Nina), Greg Cromer (John Fable)
  • Co-Starring: Tiffany C. Adams (Defense Attorney), Ione Butler (Ellen Peters), Elyse Cole (Young Francine), Landall Goolsby (Harlan), Brian Groh (Lonnie), John Patrick Kelly (Judge), Serendipity Lilliana (Harlan's Daughter), Shiloh Nelson (Lindy), Zakary Shawn Risinger (Harlan's Son), Shane Francis Smith (Young Krumitz)
  • Written By: Pam Veasey
  • Directed By: Alec Smight
  • Ep: 15
  • Heart Me
  • cyberstalking -
    The use of electronic devices to obsessively harass a victim.

  • Guest Starring: Lyndon Smith (Tracy Jacobs), Christopher Cousins (Mason Lynne), Grant Harvey (Holden Katnik), McKenna Grace (Michelle Mundo), Marco Sanchez (Detective Gonzalez)
  • Co-Starring: Scott Broderick (Landlord), Kelly Chavers (Clerk), Alton Clemente (Officer), Tony Daly (Police Officer), Keli Daniels (Madeline Jacobs), Matthew Devine (Coworker), Cristen Irene (Cashier), Graciella Evelina Martinez (HR Rep), Dana Melanie (Marcie Lindell), A.J. Tannen (Mr. Williams)
  • Written By: Kate Sargeant Curtis
  • Directed By: Matt Earl Beesley
  • Ep: 16
  • Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes
  • doxing -
    The act of releasing sensitive information online with harmful intent.

  • Guest Starring: Brad Beyers (Office Dean Causley), Vince Duvall (Stan Peters), Cyrus Farmer (Chief Richards), Drew Nelson (Robert Gaines)
  • Co-Starring: Mel Fair (Male Reporter), Larry Bam Hall (Derek Noels), Michael Linstroth (Off Duty Cop), Meghan Maureen McDonough (Female Reporter), Judith Moreland (Addie Noels), Amanda Payton (Nicole Gaines), Pamela Shaddock (Female Congregant)
  • Written By: Devon Greggory
  • Directed By: Alec Smight
  • Ep: 17
  • Red Crone
  • script kiddie -
    An unskilled hacker who uses programs and exploits written by others.

  • Guest Starring: Gregg Henry (Calvin Mundo), Jenny Cooper (Karen Sullivan), McKenna Grace (Michelle Mundo), Fred Koehler (Oliver), Nishi Munshi (Rosalyn Price)
  • Co-Starring: Elisha Henig (Timmy Martola), Albert Kuo (ND Tech), Michael Leone (Luke), John Eric Montana (Judge), Dartanian Sloan (Jacob)
  • Written By: Denise Hahn
  • Directed By: Brad Tanenbaum
  • Ep: 18
  • Hack E.R.
  • modchip -
    A computer chip that alters a device's software for deviant use.

  • Guest Starring: Alisha Boe (Grace Clarke), Marcus Giamatti (Artie Sneed), Andrew Lukich (Mike Mullen), Lauren Stamile (Dr. Colleen Marks), Jessica Tuck (Dr. Giana Luca)
  • Co-Starring: Natisha Anderson (Nurse #1), Mark Atteberry (Male Doctor), Huntington Daly (Crash Team Nurse), Nancy De Mayo (FBI Agent), Colleen Foy (Paramedic), Nathan Pelle (Thomas Knight), Lucas Kwan Peterson (Young Male Nurse), Craig Rhodes (Security Guard), Katie Roberts (Nurse #2), Michael Scovotti (E.R. Doctor)
  • Written By: Michael Brandon Guercio
  • Directed By: Eriq La Salle
  • Ep: 19
  • Gone in 6 Seconds
  • car hacking tool [CHT] -
    A malicious device a hacker connects to a car's computer, allowing them to remotely control the car.

  • Guest Starring: Sean Blakemore (Director Silver), Marcus Giamatti (Artie Sneed), Jessica Szohr (Carmen Lopez)
  • Co-Starring: Clint Carmichael (Joe Harper), Alexis DeLaRosa (Miguel), Carl Donelson (Paul Martinez), Jeff Elam (Car Wash Owner), Isaac Johnson (Police Officer #1), Joseph Kibler (Kevin Cane), Jonathan Stanley (Police Officer #2), Ryan Surratt (Steven Fuller)
  • Written By: Matt Whitney
  • Directed By: Allan Arkush
  • Ep: 20
  • Corrupted Memory
  • malware -
    Software used to gather sensitive information or gain access to private computer systems.

  • Guest Starring: Matt Lanter (Tristan Jenkins), Kathleen Early (Georgia Stevens), Arjay Smith (Jordan Nelson), Bruce Nozick (Gil Stevens)
  • Co-Starring: Marc Fajardo (CSI), VJ Foster (Charlie Roth), Lak Rana (Neil Tomlin), Kimberly Whalen (Isabel), Murielle Zuker (Tampa Officer)
  • Teleplay By: Craig O'Neill & Pam Veasey
  • Story By: Andrew Karlsruher
  • Directed By: Jerry Levine
  • Ep: 21
  • Python
  • shelf baby -
    A fake digital identity created and "raised" online by a hacker planning to use it to commit crimes.

  • Guest Starring: Veronica Cartwright (Renetta Ferguson), Evan Jones (Python)
  • And: Diogo Morgado (Miguel Casado)
  • Co-Starring: Julien Ari Bensimhon (Bernie Renard), Andrew Miller (Rupert Flemming), Allen Theosky Rowe (Teddy Frankle), Sam Towers (College Kid)
  • Written By: Craig O'Neill
  • Directed By: Janice Cooke
  • Ep: 22
  • iWitness
  • brute-force attack -
    Attempting every possible password combination to crack into a protected device.

  • Guest Starring: Alex Ashbaugh (Louis James), Alisha Boe (Grace Clarke), Christopher Cousins (Mason Lynne), Rob Estes (Julian Perkins), Mary Mouser (Shelby Lockhart), Justin Prentice (Carter Harris)
  • Co-Starring: Dahlia Dacosta (Coroner), Michelle DeFraites (Young Woman), Christopher Foley (Finn Thompson), Lauren Shaw (Quinn Elliot)
  • Written By: Carly Soteras
  • Directed By: Paul Holahan
  • Ep: 23
  • Shades of Grey
  • whaling attack -
    An email scam that targets a high-level executive in order to gain access to his company's network

  • Guest Starring: Molly Burnett (Nina Moore), Yani Gellman (Jackson Richmond), Alexie Gilmore (Devon Atwood), Derek Mio (AJ Kim), Carlson Young (Mia Wilcox)
  • Co-Starring: Michael Cline (CEO Ashton Wagner), Anderson Davis (Agent Davison), Jake Delaney (Andy Wilcox), Kerry Knuppe (Young Woman), Stephanie Michels (Judge Terris), Dylan Ramsey (Man)
  • Written By: Kate Sargeant Curtis & Michael Brandon Guercio
  • Directed By: Louis Shaw Milito
  • Ep: 24
  • 404: Flight Not Found
  • software-defined radio -
    Used to imitate radio frequencies in order to infiltrate secure networks

  • Special Appearance By: Emmitt Smith (Himself)
  • Guest Starring: Sean Blakemore (FBI Director Silver), Dameon Clarke (Edward Daniels), Ramone De Ocampo (Stewart Collingsworth), Marcus Giamatti (Artie Sneed), Brian Howe (Richard Reynolds)
  • Co-Starring: Marcus Ashley (Irvin Minkler), Andrew Asper (Anthony Briggs), Gillian C. Brashear (Debra Custer), Julius Denem (Paul Lammers), Josh Drennen (FBI Agent), Monique Lea Gall (NTSB Investigator), Pilar Holland (Reporter), Victoria Park (Erica Chan), Marisol Ramirez (Margaret Stoller)
  • Written By: Thomas Hoppe
  • Directed By: Skipp Sudduth
  • Ep: 25
  • Going Viral
  • default password -
    A simple password assigned by a device manufacturer that is easily hacked if left unchanged.

  • Guest Starring: Kelly Preston (Greer Latimore), David Burke (Clayton Carver), Chris Mulkey (Mayor Cavanaugh)
  • Co-Starring: Nikiva Dionne (Connie Abbott), Deborah Geffner (Mary Ingram), Hugh Holub (Darryl Ford), Mitchell Ryan Miller (Leo Finch), David Salsa (Eric O'Brian)
  • Teleplay By: Denise Hahn & Pam Veasey
  • Story By: Denise Hahn
  • Directed By: Maja Vrvilo
  • Ep: 26
  • The Walking Dead
  • social engineering -
    Manipulating computer users to reveal sensitive information to use in a hack.

  • Guest Starring: Brent Sexton (Andrew Michaels), Kyle Schmid (Reaper)
  • And: Kelly Osbourne (Stella Kaine)
  • Co-Starring: Krizia Bajos (Prosecutor Shaw), Jeff Bowser (Customs Agent), Anzu Lawson (Judge Loring), Adam Lieberman (Alton Shepard)
  • Written By: Andrew Karlsruher & Scotty McKnight & Craig O'Neill
  • Directed By: Frederick E.O. Toye
  • Ep: 27
  • Fit-and-Run
  • near field communication (nfc) -
    A short-range wireless technology used to share data between two devices.

  • Guest Starring: Alan Dale (Richard Margolin), David Clayton Rogers (Dylan Resnick), Riley Smith (Keith Walker)
  • Co-Starring: Adi Ben-Ami (Sarah Walker), Tiffany Daniels (Karen Carter), Dennis W. Hall (Truck Driver), Caroline Lagerfelt (Elizabeth Turner), James Adam Lim (Ron Bechtel), Dylan Thiffault (Barry)
  • Teleplay By: Devon Greggory & Michael Brandon Guercio
  • Story By: Andrew Karlsruher & Scotty McKnight
  • Directed By: Jeff Thomas
  • Ep: 28
  • Python's Revenge
  • shodan map -
    An interactive search engine that shows the location of every device directly connected to the internet.

  • Guest Starring: Sean Blakemore (FBI Director Silver), Alisha Boe (Grace Clarke), Evan Jones (Python)
  • And: Diogo Morgado (Miguel Casado)
  • Co-Starring: Danielle Hoetmer (Renee Clarke), Matt Lasky (Asher)
  • Written By: Devon Greggory
  • Directed By: Vikki Williams
  • Ep: 29
  • 5 Deadly Sins
  • QR (quick response) code -
    A pattern of black and white squares that can be scanned by the camera on a smartphone to download information.

  • Guest Starring: Gregg Henry (Calvin Mundo), Sean Blakemore (FBI Director Silver), Molly Burnett (Nina Moore), Neil Hopkins (Jared Atchley), Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Sasha Boyd)
  • Co-Starring: Hannah Barefoot (Marla Harrison), Cassidy Barnes (Toby Allen), Aubrey Cleland (College Student), Georgie Guinane (Goth Girl), Julia Parker (Mourning Mother), Tim True (Balding Man), Ryan David Tsang (Greg), Greg Winter (Pastor Harrison)
  • Written By: Matt Whitney
  • Directed By: Rob Bailey
  • Ep: 30
  • Flash Squad
  • supercookie -
    Code that secretly tracks a person's internet activity.

  • Guest Starring: Kelly Preston (Greer Latimore), Shani Atias (Sophia), Sean Blakemore (FBI Director Silver), Spencer Locke (Madison Brooks), Gabriel Tigerman (Blake Jennings)
  • Co-Starring: Allison Brown (Riley Van Lowe), Edward Finlay (Joel Matthews), Maurice Hall (Charity Board Member), John Tague (Man), Skyler Hart (Victor Van Lowe)
  • Written By: Scotty McKnight
  • Directed By: Howard Deutch
  • Ep: 31
  • Legacy
  • legacy footprints -
    A digital data trail you unintentionally leave online.

  • Guest Starring: Gregg Henry (Calvin Mundo), Sean Blakemore (FBI Director Silver), Molly Burnett (Nina Moore), Dallas Liu (Jake Hazelton)
  • With: Brent Sexton (Andrew Michaels)
  • And: Kelly Preston (Greer Latimore)
  • Co-Starring: David Alexander (Rep of DOD), Boo Arnold (Wallis Gardner), Henry Dittman (Rep of NSA), Jennifer Say Gan (Margo Hazelton), Bayani Ison (Robert Hazelton), William Langan (Rep of CIA), Carl McDowell (Wizard), Jay Mitsch (Man), Stefanie Sherk (Jessica Turing), Ariah Tsukada-Aka (Emma Hazelton), Tyson Turrou (Echo)
  • Written By: Pam Veasey
  • Directed By: Eriq La Salle

Season Two
Patricia Arquette ..................... Avery Ryan
James Van Der Beek .................. Elijah Mundo
Shad Moss ........................... Brody Nelson
Charley Koontz .................... Daniel Krumitz
Hayley Kiyoko ...................... Raven Ramirez
Ted Danson .......................... D.B. Russell