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Doctor Who
Season Eleven - 10 episodes
The Thirteenth Doctor - Jodie Whittaker (2017 - )
145Oct 07/18(UK)The Woman Who Fell to Earth
146Oct 14/18(UK)The Ghost Monument
147Oct 21/18(UK)Rosa
148Oct 28/18(UK)Arachnids in the UK
149Nov 04/18(UK)The Tsuranga Conundrum
150Nov 11/18(UK)Demons of the Punjab
151Nov 18/18(UK)Kerblam!
152Nov 25/18(UK)The Witchfinders
153Dec 02/18(UK)It Takes You Away
154Dec 09/18(UK)The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

Special - 1 episode
155Jan 01/19(UK)Resolution

Season One - 13 episodes
The Ninth Doctor - Christopher Eccleston (2005)
1101Mar 26/05(UK)Rose
2102Apr 02/05(UK)The End of the World
3103Apr 09/05(UK)The Unquiet Dead
4104Apr 16/05(UK)Aliens of London (part 1)
5105Apr 23/05(UK)World War Three (part 2)
6106Apr 30/05(UK)Dalek
7107May 07/05(UK)The Long Game
8108May 14/05(UK)Father's Day
9109May 21/05(UK)The Empty Child (part 1)
10110May 28/05(UK)The Doctor Dances (part 2)
11111Jun 06/05(UK)Boom Town
12112Jun 11/05(UK)Bad Wolf (part 1)
13113Jun 18/05(UK)The Parting of the Ways (part 2)

Specials - 1 episode
The Tenth Doctor - David Tennant (2005 - 09)
Nov 18/05(UK)Born Again (7 mins)
14200Dec 25/05(UK)The Christmas Invasion (60 mins)
Dec 25/05(UK)Attack of the Graske (14 mins)

Season Two - 13 episodes
15201Apr 15/06(UK)New Earth
16202Apr 22/06(UK)Tooth and Claw
17203Apr 29/06(UK)School Reunion
18204May 06/06(UK)The Girl in the Fireplace
19205May 13/06(UK)Rise of the Cybermen (part 1)
20206May 20/06(UK)The Age of Steel (part 2)
21207May 27/06(UK)The Idiot's Lantern
22208Jun 03/06(UK)The Impossible Planet (part 1)
23209Jun 10/06(UK)The Satan Pit (part 2)
24210Jun 17/06(UK)Love & Monsters
25211Jun 24/06(UK)Fear Her
26212Jul 01/06(UK)Army of Ghosts (part 1)
27213Jul 08/06(UK)Doomsday (part 2)

Special - 1 episode
28300Dec 25/06(UK)The Runaway Bride

Season Three - 13 episodes
29301Mar 31/07(UK)Smith and Jones
30302Apr 07/07(UK)The Shakespeare Code
31303Apr 14/07(UK)Gridlock
32304Apr 21/07(UK)Daleks in Manhattan (part 1)
33305Apr 28/07(UK)Evolution of the Daleks (part 2)
34306May 05/07(UK)The Lazarus Experiment
35307May 12/07(UK)42
36308May 19/07(UK)Human Nature (part 1)
37309May 26/07(UK)The Family of Blood (part 2)
38310Jun 02/07(UK)Blink
39311Jun 09/07(UK)Utopia (part 1)
40312Jun 16/07(UK)The Sound of Drums (part 2)
41313Jun 23/07(UK)Last of the Time Lords (part 3)

Specials - 1 episode
Apr 02/07 - Jun 30/07(UK)The Infinite Quest (animated 46 mins)
Nov 16/07(UK)Time Crash (8 mins)
42400Dec 25/07(UK)Voyage of the Damned (72 mins)

Season Four - 13 episodes
43401Apr 05/08(UK)Partners in Crime
44403Apr 12/08(UK)The Fires of Pompeii
45402Apr 19/08(UK)Planet of the Ood
46404Apr 26/08(UK)The Sontaran Stratagem (part 1)
47405May 03/08(UK)The Poison Sky (part 2)
48406May 10/08(UK)The Doctor's Daughter
49407May 17/08(UK)The Unicorn and the Wasp
50409May 31/08(UK)Silence in the Library (part 1)
51410Jun 07/08(UK)Forest of the Dead (part 2)
52408Jun 14/08(UK)Midnight
53411Jun 21/08(UK)Turn Left
54412Jun 28/08(UK)The Stolen Earth (part 1)
55413Jul 05/08(UK)Journey's End (part 2)

Specials - 5 episodes
Jan 01/09(UK)Music of the Spheres (7 mins)
56414Dec 25/08(UK)The Next Doctor
57415Apr 11/09(UK)Planet of the Dead
Oct 29/09(UK)The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, Part One (TSJA episode)
Oct 30/09(UK)The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, Part Two (TSJA episode)
Dec 05/09(UK)Dreamland (animated 44 mins)
58416Nov 14/09(UK)The Waters of Mars
59417Dec 25/09(UK)The End of Time, Part One
60418Jan 01/10(UK)The End of Time, Part Two

Season Five - 13 episodes
The Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith (2010 - 13)
61501Apr 03/10(UK)The Eleventh Hour
62502Apr 10/10(UK)The Beast Below
63503Apr 17/10(UK)Victory of the Daleks
64504Apr 24/10(UK)The Time of Angels (part 1)
65505May 01/10(UK)Flesh and Stone (part 2)
66506May 08/10(UK)The Vampires of Venice
67507May 15/10(UK)Amy's Choice
68508May 22/10(UK)The Hungry Earth (part 1)
69509May 29/10(UK)Cold Blood (part 2)
70510Jun 05/10(UK)Vincent and the Doctor
71511Jun 12/10(UK)The Lodger
72512Jun 19/10(UK)The Pandorica Opens (part 1)
73513Jun 26/10(UK)The Big Bang (part 2)

Specials - 1 episode
Oct 25/10(UK)Death of the Doctor, Part One (TSJA episode)
Oct 26/10(UK)Death of the Doctor, Part Two (TSJA episode)
74600Dec 25/10(UK)A Christmas Carol
Mar 18/11(UK)Space (4 mins)
Mar 18/11(UK)Time (4 mins)

Season Six - 13 episodes
75601Apr 23/11(UK)The Impossible Astronaut (part 1)
76602Apr 30/11(UK)Day of the Moon (part 2)
77609May 07/11(UK)The Curse of the Black Spot
78603May 14/11(UK)The Doctor's Wife
79605May 21/11(UK)The Rebel Flesh (part 1)
80606May 28/11(UK)The Almost People (part 2)
81607Jun 04/11(UK)A Good Man Goes to War (part 1)
82608Aug 27/11(UK)Let's Kill Hitler (part 2)
83604Sep 03/11(UK)Night Terrors
84610Sep 10/11(UK)The Girl Who Waited
85611Sep 17/11(UK)The God Complex
86612Sep 24/11(UK)Closing Time
87613Oct 01/11(UK)The Wedding of River Song

Specials - 1 episode
Oct 01/11(UK)Death is the Only Answer (4 mins)
88Dec 25/11(UK)The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
May 24/12(UK)Good as Gold (3 mins)
Aug 04/12(US)The Science of Doctor Who
Aug 11/12(US)The Women of Doctor Who
Aug 18/12(US)The Timey-Wimey of Doctor Who
Aug 25/12(US)The Destinations of Doctor Who
Sep 01/12(UK)Pond Life (5 mins)
Sep 29/12(US)Doctor Who in America
Nov 16/12(UK)The Great Detective (3 mins)
Dec 17/12(net)Vastra Investigates: A Christmas Prequel (2 mins)
Mar 23/13(net)The Bells of St. John: A Prequel (2 mins)
May 11/13(net)She Said, He Said: A Prequel (3 mins)

Season Seven - 14 episodes
89Sep 01/12(UK)Asylum of the Daleks
90Sep 08/12(UK)Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
91Sep 15/12(UK)A Town Called Mercy
92Sep 22/12(UK)The Power of Three
93Sep 29/12(UK)The Angels Take Manhattan
94Dec 25/12(UK)The Snowmen
95Mar 30/13(UK)The Bells of St. John
96Apr 06/13(UK)The Rings of Akhaten
97Apr 13/13(UK)Cold War
98Apr 20/13(UK)Hide
99Apr 27/13(UK)Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
100May 04/13(UK)The Crimson Horror
101May 11/13(UK)Nightmare in Silver
102May 18/13(UK)The Name of the Doctor (part 1)

Specials - 2 episodes
Sep 24/13(dvd)Clara and the Tardis (2:00)
Sep 24/13(dvd)Rain Gods (2:00)
Sep 24/13(dvd)The Inforarium (2:00)
Nov 13/13(web)The Night of the Doctor (6:49)
Nov 21/13(web)The Last Day (3:35)
Nov 23/13(UK)The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot (half hour special)
103Nov 23/13(UK)The Day of the Doctor (part 2 - 50th anniversary special)
104Dec 25/13(UK)The Time of the Doctor

Season Eight - 12 episodes
The Twelth Doctor - Peter Capaldi (2013 - 17)
105Aug 23/14(UK)Deep Breath
106Aug 30/14(UK)Into the Dalek
107Sep 06/14(UK)Robot of Sherwood
108Sep 13/14(UK)Listen
109Sep 20/14(UK)Time Heist
110Sep 27/14(UK)The Caretaker
111Oct 04/14(UK)Kill the Moon
112Oct 11/14(UK)Mummy on the Orient Express
113Oct 18/14(UK)Flatline
114Oct 25/14(UK)In the Forest of the Night
115Nov 01/14(UK)Dark Water (part 1)
116Nov 08/14(UK)Death in Heaven (part 2)

Specials - 1 episode
117Dec 25/14(UK)Last Christmas
Sep 15/15The Doctor's Meditation (6:15)

Season Nine - 12 episodes
118Sep 19/15(UK)The Magician's Apprentice (part 1)
119Sep 26/15(UK)The Witch's Familiar (part 2)
120Oct 03/15(UK)Under the Lake (part 1)
121Oct 10/15(UK)Before The Flood (part 2)
122Oct 17/15(UK)The Girl Who Died (part 1)
123Oct 24/15(UK)The Woman Who Lived (part 2)
124Oct 31/15(UK)The Zygon Invasion (part 1)
125Nov 07/15(UK)The Zygon Inversion (part 2)
126Nov 14/15(UK)Sleep No More
127Nov 21/15(UK)Face the Raven (part 1)
128Nov 28/15(UK)Heaven Sent (part 2)
129Dec 05/15(UK)Hell Bent

Specials - 2 episodes
130Dec 25/15(UK)The Husbands of River Song
131Dec 25/16(UK)The Return of Doctor Mysterio

Season Ten - 12 episodes
132Apr 15/17(UK)The Pilot
133Apr 22/17(UK)Smile
134Apr 29/17(UK)Thin Ice
135May 06/17(UK)Knock Knock
136May 13/17(UK)Oxygen
137May 20/17(UK)Extremis
138May 27/17(UK)The Pyramid at the End of the World
139Jun 03/17(UK)The Lie of the Land
140Jun 10/17(UK)The Empress of Mars
141Jun 17/17(UK)The Eaters of Light
142Jun 24/17(UK)World Enough and Time
143Jul 01/17(UK)The Doctor Falls

Special - 1 episode
144Dec 25/17(UK)Twice Upon a Time

These are the continuing adventures of the Doctor and his companions as they travel through space and time righting wrongs and just having fun.

Doctor Who
Genre: science fiction, drama, adventure
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ongoing
Number of Seasons: 11
Number of Episodes: 154
Broadcast Run: 2005 - present
Starring: Jodie Whittaker (season 11-)
Bradley Walsh (season 11-)
Tosin Cole (season 11-)
Mandip Gill (season 11-)
Peter Capaldi (season 8-10)
Pearl Mackie (season 10)
Matt Lucas (season 10)
Jenna-Louise Coleman (season 7-9)
Arthur Darvill (season 6-7)
Matt Smith (season 5-7)
Karen Gillan (season 5-7)
David Tennant (season 2-4)
Catherine Tate (season 4)
Freema Agyeman (season 3)
Billie Piper (season 1-2)
Christopher Eccleston (season 1)
Created By: Sydney Newman
Showrunner: Steven Moffat (season 1-10)
Chris Chibnall (season 11-)
Broadcast Network: BBC One
Production Company: BBC Wales
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Official Website: Doctor Who
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The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007)
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