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Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist
Season One - 6 episodes
1101May 28/95Pot Bellied Pigs
2102Jun 04/95Pretzelkins
3103Jun 11/95Bully
4104Jun 18/95Cholesterol
5105Jun 25/95Everybody's Got a Tushy
6106Jul 02/95Family Car

Season Two - 13 episodes
7201Oct 15/95Bystander Ben
8202Oct 29/95Real Estate
9203Nov 12/95Glasses
10204Dec 17/95Office Management
11205Jan 14/96Bees and SIDS
12206Jan 21/96Drinky the Drunk Guy
13207Apr 07/96Sticky Notes
14208Apr 14/96It Takes Some Getting Used To
15209Apr 21/96The Particle Board
16210Apr 28/96A Journey For the Betterment of People
17211May 05/96Theory of Intelligence
18212May 12/96Henna
19213May 26/96ESP

Season Three - 13 episodes
20301Oct 06/96Monte Carlo
21302Oct 13/96Blind Date
22303Oct 20/96Fructose
23304Oct 27/96Earring
24305Nov 03/96Koppleman & Katz
25306Jan 05/97Guess Who
26307Jan 12/97Day Planner
27308Jan 26/97Mourning Person
28309Jan 19/97Studio Guy
29310Feb 02/97L'il Helper
30311Feb 09/97Big Fat Slug
31312Mar 02/97New Phone System
32313Mar 09/97Reunion

Season Four - 13 episodes
33401Jun 22/97Memoirs
34402Jun 29/97Electric Bike
35403Jul 06/97Broadcaster Ben
36404Jul 13/97Trash Day
37405May 09/97Ben Treats
38406Jul 27/97Sharon Meyers
39407Aug 03/97Mask
40408Aug 10/97Closets
41409Aug 17/97Wild Weekend
42410Aug 24/97Chopper
43411Aug 31/97Alibi
44412Sep 07/97Ben-Centennial
45413Sep 14/97Undercover

Season Five - 18 episodes
46501Jun 22/98Fanny Pack
47502Jul 06/98Movies
48503Jun 17/98Old Man
49504Jul 20/98Phone Luv
50505Jun 29/98Metaphors
51506Jul 27/98Chain Letter
52507Aug 03/98Baby Sitting Ben
53508Aug 10/98Miles Away
54509Aug 17/98London Broil
55510Aug 24/98Feng Shui
56511Sep 21/98Alderman
57512Jul 13/98Ticket
58513Sep 28/98Paranoia
59514Oct 05/98Waltz
60515Oct 12/98Anniversary
61516Oct 19/98Community Theater
62517Oct 26/98Ping-Pong
63518Nov 23/98Thanksgiving

Season Six - 15 episodes
64601Jun 15/99Sissy Boy
65602Jun 22/99Pullman Square
66603Jun 29/99Wisdom Teeth
67604Jul 06/99Past Lives
68605Jul 13/99Ben's Partay
69606Dec 24/99Used Car
70607Jul 27/99Ball and Chain
71608Aug 03/99Snow Day
72609Aug 10/99Garden
73610Aug 17/99Big TV
74611Dec 24/99Vow of Silence
75612Dec 24/99You're Belinda
76613Dec 24/99Expert Witness
77614Dec 24/99Radio Katz
78615Jul 20/99Walk For Hunger
79616Feb 13/02Bakery Ben
80617Feb 13/02Uncle Nothing
81618Feb 13/02Lerapy

Professional psychotherapist Dr. Jonathan Katz listens to the inane ramblings of his patients all day and attempts to solve their issues while getting nowhere on his own problems; a surly receptionist who won't do what he says and an underachieving adult son who still lives at home.

Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist
Genre: comedy
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 6
Number of Episodes: 81
Broadcast Run: 1995 - 2002
Starring: Jonathan Katz
H. Jon Benjamin
Laura Silverman
Will LeBow
Julianne Shapiro
Created By: Tom Snyder
Jonathan Katz
Broadcast Network: Comedy Central
Production Company: Tom Snyder Productions
Popular Arts Entertainment
HBO Downtown Productions
Country of Origin: United States
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