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Family Guy
Season Seventeen - 20 episodes
318HACX02Sep 30/18Married With Cancer
319HACX03Oct 07/18Dead Dog Walking
320FACX18Oct 14/18Pal Stewie
321FACX19Oct 21/18Big Trouble in Little Quahog
322HACX04Nov 04/18Regarding Carter
323HACX05Nov 11/18Stand By Meg
324HACX01Nov 18/18The Griffin Winter Games
325HACX07Dec 02/18Con Heiress
326FACX20Dec 09/18Pawtucket Pete
327HACX08Jan 06/19Hefty Shades of Gray
328HACX09Jan 13/19Trump Guy
329HACX10Feb 10/19Bri, Robot
330HACX11Feb 17/19Trans-Fat
331HACX12Mar 03/19Family Guy Lite
332HACX13Mar 10/19No Giggity, No Doubt
333HACX14Mar 24/19You Can't Handle the Booth
334HACX06Mar 31/19Island Adventure
335HACX15Apr 28/19Throw it Away
336HACX17May 05/19Girl, Internetted
337HACX16May 12/19Adam West High

Season One - 7 episodes
11ACX01Jan 31/99Death Has a Shadow
21ACX02Apr 11/99I Never Met the Dead Man
31ACX04Apr 18/99Chitty Chitty Death Bang
41ACX03Apr 25/99Mind Over Murder
51ACX05May 02/99A Hero Sits Next Door
61ACX06May 09/99The Son Also Draws
71ACX07May 16/99Brian: Portrait of a Dog

Season Two - 21 episodes
81ACX08Sep 23/99Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater
91ACX11Sep 30/99Holy Crap
102ACX06Dec 27/99Da Boom
112ACX01Mar 07/00Brian in Love
121ACX13Mar 14/00Love Thy Trophy
131ACX14Mar 20/00Death is a Bitch
141ACX15Mar 27/00The King is Dead
152ACX02Mar 28/00I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar
161ACX12Apr 02/00If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin'
171ACX09Apr 10/00Running Mates
182ACX07Apr 17/00A Picture is Worth a Thousand Bucks
192ACX08Apr 24/00Fifteen Minutes of Shame
202ACX12May 30/00Road to Rhode Island
212ACX04Jun 06/00Let's Go to the Hop
222ACX09Jun 13/00Dammit Janet
231ACX10Jun 27/00There's Something About Paulie
242ACX10Jun 27/00He's Too Sexy For His Fat
252ACX13Jul 12/00E. Peterbus Unum
262ACX14Jul 18/00The Story on Page One
272ACX15Jul 25/00Wasted Talent
282ACX16Jul 31/00Fore Father

Season Three - 22 episodes
292ACX17Jul 11/01The Thin White Line (part 1)
302ACX20Jul 18/01Brian Does Hollywood (part 2)
312ACX11Jul 25/01Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington
322ACX19Aug 01/01One if by Clam, Two if by Sea
332ACX22Aug 08/01And the Weiner is...
342ACX21Aug 15/01Death Lives
352ACX18Aug 22/01Lethal Weapons
363ACX02Aug 29/01The Kiss Seen Round the World
373ACX04Sep 05/01Mr. Saturday Knight
383ACX05Sep 19/01A Fish Out of Water
393ACX01Nov 08/01Emission Impossible
403ACX09Nov 15/01To Love and Die in Dixie
413ACX08Nov 29/01Screwed the Pooch
423ACX06Dec 06/01Peter Griffin: Husband, Father... Brother?
433ACX07Dec 20/01Ready, Willing and Disabled
442ACX03Dec 21/01A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas
453ACX03Jan 17/02Brian Wallows and Peter Swallows
463ACX11Jan 24/02From Method to Madness
473ACX10Jan 31/02Stuck Together, Torn Apart
483ACX13Feb 07/02Road to Europe
483ACX12Feb 14/02Family Guy Viewer Mail No. 1
(No Bones About It, Supergriffins, Li'l Griffins)
502ACX05Nov 09/03When You Wish Upon a Weinstein

Season Four - 30 episodes
514ACX01May 01/05North by North Quahog
524ACX02May 08/05Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Junior High
534ACX04May 15/05Blind Ambition
544ACX03Jun 05/05Don't Make Me Over
554ACX08Jun 12/05The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire
564ACX09Jun 19/05Petarded
574ACX10Jun 26/05Brian the Bachelor
584ACX11Jul 10/058 Simple Rules For Buying My Teenage Daughter
594ACX12Jul 17/05Breaking Out is Hard to Do
604ACX13Jul 24/05Model Misbehavior
624ACX14Sep 11/05Peter's Got Woods
614ACX15Sep 18/05Perfect Castaway
634ACX16Sep 25/05Jungle Love
4ACX42Sep 27/05 (DTV)Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (83 mins)
644ACX17Nov 06/05PTV
654ACX18Nov 13/05Brian Goes Back to College
664ACX19Nov 20/05The Courtship of Stewie's Father
674ACX20Nov 27/05The Fat Guy Strangler
684ACX22Dec 18/05The Father, the Son and the Holy Fonz
694ACX21Jan 08/06Brian Sings and Swings
704ACX25Jan 29/06Patriot Games
714ACX23Mar 12/06I Take Thee Quagmire
724ACX24Mar 26/06Sibling Rivalry
734ACX26Apr 09/06Deep Throats
744ACX27Apr 23/06Peterotica
754ACX28Apr 30/06You May Now Kiss the... uh... Guy Who Receives
764ACX29May 07/06Petergeist
774ACX30May 14/06Untitled Griffin Family History
784ACX05May 21/06Stewie B. Goode (part 1)
794ACX06May 21/06Bango Was His Name Oh (part 2)
804ACX07May 21/06Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adventure (part 3)

Season Five - 18 episodes
814ACX32Sep 10/06Stewie Loves Lois
824ACX31Sep 17/06Mother Tucker
834ACX33Sep 24/06Hell Comes to Quahog
844ACX34Nov 05/06Saving Private Brian
854ACX35Nov 12/06Whistle While Your Wife Works
865ACX01Nov 19/06Prick Up Your Ears
875ACX02Nov 26/06Chick Cancer
885ACX03Dec 17/06Barely Legal
895ACX04Jan 28/07Road to Rupert
905ACX05Feb 11/07Peter's Two Dads
915ACX06Feb 18/07The Tan Aquatic With Steve Zissou
925ACX08Mar 04/07Airport '07
935ACX07Mar 11/07Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey
945ACX09Mar 25/07No Meals on Wheels
955ACX10Apr 29/07Boys Do Cry
965ACX11May 06/07No Chris Left Behind
975ACX12May 13/07It Takes a Village Idiot and I Married One
985ACX13May 20/07Meet the Quagmires

Season Six - 13 episodes
995ACX16Sep 23/07Blue Harvest
1005ACX22Sep 23/07Blue Harvest, Part 2
1015ACX14Sep 30/07Movin' Out (Brian's Song)
1025ACX15Oct 07/07Believe it or Not Joe's Walking on Air
Nov 04/07The Family Guy 100th Episode Special
1035ACX17Nov 04/07Stewie Kills Lois (part 1)
1045ACX18Nov 11/07Lois Kills Stewie (part 2)
1055ACX20Nov 18/07Padre de Familia
1065ACX21Nov 25/07Peter's Daughter
1075ACX19Jan 13/08McStroke
1086ACX02Feb 17/08Back to the Woods
1096ACX01Mar 02/08Play it Again, Brian
1106ACX04Apr 27/08The Former Life of Brian
1116ACX06May 04/08Long John Peter

Season Seven - 16 episodes
1126ACX03Sep 28/08Love Blactually
1136ACX05Oct 05/08I Dream of Jesus
1146ACX08Oct 19/08Road to Germany
1156ACX07Nov 02/08Baby Not on Board
1166ACX09Nov 09/08The Man With Two Brians
1176ACX10Nov 16/08Tales of a Third Grade Nothing
1186ACX11Feb 15/09Ocean's Three and a Half
1196ACX12Mar 08/09Family Gay
1206ACX13Mar 15/09The Juice is Loose
1216ACX14Mar 22/09FOX-y Lady
1226ACX17Mar 29/09Not All Dogs Go to Heaven
1236ACX16Apr 19/09420
1246ACX18Apr 26/09Stew-roids
1256ACX19May 03/09We Love You, Conrad
1266ACX15May 10/09Three Kings
1276ACX20May 17/09Peter's Progress

Season Eight - 23 episodes
1287ACX06Sep 27/09Road to the Multiverse
1297ACX01Oct 04/09Family Goy
1307ACX03Oct 11/09Spies Reminiscent of Us
1317ACX02Nov 08/09Brian's Got a Brand New Bag
Nov 08/09Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show (special)
1327ACX04Nov 08/09Quagmire's Baby
1337ACX05Nov 15/09Hannah Banana
1347ACX08Nov 22/09Jerome is the New Black
1357ACX07Nov 29/09Dog Gone
1367ACX11Dec 13/09Business Guy
1377ACX09Jan 03/10Big Man on Hippocampus
1387ACX12Jan 31/10Dial Meg For Murder
1397ACX14Feb 14/10Extra Large Medium
1407ACX15Mar 14/10Go Stewie Go
1417ACX16Mar 21/10Peter-assment
1427ACX13Mar 28/10Brian Griffin's House of Payne
1437ACX18Apr 11/10April in Quahog
144/1457ACX20May 02/10Brian and Stewie (one hour)
1467ACX19May 09/10Quagmire's Dad
1477ACX17May 16/10The Splendid Source
148/1496ACX21/6ACX22May 23/10Something, Something, Something, Dark Side (one hour)
1507ACX10Jun 20/10(UK)Partial Terms of Endearment

Season Nine - 21 episodes
151/1528ACX01/8ACX02Sep 26/10And Then There Were Fewer (one hour)
1538ACX03Oct 03/10Excellence in Broadcasting
1548ACX04Oct 10/10Welcome Back Carter
1558ACX06Nov 07/10Halloween on Spooner Street
1568ACX05Nov 14/10Baby, You Knock Me Out
1578ACX07Nov 21/10Brian Writes a Bestseller
158/1598ACX08/8ACX09Dec 12/10Road to the North Pole (one hour)
1608ACX10Jan 09/11New Kidney in Town
1618ACX12Jan 16/11And I'm Joyce Kinney
1628ACX13Feb 13/11Friends of Peter G.
1638ACX14Feb 20/11German Guy
1648ACX11Mar 06/11The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair
1658ACX17Mar 20/11Trading Places
1668ACX16Apr 10/11Tiegs For Two
1678ACX15Apr 17/11Brothers & Sisters
1688ACX18May 08/11The Big Bang Theory
1698ACX19May 15/11Foreign Affairs
170/1717ACX21/7ACX22May 22/11It's a Trap! (one hour)

Season Ten - 23 episodes
1729ACX01Sep 25/11Powerball Fever
1738ACX20Oct 02/11Seahorse Seashell Party
1748ACX21Oct 30/11Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q
1759ACX02Nov 06/11Stewie Goes for a Drive
1769ACX08Nov 13/11Road to the Pilot
1779ACX04Nov 20/11Thanksgiving
1788ACX22Nov 27/11Amish Guy
1799ACX05Dec 04/11Cool Hand Peter
1809ACX07Dec 11/11Grumpy Old Man
1819ACX03Jan 08/12Meg and Quagmire
1829ACX06Jan 15/12The Blind Side
1839ACX09Jan 29/12Livin' on a Prayer
1849ACX10Feb 12/12Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream
1859ACX11Feb 19/12Be Careful What You Fish For
1869ACX13Mar 04/12Burning Down the Bayit
1879ACX12Mar 11/12Killer Queen
1889ACX14Mar 18/12Forget-Me-Not
1899ACX15Apr 01/12You Can't Do That on Television, Peter
1909ACX17Apr 29/12Mr. and Mrs. Stewie
1919ACX16May 06/12Leggo My Meg-O
1929ACX18May 13/12Tea Peter
1939ACX19May 20/12Family Guy Viewer Mail #2
1949ACX20May 20/12Internal Affairs

Season Eleven - 23 episodes
1959ACX21Sep 30/12Into Fat Air
196AACX01Oct 07/12Ratings Guy
1979ACX22Nov 04/12The Old Man and the Big "C"
198/199AACX04Nov 11/12Yug Ylimaf / 200 Episodes Later (one hour)
200AACX03Nov 18/12Joe's Revenge
201AACX05Nov 25/12Lois Comes Out of Her Shell
202AACX02Dec 09/12Friends Without Benefits
203AACX07Dec 23/12Jesus, Mary & Joseph!
204AACX06Jan 06/13Space Cadet
205AACX08Jan 13/13Brian's Play
206AACX09Jan 27/13The Giggity Wife
207AACX11Feb 10/13Valentine's Day in Quahog
208AACX10Feb 17/13Criss Cross
209AACX12Mar 10/13Call Girl
210AACX13Mar 17/13Turban Cowboy
211AACX14Mar 24/1312 and a Half Angry Men
212AACX15Apr 14/13Bigfat
213AACX16Apr 28/13Total Recall
214AACX18May 05/13Save the Clam
215AACX19May 12/13Farmer Guy
216AACX20May 19/13Road to Vegas
217AACX21May 19/13No Country Club For Old Men

Season Twelve - 21 episodes
218BACX01Sep 29/13Finders Keepers
219BACX02Oct 06/13Vestigial Peter
220BACX03Nov 03/13Quagmire's Quagmire
221AACX22Nov 10/13A Fistful of Meg
222BACX04Nov 17/13Boopa-dee Bappa-dee
223BACX05Nov 24/13Life of Brian
224BACX06Dec 08/13Into Harmony's Way
225BACX07Dec 15/13Christmas Guy
226BACX08Jan 05/14Peter Problems
227BACX09Jan 12/14Grimm Job
228BACX10Jan 26/14Brian's a Bad Father
229BACX11Mar 09/14Mom's the Word
230AACX17Mar 16/143 Acts of God
231BACX13Mar 23/14Fresh Heir
232BACX12Mar 30/14Secondhand Spoke
233BACX16Apr 06/14Herpe, the Love Sore
234BACX05Apr 13/14The Most Interesting Man in the World
235BACX15Apr 27/14Baby Got Black
236BACX17May 04/14Meg Stinks!
237BACX19May 11/14He's Bla-ack!
238BACX18May 18/14Chap Stewie

Season Thirteen - 19 episodes
239/240BACX22/BACX23Sep 28/14The Simpsons Guy (one hour The Simpsons crossover)
241CACX01Oct 05/14The Book of Joe
242BACX20Oct 19/14Baking Bad
243BACX21Nov 09/14Brian the Closer
244CACX02Nov 16/14Turkey Guys
245CACX03Dec 07/14The 2,000-Year-Old Virgin
246CACX04Jan 04/15Stewie, Chris and Brian's Excellent Adventure
247CACX05Jan 11/15Our Idiot Brian
248CACX06Jan 25/15This Little Piggy
249CACX07Feb 08/15Quagmire's Mom
250CACX08Feb 15/15Encyclopedia Griffin
251CACX09Mar 08/15Stewie is Enceinte
252CACX10Mar 15/15Dr. C and the Women
253CACX11Apr 12/15JOLO
254CACX12Apr 19/15Once Bitten
255CACX13Apr 26/15Roasted Guy
256CACX15May 03/15Fighting Irish
257CACX14May 17/15Take My Wife

Season Fourteen - 20 episodes
258CACX17Sep 27/15Pilling Them Softly
259CACX18Oct 04/15Papa Has a Rollin' Son
260DACX02Oct 11/15Guy, Robot
261CACX16Oct 25/15Peternormal Activity
262DACX03Nov 08/15Peter, Chris and Brian
263DACX04Nov 15/15Peter's Sister
264DACX06Nov 22/15Hot Pocket-Dial
265DACX07Dec 06/15Brokeback Swanson
266DACX05Dec 13/15A Shot in the Dark
267DACX01Jan 03/16Candy Quahog Marshmallow!
268DACX08Jan 10/16The Peanut Butter Kid
269DACX09Jan 17/16Scammed Yankees
270DACX12Feb 14/16An App A Day
271DACX13Feb 21/16Underage Peter
272DACX11Mar 06/16A Lot Going On Upstairs
273DACX14Mar 13/16The Heartbreak Dog
274DACX15Apr 17/16Take a Letter
275DACX16May 08/16The New Adventures of Old Tom
276DACX17May 15/16Run, Chris, Run
277DACX18May 22/16Road to India

Season Fifteen - 20 episodes
278EACX01Sep 25/16The Boys in the Band
279DACX10Oct 02/16Bookie of the Year
280DACX19Oct 16/16American Gigg-olo
281DACX20Oct 23/16Inside Family Guy
282EACX02Nov 06/16Chris Has Got a Date, Date, Date, Date, Date
283EACX03Nov 13/16Hot Shots
284EACX04Nov 20/16High School English
285EACX05Dec 04/16Carter and Tricia
286EACX06Dec 11/16How the Griffin Stole Christmas
287EACX07Jan 08/17Passenger Fatty-Seven
288EACX08Jan 15/17Gronkowsbees
289EACX09Feb 12/17Peter's Def Jam
290EACX10Feb 19/17The Finer Strings
291EACX11Mar 05/17The Dating Game
292EACX12Mar 12/17Cop and a Half-wit
293EACX13Mar 19/17Saturated Fat Guy
294EACX14Mar 26/17Peter's Lost Youth
295EACX16Apr 30/17The Peter Principal
296EACX17May 21/17Dearly Deported
297EACX19May 21/17A House Full of Peters

Season Sixteen - 20 episodes
298FACX06Oct 01/17Emmy-Winning Episode
299EACX20Oct 08/17Foxx in the Men House
300FACX02Oct 15/17Nanny Goats
301EACX15Oct 22/17Follow The Money
302EACX18Nov 05/17Three Directors
303FACX03Nov 12/17The D in Apartment 23
304FACX04Nov 19/17Petey IV
305FACX05Dec 03/17Crimes and Meg's Demeanor
306FACX07Dec 10/17Don't Be a Dickens at Christmas
307FACX09Jan 07/18Boy (Dog) Meets Girl (Dog)
308FACX01Jan 14/18Dog Bites Bear
309FACX10Mar 18/18Send in Stewie, Please
310FACX08Mar 25/18V is For Mystery
311FACX11Apr 01/18Veteran Guy
312FACX12Apr 08/18The Woof of Wall Street
313FACX13Apr 22/18"Family Guy" Through The Years
314FACX14Apr 29/18Switch the Flip
315FACX15May 06/18HTTPete
316FACX16May 13/18The Unkindest Cut
317FACX17May 20/18Are You There God? It's Me, Peter

Meet the Griffins, the most dysfunctional, politically incorrect family on television. They crossed the line and never came back. And they're even funny, occasionally.

Family Guy
Genre: comedy
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ongoing
Number of Seasons: 17
Number of Episodes: 337
Broadcast Run: 1999 - present
Voice Cast: Seth MacFarlane
Alex Borstein
Seth Green
Lacey Chabert
Mila Kunis
Created By: Seth MacFarlane
Broadcast Network: FOX
Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television
Fuzzy Door Productions
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Family Guy
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