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Godzilla: The Series
Season One - 21 episodes
May 18/98Godzilla (live-action theatrical movie - 140 mins)
1GDZ-101Sep 12/98(US)New Family
2GDZ-102Sep 19/98(US)New Family, Part 2
3GDZ-104Sep 26/98(US)D.O.A.
4GDZ-103Oct 03/98(US)Talkin' Trash
5GDZ-105Oct 10/98(US)The Winter of Our Discontent
6GDZ-106Oct 31/98(US)Cat and Mouse
7GDZ-108Nov 07/98(US)What Dreams May Come
8GDZ-107Nov 14/98(US)Leviathan
9GDZ-109Nov 21/98(US)Hive
10GDZ-110Dec 05/98(US)Bird of Paradise
11GDZ-112Feb 06/99(US)Deadloch
12GDZ-115Feb 13/99(US)Monster War
13GDZ-116Feb 20/99(US)Monster War, Part 2
14GDZ-117Feb 27/99(US)Monster War, Part 3
15GDZ-113Mar 06/99(US)Competition
16GDZ-111Mar 13/99(US)Freeze
17GDZ-114Mar 20/99(US)Bug Out
18GDZ-120May 01/99(US)Web Site
19GDZ-118May 08/99(US)An Early Frost
20GDZ-122Jul 31/99(US)Juggernaut
21GDZ-124Aug 14/99(US)Trust No One

Season Two - 19 episodes
22GDZ-136Sep 18/99(US)Future Shock
23GDZ-140Sep 25/99(US)Cash of the Titans
24GDZ-135Oct 02/99(US)S.C.A.L.E.
25GDZ-128Oct 09/99(US)Protector
26GDZ-130Dec 11/99(US)Freakshow
27GDZ-137Dec 18/99(US)End of the Line
28GDZ-119Jan 15/00(US)What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been
29GDZ-121Jan 22/00(US)Wedding Bells Blew
30GDZ-131Jan 29/00(US)Metamorphosis
31GDZ-138Feb 05/00(US)Area 51
32GDZ-134Feb 12/00(US)The Twister
33GDZ-123Feb 19/00(US)Shafted
34GDZ-132Feb 26/00(US)Where is Thy Sting?
35GDZ-125Mar 11/00(US)Lizard Season
36GDZ-129Mar 18/00(US)Vision
37GDZ-133Apr 01/00(US)Underground Movement
38GDZ-127Apr 22/00(US)Ring of Fire
39GDZ-126unairedThe Ballad of Gens Du Marais
40GDZ-139unairedTourist Trap

Dr. Nick Tatopoulos and his Humanitarian Environmental Analysis Team battle monsters around the world with the help of the giant dinosaur, Godzilla.

Godzilla: The Series
Genre: action, science fiction
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 40
Broadcast Run: 1998 - 2000
Starring: Ian Ziering
Malcolm Danare
Charity James
Rino Romano
Brigitte Bako
Tom Kenny
Based on Godzilla Created By: Toho Co., Ltd.
Broadcast Network: FOX
Production Company: Centropolis
Country of Origin: United States
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