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Hemlock Grove
Season One - 13 episodes
1101Apr 19/13(net)Jellyfish in the Sky
2102Apr 19/13(net)The Angel
3103Apr 19/13(net)The Order of the Dragon
4104Apr 19/13(net)In Poor Taste
5105Apr 19/13(net)Hello, Handsome
6106Apr 19/13(net)The Crucible
7107Apr 19/13(net)Measure of Disorder
8108Apr 19/13(net)Catabasis
9109Apr 19/13(net)What Peter Can Live Without
10110Apr 19/13(net)What God Wants
11111Apr 19/13(net)The Price
12112Apr 19/13(net)Children of the Night
13113Apr 19/13(net)Birth

Season Two - 10 episodes
14201Jul 11/14(net)Blood Pressure
15202Jul 11/14(net)Gone Sis
16203Jul 11/14(net)Luna Rea
17204Jul 11/14(net)Bodily Fluids
18205Jul 11/14(net)Hemlock Diego's Policy Player's Dream Book
19206Jul 11/14(net)Such Dire Stuff
20207Jul 11/14(net)Lost Generation
21208Jul 11/14(net)Unicorn
22209Jul 11/14(net)Tintypes
23210Jul 11/14(net)Demons and the Dogstar

Season Three - 10 episodes
24Oct 23/15(net)A Place to Fall
25Oct 23/15(net)Souls on Ice
26Oct 23/15(net)The House in the Woods
27Oct 23/15(net)Every Beast
28Oct 23/15(net)Boy in the Box
29Oct 23/15(net)Pendant
30Oct 23/15(net)Todo Santos
31Oct 23/15(net)Dire Night on the Worm Moon
32Oct 23/15(net)Damascus
33Oct 23/15(net)Brian's Song

In the twisted world of Hemlock Grove
everyone hides a dark secret

Hemlock Grove
Genre: drama, fantasy, horror
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 33
Broadcast Run: 2013 - 2015
Starring: Famke Janssen
Bill Skarsgård
Landon Liboiron
Camille de Pazzis (season 3)
Madeleine Martin (season 3)
Tiio Horn (season 2-3)
Joel de la Fuente (season 2-3)
Dougray Scott (season 1-2)
Penelope Mitchell (season 1)
Freya Tingley (season 1)
Developed By: Brian McGreevy
Lee Shipman
Based on the Book By: Brian McGreevy
Broadcast Network: Netflix
Production Company: Shinebox SMC
Gaumont Télèvision
Location Filming: Ontario, Canada
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: Hemlock Grove
IMDb's Hemlock Grove page