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The Hunger
Season One - 22 episodes
1108Jul 11/97(US)Room 17
2101Jul 20/97(US)Ménage à Trois
3102Jul 20/97(US)The Swords
4103Jul 20/97(US)Necros
5109Jul 27/97(US)The Secret Shih-Tan
6112Aug 03/97(US)Bridal Suite
7116Aug 17/97(US)Anais
8119Aug 24/97(US)No Radio
9105Aug 31/97(US)But At My Back I Always Hear
10107Sep 14/97(US)Red Light
11117Sep 21/97(US)I'm Dangerous Tonight
12113Sep 28/97(US)The Sloan Men
13115Oct 26/97(US)A Matter of Style
14122Jan 23/98(US)Hidebound
15118Jan 30/98(US)Fly-By-Night
16121Feb 06/98(US)The River of Night's Dreaming
17120Feb 20/98(US)The Lighthouse
18104Feb 27/98(US)The Face of Helene Bournouw
19114Mar 06/98(US)Plain Brown Envelope
20110Mar 20/98(US)The Other Woman
21111Mar 27/98(US)Clarimonde
22106Apr 03/98(US)Footsteps

Season Two - 22 episodes
23Jun 05/99(CA)The Suction Method
24Jun 12/99(CA)The Perfect Couple
25Jun 19/99(CA)I'm Very Dangerous Tonight
26Jun 26/99(CA)Week Woman
27Jul 03/99(CA)Night Bloomer
28Jul 10/99(CA)Wrath of God
29Jul 17/99(CA)Nunc Dimittis
30Jul 24/99(CA)Replacements
31Jul 31/99(CA)The Dream Sentinel
32Aug 15/99(CA)Falling Man
33Aug 22/99(CA)Triangle in Steel
34Aug 29/99(CA)The Sacred Fire
35Sep 05/99(CA)Sin Seer
36Sep 10/99(US)Sanctuary
37Sep 10/99(US)Skin Deep
38Sep 11/99(CA)Double
39Sep 18/99(CA)Approaching Desdemona
40Sep 26/99(CA)The Seductress
41Oct 02/99(CA)Brass
42Oct 03/99(US)And She Laughed
43Oct 31/00(US)The Diarist
44Jan 16/00(US)Bottle of Smoke

The Hunger

the hunger... for power
the hunger... for sex
the hunger... for life
the hunger... for money
the hunger... for blood

The Hunger...

The Hunger
Genre: horror, drama
Show Type: live action, anthology, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 44
Broadcast Run: 1997 - 2000
Hosted By: Terence Stamp (season 1)
David Bowie (season 2)
Created By: Jeff Fazio
Broadcast Network: TMN
Production Company: Scott Free Productions
Telescene Film Group
Country of Origin: Canada
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