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Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
Season One - 22 episodes
1/2187441/42Jan 25/93Initiation
3187451Feb 01/93Shadow Assassin
4187444Feb 08/93Sunday Afternoon at the Hotel With George
5187448Feb 15/93Sacred Trust
6187445Feb 22/93Force of Habit
7187449Mar 01/93Pai Gow
8187455Mar 08/93Challenge
9187456Mar 15/93Disciple
10187453Mar 29/93Rain's Only Friend
11187447Apr 05/93Secret Place
12187452Apr 12/93Dragon's Eye
13187457May 03/93Blind Eye
14187443May 10/93The Lacquered Box
15187458May 17/93Illusion
16187459May 24/93Straitjacket
17187454Oct 25/93Reunion
18187460Nov 01/93Dragonswing
19187450Nov 08/93Shaman
20187446Nov 15/93I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
21187461Nov 22/93Redemption
22187462Nov 29/93Redemption, Part 2

Season Two - 22 episodes
23187581Jan 24/94The Return of the Shadow Assassin
24187572Jan 31/94May I Ride With You?
25187573Feb 07/94Dragon's Daughter
26187575Feb 14/94An Ancient Lottery
27187579Feb 21/94Laurie's Friend
28187574Feb 28/94Temple
29187571Mar 07/94Only the Strong Survive
30187580Mar 14/94Out of the Woods
31187583Apr 18/94Tournament
32187577Apr 25/94The Bardo
33187582May 02/94The Possessed
34187586May 09/94Warlord
35187587May 16/94The Innocent
36187585May 23/94Magic Trick
37187589Oct 10/94Aspects of the Soul
38187584Oct 17/94Kundela
39187590Oct 24/94The Gang of Three
40187588Oct 31/94Sunday Afternoon in the Museum With George
41187576Nov 07/94Dragonswing 2
42187592Nov 14/94Sing Wah
43187578Nov 21/94Enter the Tiger
44187591Nov 28/94Retribution

Season Three - 22 episodes
451006Jan 23/95Rite of Passage
461001Jan 30/95Plague
471002Feb 06/95May I Walk With You?
481007Feb 13/95The Return of Sing Ling
491003Feb 20/95Manhunt
501004Feb 27/95Gunfighters
511012Apr 24/95The Chinatown Murder Mystery: The Case of the Poisoned Hand
521008May 01/95Target
531022May 08/95Citizen Caine
541021May 15/95Quake!
551009May 22/95Goodbye Mr. Caine
561015Jul 03/95The Sacred Chalice of I-Ching
571016Jul 24/95Eyewitness
581011Oct 02/95Demons
591005Oct 09/95Deadly Fashion
601024Oct 16/95Cruise Missiles
611013Oct 23/95The Promise
621010Oct 30/95Flying Fists of Fury 2: Masters of Illusion
631017Nov 06/95Banker's Hours
641020Nov 13/95Kung Fu Blues
651025Nov 20/95Brotherhood of the Bell
661026Nov 27/95Destiny

Season Four - 22 episodes
672002Jan 29/96Dark Vision
682003Feb 05/96The First Temple
692001Feb 12/96Circle of Light
702007Feb 19/96Prism
712006Feb 26/96Black Widow
722015Apr 22/96Shaolin Shot
732019Apr 29/96Phoenix
742008May 06/96Special Forces
752011May 13/96Dragon's Lair
762010May 20/96Veil of Tears
772009Sep 30/96Chill Ride
782005Oct 07/96Escape
792012Oct 14/96Who is Kwai Chang Caine?
802013Oct 21/96Storm Warning
812014Oct 28/96A Shaolin Treasure
822016Nov 04/96Dark Side of the Chi
832017Nov 11/96Ancient Love
842022Nov 18/96Blackout
852020Nov 25/96Time Prisoners
862024Dec 02/96Requiem
872023Dec 23/96A Shaolin Christmas
882004Dec 30/96May I Talk With You?

The grandson of Kwai Chang Caine walks out of the past. He teaches his son wisdom at a Shaolin Temple. An evil force destroyed that temple -- father and son each believed the other had perished. Fifteen years later they were reunited. Now Caine faced new challenges... and his son grew up.

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
Genre: crime, drama, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 88
Broadcast Run: 1993 - 1996
Starring: David Carradine
Chris Potter
Based on a Character
Created By:
Ed Spielman
Broadcast Network: PTEN
Production Company: Warner Bros. Television
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Kung Fu (1972)
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