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Puppets Who Kill
Season One - 13 episodes
Oct 04/02Pilot
1Oct 11/02Buttons, the City Counsellor and the City Counsellor's Wife
2Oct 18/02Cuddles Goes to Jail
3Oct 25/02Buttons Goes To Court
4Oct 31/02Bill's Brain
5Nov 08/02The Island of Skip-Along Pete
6Nov 15/02Rocko's Telethon
7Nov 22/02Cuddles the Safety Mascot
8Nov 29/02Dan's Crush
9Dec 06/02Dash the Greeter
10Dec 13/02Cuddles Gets Laid
11Dec 20/02Dan's Umbrella
12Dec 27/02Mr. Quigley, the Asshole Next Door
13Jan 03/03The Payback

Season Two - 13 episodes
14Jan 30/04Bill Sues
15Feb 06/04Portrait of Buttons
16Feb 13/04Prostitutes For Jesus
17Feb 20/04Cuddles the Demon
18Feb 27/04Buttons the Geriatric
19Mar 05/04Dead Ted
20Mar 12/04Cuddles the Religious Icon
21Mar 19/04Bill's Got the Blues
22Mar 26/04Pizza Boys Are Missing
23Apr 02/04Rocko Gets a Lung
24Apr 09/04Dan and the Necrophiliac
25Apr 16/04Rocko and the Twins
26Apr 23/04The Twilight Place

Season Three - 13 episodes
27Feb 11/05Buttons on a Hot Tin Roof
28Feb 18/05Cuddles the Manchurian Candidate
29Feb 25/05Buttons the Dresser
30Mar 04/05Gus the Arsonist
31Mar 11/05Rocko's Politician
32Mar 18/05Buttons and the Paternity Suit
33Mar 25/05Dan and the Bird Flu
34Apr 01/05The CBC is Killing Again
35Apr 08/05The Lovely Fred
36Apr 15/05The Amazing Bill
37Apr 22/05Button's Big Fat Greek Wedding
38Apr 29/05Cuddles the Artist
39May 06/05Dan and the New Neighbour

Season Four - 13 episodes
40Mar 02/06Joyride
41Mar 09/06Dan and the Garden Shears
42Mar 16/06Mr. Big
43Mar 23/06Dan is Dead
44Mar 30/06Bill and the Berkowitz's
45Apr 06/06Oedipus Dan
46Apr 13/06Buttons and the Dying Wish Foundation
47Apr 20/06Bill's Wedding
48Apr 27/06The Rival House
49May 04/06The Hostage
50May 11/06A Few Feuds
51May 18/06Dan's Ideal Woman
52Jun 22/06Buttons the Ghost

Cuddles the comfort doll was created to help people with their problems. Now he's the problem. Buttons the bear lost a lucrative corporate sponsorship for reasons of moral turpitude. Bill the ventriloquist dummy has had 58 partners die in unlikely accidents. Rocko the dog was a sidekick in a children's TV show until one day, he snapped. Prison didn't help and now in one last, desperate stab at rehabilitation they've been placed in a halfway house, a home for -- Puppets Who Kill.

Puppets Who Kill
Genre: comedy
Show Type: live action / puppetry, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 52
Broadcast Run: 2002 - 2006
Starring: Dan Redican
Bruce Hunter
Bob Martin
James Rankin
Gord Robertson
Created By: John Pattison
Steve Westren
Broadcast Network: The Comedy Network
Production Company: PWK Productions
Country of Origin: Canada
Official Website: Puppets Who Kill
IMDb's Puppets Who Kill page