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The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne
Season One - 22 episodes
1Jun 18/00(CA)In the Beginning
2Jun 25/00(CA)Queen Victoria and the Giant Mole
3Jul 02/00(CA)Rockets of the Dead
4Jul 09/00(CA)The Cardinal's Design (part 1)
5Jul 16/00(CA)The Cardinal's Revenge (part 2)
6Jul 23/00(CA)The Eyes of Lazarus
7Aug 05/00(CA)Lord of Air and Darkness (part 1)
8Aug 12/00(CA)Southern Comfort (part 2)
9Aug 19/00(CA)Let There Be Light (part 1)
10Aug 26/00(CA)The Ballad of Steeley Joe (part 2)
11Sep 02/00(CA)The Black Glove of Melchizedek
12Oct 01/00(CA)Dust to Dust
13Oct 08/00(CA)The Golem
14Oct 15/00(CA)Crusader in the Crypt
15Oct 22/00(CA)The Strange Death of Professor Marechal
16Oct 29/00(CA)The Rocket's Red Glare
17Nov 05/00(CA)Rocket to the Moon
18Nov 18/00(CA)The Inquisitor
19Nov 25/00(CA)Royalty
20Dec 02/00(CA)Secret of the Realm
21Dec 09/00(CA)The Victorian Candidate
22Dec 16/00(CA)The Book of Knowledge

Imagine, if you will, that Jules Verne's famous novels were based on actual events that he personally experienced.

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne
Genre: science fiction, fantasy, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 22
Broadcast Run: 2000
Starring: Michael Praed
Francesca Hunt
Michel Courtemanche
Chris Demetral
Created By: Gavin Scott
Broadcast Network: CBC
Production Company: Talisman Crest
Filmline International
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
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