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Season One - 22 episodes
1104Nov 01/00(CA)The Divinity Cluster
2102Nov 08/00(CA)Trust
3103Nov 15/00(CA)Family Values
4105Nov 22/00(CA)Siren's Song
5106Nov 29/00(CA)The Man Who Sold the World
6101Dec 06/00(CA)Peer Pressure
7107Dec 13/00(CA)Frozen
8108Dec 20/00(CA)Past Lives
9109Dec 27/00(CA)Order
10110Jan 03/01(CA)Cell Game
11111Jan 10/01(CA)Black Light
12112Jan 17/01(CA)Goodbye, So Long
13113Jan 24/01(CA)The Most Wanted Man
14114Jan 31/01(CA)Half Dense Players
15115Feb 07/01(CA)Dark and Stormy Night
16116Feb 14/01(CA)Super Max
17117Feb 21/01(CA)A Twist in Time
18118Feb 28/01(CA)Eat Sin
19119Mar 07/01(CA)Bad Girls
20120Mar 14/01(CA)Bad Seed
21121Mar 21/01(CA)Travis
22122Mar 28/01(CA)Resurrection

Season Two - 22 episodes
23Aug 09/03(CA)Rebirth
24Aug 16/03(CA)Star Crossed
25Aug 23/03(CA)Biocrime
26Aug 30/03(CA)Chasing Janus
27Sep 06/03(CA)Spaceman
28Sep 13/03(CA)Becoming Shiva
29Sep 20/03(CA)The Third Thing
30Sep 27/03(CA)Torment
31Oct 04/03(CA)Painless
32Oct 18/03(CA)Skin Deep
33Oct 25/03(CA)Supermax Redux
34Nov 01/03(CA)Pandora's Box
35Nov 08/03(CA)Stitch in Time
36Nov 15/03(CA)The Prisoner
37Jan 15/04(CA)Kate
38Jan 22/04(CA)Rivals
39Jan 29/04(CA)Heir and the Spare
40Feb 05/04(CA)Just Politics
41Feb 12/04(CA)Negative Energy
42Feb 19/04(CA)License to Fill
43Mar 26/04(CA)Hyperspace I
44Apr 02/04(CA)Hyperspace II

I'm a bounty hunter, but it's just something that I do. I'm really looking for something that was stolen from me. Ten years ago, they took my son. As I search, there are signs that something is happening, that Humanity is about to change, but I won't be distracted. How do you find one small boy in a lawless universe? I'm not sure, but I have to keep trying.

AKA: Starhunter 2300 (US - season 2)
Genre: science fiction, drama, adventure
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 44
Broadcast Run: 2000 - 2004
Starring: Michael Paré
Claudette Roche
Tanya Allen
Murray Melvin
Stephen Marcus
Created By: Daniel D'or
G. Philip Jackson
Broadcast Network: The Movie Network
Production Company: Das Werk (season 1)
Le Sabre (season 1)
Grosvenor Park (season 1)
Danforth Studios (season 1)
Talisman (season 2)
Citadel Studios (season 2)
Location Filming: New Brunswick, Canada (season 1)
Country of Origin: Canada
United Kingdom
France (season 1)
IMDb's Starhunter page (season 1)