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Season One - 39 episodes
1101Oct 04/64(UK)Stingray
2102May 23/65(UK)Plant of Doom
3103May 16/65(UK)Sea of Oil
4104Jun 13/65(UK)Hostages of the Deep
5105Mar 14/65(UK)Treasure Down Below
6106Jan 24/65(UK)The Big Gun
7107Jun 06/65(UK)The Golden Sea
8108Oct 18/64(UK)The Ghost Ship
9109May 09/65(UK)Count Down
10110Jan 03/65(UK)The Ghost of the Sea
11111Oct 11/64(UK)Emergency Marineville
12112Oct 25/64(UK)Subterranean Sea
13113Nov 01/64(UK)Loch Ness Monster
14114Apr 18/65(UK)The Invaders
15115Apr 11/65(UK)Secret of the Giant Oyster
16116Nov 29/64(UK)Raptures of the Deep
17117Mar 21/65(UK)Stand by For Action
18118Apr 04/65(UK)The Disappearing Ships
19119Nov 15/64(UK)The Man From the Navy
20120Jun 20/65(UK)Marineville Traitor
21121Feb 28/65(UK)Tom Thumb Tempest
22122Mar 28/65(UK)Pink Ice
23123May 30/65(UK)The Master Plan
24124Feb 14/65(UK)Star of the East
25125Nov 22/64(UK)An Echo of Danger
26126Feb 21/65(UK)Invisible Enemy
27127Feb 07/65(UK)Deep Heat
28128Dec 13/64(UK)In Search of the Tajmanon
29129Dec 06/64(UK)Titan Goes Pop
30130Nov 08/64(UK)Set Sail For Adventure
31131Dec 27/64(UK)Tune of Danger
32132Jan 10/65(UK)Rescue From the Skies
33133Jan 31/65(UK)The Cool Cave Man
34134Apr 25/65(UK)A Nut For Marineville
35135May 02/65(UK)Trapped in the Depths
36136Mar 07/65(UK)Eastern Eclipse
37137Dec 20/64(UK)A Christmas to Remember
38138Jan 17/65(UK)The Lighthouse Dwellers
39139Jun 27/65(UK)Aquanaut of the Year
1980The Incredible Voyage of Stingray
(Stingray & Plant of Doom & Count Down & The Master Plan)
1981Invaders of the Deep
(Hostages of the Deep & The Big Gun & Emergency Marineville & Deep Heat)

Stand by for action...
We are about to launch Stingray...
Anything can happen in the next half hour...

Genre: action, adventure, science fiction
Show Type: supermarionation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 39
Broadcast Run: 1964 - 1965
Starring: Don Mason
Robert Easton
Lois Maxwell
Ray Barrett
David Graham
Gary Miller
Created By: Gerry Anderson
Sylvia Anderson
Broadcast Network: ATV
Production Company: AP Films
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
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