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Season One - 25 episodes
1101Nov 10/91Tarzan and the Caves of Darkness
2102Feb 23/92Tarzan's Journey into Danger
3103Oct 27/91Tarzan and the Picture of Death
4104Feb 02/92Tarzan and the Pirate Treasure
5105Feb 09/92Tarzan in the Sacred Cave
6106Dec 08/91Tarzan and the Killer Lion
7107Mar 08/92Tarzan the Hunted
8108Apr 12/92Tarzan's Eleventh Hour
9109Apr 26/92Tarzan and the Savage Storm
10110Jan 26/92Tarzan and the Mystic Cavern
11111Oct 13/91Tarzan and the Silent Child
12112May 03/92Tarzan and the Golden Egg
13113Oct 06/91Tarzan and the Poisoned Waters
14114Dec 15/91Tarzan's Christmas
15115Nov 03/91Tarzan and the Unwelcome Guest
16116Dec 10/91Tarzan and the River of Doom
17117Mar 01/92Tarzan and the Extra-Terrestrials
18118Jan 19/92Tarzan and the Orphan
19119Apr 19/92Tarzan and the Deadly Gift
20120May 10/92Tarzan and the Test of Friendship
21121Oct 20/91Tarzan Tames the Bronx
22122Nov 17/91Tarzan and the Woman of Steel
23123Mar 15/92Tarzan and the Enemy Within
24124Feb 16/92Tarzan and the Killer's Revenge
25125May 17/92Tarzan in the Eye of the Hurricane

Season Two - 25 episodes
262011992Tarzan and the Missile of Doom
27202Tarzan and the Forbidden Jewels
28203Tarzan and the Broken Promise
29204Tarzan and the Amazon Women
30205Tarzan and the Karate Warriors
31206Tarzan and the Lion Girl
32207Tarzan and the Deadly Delusions
33208Tarzan and the Primitive Urge
34209Tarzan and the Mysterious Sheik
35210Tarzan and the Runaway
36211Tarzan Meets Jane
37212Tarzan and the Wayward Balloon
38213Tarzan and the Fugitive's Revenge
39214Tarzan and the Mutant Creature
40215Tarzan Rescues the Songbird
41216Tarzan and the Fire Field
42217Tarzan and the Movie Star
43218Tarzan and the Fountain of Youth
44219Tarzan and the Law of the Jungle
45220Tarzan and the Shaft of Death
46221Tarzan and the Polluted River
47222Tarzan's Dangerous Journey
48223Tarzan and the Toxic Terror
49224Tarzan and the Earthly Challenge
502251993Tarzan and the Mysterious Fog

Season Three - 25 episodes
513011993Tarzan's Hollywood Adventure
52302Tarzan and the Witness for the Prosecution
53303Tarzan and the Rock Star
54304Tarzan and the Odd Couple
55305Tarzan and the Return of the Bronx
56306Tarzan and the New Commissioner
57307Tarzan and the Stoneman
58308Tarzan and the Deadly Cargo
59309Tarzan and the Sapphire Elephant
60310Tarzan and the Fear of Blindness
61311Tarzan and the Mating Season
62312Tarzan and the Gift of Life
63313Tarzan and the Death Spiders
64314Tarzan and the Russian Invasion
65315Tarzan and the Fiery End
66316Tarzan and the Curse of Death
67317Tarzan and the King of the Apes
68318Tarzan and the Evil Twin
69319Tarzan and the Dangerous Competition
70320Tarzan and the Pirates Revenge
71321Tarzan and Cheetah's Desperate Adventure
72322Tarzan and the Sixth Sense
73323Tarzan and the Ring of Romance
74324Tarzan and the Night Horrors
753251994Tarzan and the Jewel of Justice

Tarzan, protector of the jungle is back along with Jane as an environmental scientist working to save endangered species from extinction.

Genre: action, adventure, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 75
Broadcast Run: 1991 - 1994
Starring: Wolf Larson
Lydie Denier
Sean Roberge
Malick Bowens
Developed By: Max Keller
Micheline Keller
Based on the Stories
Written By:
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Broadcast Network: TF1
Production Company: Balenciaga Productions
William F. Cooke Productions
TF1 Production
Country of Origin: France
See Also: Tarzan (1966)
Tarzan (2003)
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