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The Troop
Season One - 26 episodes
1101Sep 18/09(US)Welcome to the Jungle
2102Sep 18/09(US)There is No "I" in Monster Hunter
3103Sep 12/09(US)Do the Worm (AKA Monster's Ball)
4104Sep 18/09(US)Forest Grump
5105Oct 23/09(US)The Great Punkin
6106Sep 25/09(US)Pajama Game of Death
7107Oct 02/09(US)The Taming of the Cube
8108Oct 16/09(US)No More Master Nice Guy
9109Nov 13/09(US)Tentacle Face
10110Dec 12/09(US)The Good, the Bad and the Icki Doll
11111Nov 20/09(US)Lost in Translation
12112Jan 16/10(US)Unpleasantville
13113Jan 30/10(US)My Gus is Back and You're Gonna Be in Trouble
14114Jan 09/10(US)The Substitute
15115Feb 20/10(US)I, Monster
16116Mar 13/10(US)Like a Moth to the Spotlight
17117Feb 06/10(US)Speed
18118Apr 16/10(US)Snarked Up
19119May 22/10(US)Wrath of the Wraith (AKA Rise of the Phantom)
20120Apr 23/10(US)Itty Bitty Baby Dragon
21121Jul 24/10(US)Hayley and Felix on the Side (AKA The Evil Within)
22122Jul 31/10(US)Double Felix (AKA Robo Rampage)
23123Aug 07/10(US)Do Not Talk to Dr. Cranius (AKA Who is Dr. Cranius?)
24124Aug 14/10(US)Batteries Not Included (AKA Attack of the Shadow Beast)
25125Mar 20/10(US)Vampsters
26126Aug 21/10(US)Next Stop: Lakewood (AKA Countdown to Chaos)

Season Two - 14 episodes
27201Jun 25/11The Triangle
28205Jul 02/11The Monster Within
29206Jul 09/11It's All in the Game
30207Jul 16/11Mirrors
31208Jul 23/11Oh Brother
32209Jul 30/11Through the Looking Glass
33211Aug 06/11Start Me Up
34212Aug 13/11This Bird You Cannot Change
35204unairedA Sniff Too Far
36210unairedEris Returns
37213unairedRoad Trip (aka The Kiss)
38202unairedThe Prisoner of Lakewood
39214unairedIce Hassles
40203unairedDoom Hound

Jake, Hayley and Felix are three ordinary kids who belong to a secret global society known as "The Troop". Their mission: to keep the world's monster population in check.

The Troop
Genre: adventure, comedy, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 40
Broadcast Run: 2009 - 2011
Starring: Nicholas Purcell
David Del Rio
Gage Golightly
John Marshall Jones
Created By: Max Burnett
Greg Coolidge
Chris Morgan
Broadcast Network: Nickelodeon
Production Company: Tom Lynch Company
Location FilmingVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Country of Origin: United States
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