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Season Two - 13 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
40Jan 17/16(CA)The Journey to the Eastern Caverns (part 1)
41Jan 24/16(CA)The Great Slug Robbery (part 2)
42Jan 31/16(CA)The Tournament of the Underlords (part 3)
43Feb 07/16(CA)The Emperor (part 4)
44Feb 14/16(CA)Second Chances
45Feb 21/16(CA)Get Pronto
46Feb 28/16(CA)Stuff of Legend
47Mar 22/16(CA)Eastern Tech
48Mar 29/16(CA)Slug Day
49Apr 05/16(CA)The Fall of the Eastern Champion
50Apr 12/16(CA)The Lady and the Sword
51Apr 19/16(CA)The Emperor Strikes Back
52Apr 26/16(CA)The Return of the Eastern Champion
Aug 06/16(CA)Into the Shadows (90 mins)

Season One - 39 epsEpPNAirdateTitle
1101Sep 03/12(CA)The World Beneath Our Feet, Part One
2102Sep 08/12The World Beneath Our Feet, Part Two
3103Sep 15/12The Trade
4104Sep 22/12The Slugout
5105Oct 06/12Club Slug
6106Oct 22/12The Slug Run
7107Oct 20/12Mecha Mutiny
8108Oct 19/12Deadweed
9109Oct 23/12Shadows and Light
10110Nov 01/12Mario Bravado
11111Oct 26/12Endangered Species
12112Oct 30/12Undertow
13113Oct 24/12Dawn of the Slug
14114Feb 02/13The New Kid, Part One
15115Feb 12/13The New Kid, Part Two
16116Feb 13/13Snowdance
17117Feb 14/13Inheritance
18118Feb 15/13A Distant Shore
19119Feb 19/13The Journey Home
20120Feb 20/13Roboslugs
21121Feb 21/13The Unbeatable Master
22122Feb 22/13Deep Water, Dark Water
23123Mar 25/13The Gentleman and the Thief
24124Mar 26/13No Exit
25125Mar 27/13The Hard Part
26126Jun 15/13What Lies Beneath
27127Jul 02/13The Return
28128Jul 03/13Slugball
29129Jul 04/13King of Sling
30130Aug 05/13(CA)Mission Improbable
31131Aug 06/13(CA)Keys to the Kingdom
32132Aug 07/13(CA)The Thrill of the Game
33133Aug 08/13(CA)Lightwell
34134Aug 09/13(CA)It Comes by Night
35135Sep 21/13(US)Upgrade
36136Sep 28/13(US)Back to Blakk
37137Oct 05/13(US)Bandoleer of Brothers
38138Oct 12/13(US)Dark as Night
39139Oct 19/13(US)Light as Day
Mar 30/14(CA)Ghoul From Beyond (44mins)
Aug 02/14(US)Return of the Elementals (63 mins)
Feb 10/15(CA)Slug Fu Showdown (44 mins)

Slug it out!

Genre: adventure, comedy, science fiction
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ongoing
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 52
Broadcast Run: 2012 - present
Starring: Sam Vincent
Andrew Francis
Lee Tockar
Shannon Chan-Kent
Vincent Tong (season 2)
Mark Oliver (season 1)
Created By: Asaph Fipke
Broadcast Network: Disney XD (season 1)
Family CHRGD (season 2)
Production Company: Nerd Corps Entertainment
Country of Origin: Canada
Official Website: Slugterra
IMDb's Slugterra page