Full Name: Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob
Pen Names: Piers Anthony, Pier Xanthony, Piers A. Jacob, Robert Piers, Tony Pedro
Born: August 6, 1934 Oxford, England
First Published Short Story: In the April 1963 issue of Fantastic magazine, "Possible to Rue"
First Published Novel: In 1967 by Ballantine Books, Chthon
Author's Homepage: www.hipiers.com
The Apprentice Adept
1980Split Infinity
1981Blue Adept
1982 Double Exposure (omnibus of 3 above)
1987Out of Phaze
1988Robot Adept
1989Unicorn Point
1990Phaze Doubt

1987Plasm by Charles Platt
1988Soma by Charles Platt

1988Bio of an Ogre
2001How Precious Was That While

Battle Circle
1968Sos the Rope
1972Var the Stick
1975Neq the Sword
1978 Battle Circle (omnibus of 3 above)

Bio of a Space Tyrant
2002The Iron Maiden
1987Combat Command #1: Cut by Emerald by Dana Kramer (gamebook)

2002Key to Havoc
2003Key to Chroma
2004Key to Destiny
forthcomingKey to Liberty
proposedKey to Survival

1977Cluster aka Vicinity Cluster
1978Chaining the Lady
1978Kirlian Quest
1982Viscous Circle

1993Isle of Woman
1994Shame of Man
1997Hope of Earth
1999Muse of Art
forthcomingClimate of Change

Incarnations of Immortality
1983On a Pale Horse
1984Bearing an Hourglass
1985With a Tangled Skein
1986Wielding a Red Sword
1987Being a Green Mother
1988For Love of Evil
1990And Eternity

Jason Striker
1974Kiai! with Roberto Fuentes
1974Mistress of Death with Roberto Fuentes
1974The Bamboo Bloodbath with Roberto Fuentes
1975Ninja's Revenge with Roberto Fuentes
1976Amazon Slaughter with Roberto Fuentes
2001Curse of the Ninja with Roberto Fuentes

Kelvin of Rud
1987Dragon's Gold with Robert E. Margroff
1988Serpent's Silver with Robert E. Margroff
1990Chimaera's Copper with Robert E. Margroff
1992 The Adventures of Kelvin of Rud: Across the Frames (omnibus of 3 above)
1990Orc's Opal with Robert E. Margroff
1992Mouvar's Magic with Robert E. Margroff
1992 The Adventures of Kelvin of Rud: Final Magic (omnibus of 2 above)

1991Virtual Mode
1992Fractal Mode
1993Chaos Mode
2001DoOon Mode

Of Man and Manta
1986 Of Man and Manta (omnibus of 3 above)

The Tarot Sequence
1979God of Tarot
1980Vision of Tarot
1980Faith of Tarot
1987 Tarot (omnibus of 3 above)

1977A Spell For Chameleon
1979The Source of Magic
1979Castle Roogna
1981 The Magic of Xanth (omnibus of 3 above)
1981Centaur Aisle
1982Ogre, Ogre
1982Night Mare
1997 The Continuing Xanth Saga (omnibus of 3 above)
1983Dragon on a Pedestal
1984Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn
1986Golem in the Gears
1987Vale of the Vole
1988Heaven Cent
1989Man From Mundania
1990Isle of View
1991Question Quest
1992The Color of her Panties
1993Demons Don't Dream
1994Harpy Thyme
1995Geis of the Gargoyle
1995Roc and a Hard Place
1996Yon Ill Wind
1997Faun & Games
1998Zombie Lover
1999Xone of Contention
2000The Dastard
2001Swell Foop
2002Up in a Heaval
2003Cube Root
2004Currant Events
2005Pet Peeve
2006Stork Naked
2007Air Apparent
1993Companions of Xanth from Legend Entertainment (computer game)
1987Crossroads #8: Encyclopedia of Xanth by Jody Lynn Nye (gamebook)
1988Crossroads #13: Ghost of a Chance by Jody Lynn Nye (gamebook)
1989Piers Anthony's Visual Guide to Xanth with Jody Lynn Nye
1990Return to Centaur adaptation of the first part of Isle of View (graphic novel)

1985Anthonology (21 stories)
"Possible to Rue" 1963 "The Toaster" 1985 "Quinquepedalian" 1963 "Encounter" 1964
"Phog" 1965 "The Ghost Galaxies" 1966 "Within the Cloud" 1967 "The Life of the Stripe" 1969
"Beak by Beak" 1967 "In the Jaws of Danger" 1967 "Getting Through University" 1968
"In the Barn" 1972 "Up Schist Creek" 1972 "The Whole Truth" 1970 "The Bridge" 1970
"On the Uses of Torture" 1981 "Small Mouth, Bad Taste" 1970 "Wood You?" 1970
"Hard Sell" 1972 "Hurdle" 1972 "Gone to the Dogs" 1985
1992Alien Plot (20 stories)
"Faces" 1984 "Alien Plot" 1992 "Nonent" 1992 "20 Years" 1992 "December Dates" 1985
"Ship of Mustard" 1992 "Soft Like a Woman" 1988 "Imp to Nymph" 1987 "E van S" 1992
"To the Death" 1982 "Transmogrification" 1982 "Deadline" 1982 "Hearts" 1970
"Revise and Invent" 1992 "Baby" 1992 "Cloister" 1991 "Love 40" 1991
"Kylo" 1988 "Plague of Allos" 1986 "Think of the Reader" 1989
2006Relationships (12 stories)
"" "" "" ""
1986Uncollected Stars edited by Piers Anthony, Barry N. Malzberg, Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh (16 stories)
"Time Enough" by Lewis Padgett "The Soul-Empty Ones" by Walter M. Miller, Jr.
" Defender of the Faith" by Alfred Coppel "All of You" by James V. McConnell
"The Holes" by Michael Shaara "Beast in the House" by Michael Shaara
"Little Boy" by Jerome Bixby "Unwillingly to School" by Pauline Ashwell
"Brother Robot" by Henry Slesar "The Risk Profession" by Donald E. Westlake
"The Stuff" by Henry Slesar "Arcturus Times Three" by Jack Sharkey
"They Are Not Robbed" by Richard M. McKenna "The Creatures of Man" by Verge Foray
"Only Yesterday" by Ted White "An Agent in Place" by Laurence M. Janifer
1994Tales From the Great Turtle edited by Piers Anthony & Richard Gilliam (29 stories)
"Tortoise Shell" by Piers Anthony "Where There Are Hummingbirds" by Anna Kirwan-Vogel
"A Fire in the Heart" by Lawrence Schimel "A Day in Life" by Robin M. Dinnes
"Animal Sounds" by Owl Goingback "Sacrifice" by Alan Riggs
"Cherokee Dreaming" by Billie Sue Mosiman "The Woman Who Loved a Bear" by Jane Yolen
"Man Who Bleeds Tears" by R.K. Partain "The Bison Riders" by Brad Linaweaver
"The Old Ways" by Ed Gorman "Lost Cherokee" by Steve Rasnic Tem
"The Kemosabee" by Mike Resnick "Going After Old Man Alabama" by William Sanders
"Counting Coup" by Jack Dann "Snake Medicine" by Caroline Rhodes
"Mother Called It Daddy's Junk Yard" by Debra White Plume "Gaitor Bait" by Jay Littlehawk
"Muuki" by George Guthridge & Meredith Raymond "Nuniva" by Merle Apassingok
"Patterns" by Esther M. Friesner "The End of Childhood" by James David Audlin
"Paints Her Dreams" by Gabriel Horn "Monuments to the Dead" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
"With White Deer Gone" by Rick Wilber "Turtle Woman" by Gerald Hausman
"Paul Bunyan Dreams" by Alan Rodgers "It's What You Need" by Pamela Sargent
"Unto the Valley of Day-Glo" by Nicholas A. DiChario

Other Works
1968The Ring with Robert E. Margroff
1969Hasan expanded 1977
1970The E.S.P. Worm with Robert E. Margroff
1973Prostho Plus includes the stories "In the Jaws of Danger" 1967 and "Getting Through University" 1968
1973Race Against Time
1974Rings of Ice
1974Triple Detente originally titled A Piece of Cake
1976But What of Earth? restored and expounded upon 1989
1979Pretender with Frances Hall
1986Shade of the Tree
1989Pornucopia (erotic fantasy)
1989Through the Ice with Robert Kornwise
1989Total Recall novelization of the film TOTAL RECALL
1990Dead Morn with Roberto Fuentes
1990Firefly (horror)
1990Hard Sell includes the stories "Hard Sell" 1972 and "Hurdle" 1972
1991Tatham Mound (historical)
1992The Caterpillar's Question with Philip José Farmer
1993If I Pay Thee Not in Gold with Mercedes Lackey
1993Letters to Jenny (nonfiction)
1996Volk (historical) internet debut
1996The Willing Spirit with Alfred Tella
1998Quest For the Fallen Star with James Richey & Alan Riggs
1998Spider Legs with Clifford A. Pickover
1999Dream a Little Dream with Julie Brady
1999Reality Check
2000The Gutbucket Quest with Ron Lemming
2000The Secret of Spring with Jo Anne Taeusch
2003The Magic Fart (erotic fantasy)
2007Tortoise Reform (children's fantasy)
1964"Sheol" originally titled "The Postman Never Rings" with H. James Hotaling from the magazine Analog
1966"Mandroid" with Robert E. Margroff and Andrew J. Offutt from the magazine Worlds of If
1966"The Message" with Frances Hall from the magazine Analog
1966"Payoff" as by Robert Piers with Robert E. Margroff from the Adam Bedside Reader
1968"The Alien Rulers" from Analog Magazine
1970"Equals Four" from the magazine Worlds of If
1976"Three Misses" with Roberto Fuentes from the magazine The Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu #24
1986"Plague of Allos" from the anthology The Blood of Ten Chiefs edited by Richard Pini, Lynn Abbey & Robert Asprin
1987"Life" from Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine
1993"A Picture of Jesus" from the magazine Science Fiction Age #5
1995"Bluebeard" from Interzone Magazine #94

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