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The Agency
Season One - 22 episodes
1105Sep 27/01Viva Fidel
2104Oct 04/01God's Work
3102Oct 18/01The Year of Lying Dangerously
4106Oct 25/01In Our Own Backyard
5100Nov 01/01Pilot
6103Nov 08/01A Slight Case of Anthrax
7107Nov 15/01Closure
8108Nov 29/01Nocturne
9109Dec 06/01Rules of the Game
10101Dec 20/01Deadline
11110Jan 17/02Son Set
12111Jan 24/02The Enemy Within
13112Jan 31/02The Golden Hour
14113Feb 07/02The Gauntlet
15114Feb 28/02Sleeping Dogs Lie
16115Mar 07/02The Plague Year
17116Mar 28/02Moo
18117Apr 04/02The Greater Good
19119Apr 18/02Peacemakers
20118Apr 25/02The Understudy
Apr 27/02Shell Game (part 1 - The District episode)
21120May 02/02Doublecrossover (part 2 - The District crossover)
22121May 09/02Finale

Season Two - 22 episodes
23202Sep 28/02French Kiss
24203Oct 05/02Air Lex
25201Oct 12/02The Great Game
26204Oct 19/02C.S.Lie
27206Oct 26/02The Prisoner
28205Nov 02/02Home Grown
29207Nov 09/02Heartless
30208Nov 16/02First Born
31209Nov 23/02Thanksgiving
32210Dec 06/02Trust
33211Dec 14/02Elite Meat to Eat
34212Jan 18/03An Isolated Incident
35213Feb 01/03Debbie Does Djakarta
36214Feb 08/03Coventry
37216Feb 15/03Absolute Bastard
38217Feb 22/03Unholy Alliances
39215Mar 15/03Soft Kills
40219Apr 12/03Spy Finance
41220Apr 26/03War, Inc.
42218May 03/03Mi Cena Con Andrei
43221May 10/03Our Man in Korea (part 1)
44222May 17/03Our Man in Washington (part 2)

Come into the offices of the CIA and see how investigations are handled from an inside perspective.

The Agency
Genre: drama, thriller
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 44
Broadcast Run: 2001 - 2003
Starring: Gil Bellows
Rocky Carroll
Gloria Reuben
Paige Turco
David Clennon
Ronny Cox
Daniel Benzali
Beau Bridges
Will Patton
Created By: Michael Frost Beckner
Broadcast Network: CBS
Production Company: Radiant Productions
Country of Origin: United States
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