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Father of the Pride
Season One - 13 episodes
1101May 27/05Stage Fright (reworked pilot)
2102Dec 28/04Sarmoti Movies In
3103Sep 14/04Catnip and Trust
4104Oct 26/04One Man's Meat is Another Man's Girlfriend
5105Aug 31/04What's Black and White and Depressed All Over?
6106Sep 07/04Larry's Debut and Sweet Darryl Hannah Too
7107Sep 28/04And the Revolution Continues
8108Dec 28/04The Thanksgiving Episode
9109Oct 12/04Possession
10110Sep 21/04Donkey
11111Dec 28/04Road Trip
12112Dec 21/04Rehabilitation
13113May 29/05(UK)The Siegfried and Roy Fantasy Experience Movie
Scripts for a second season which didn't happen
201unproducedHunter Gets a Pet
202unproducedWe're All Gonna Die
203unproducedThe Bait
204unproducedThe Son Also Rises
205unproducedCults Are Fun
206unproducedHalloween in Vegas

Larry, the father of a family of white lions, is Siegfried and Roy's latest star attraction. These stories are about his home life and interactions with the other animals behind the scenes.

Father of the Pride
Genre: comedy
Show Type: cgi animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 13
Broadcast Run: 2004 - 2005
Voice Cast: John Goodman
Cheryl Hines
Orlando Jones
Carl Reiner
Created By: Jeffrey Katzenberg
Broadcast Network: NBC
Production Company: DreamWorks Animation
Country of Origin: United States
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