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Joe 90
Season One - 30 episodes
1101Sep 29/68(UK)The Most Special Agent
2102Oct 20/68(UK)Hi-Jacked
3103Nov 24/68(UK)Splashdown
4104Dec 15/68(UK)Operation McClaine
5105Jan 19/69(UK)Three's a Crowd
6106Nov 17/68(UK)International Concerto
7107Dec 01/68(UK)Big Fish
8108Dec 22/68(UK)The Unorthodox Shepherd
9109Dec 08/68(UK)Relative Danger
10110Dec 29/68(UK)Business Holiday
11111Nov 10/68(UK)King For a Day
12112Jan 12/69(UK)Double Agent
13113Oct 06/68(UK)Most Special Astronaut
14114Jan 05/69(UK)Arctic Adventure
15115Nov 03/68(UK)The Fortress
16116Oct 27/68(UK)Colonel McClaine
17117Oct 13/68(UK)Project 90
18118Feb 02/69(UK)The Race
19119Jan 26/69(UK)The Professional
20120Mar 09/69(UK)Lone-Handed 90
21121Mar 16/69(UK)Attack of the Tiger
22122Feb 09/69(UK)Talkdown
23123Feb 16/69(UK)Breakout
24124Mar 30/69(UK)Mission X-41
25125Apr 06/69(UK)Test Flight
26126Feb 23/69(UK)Child of the Sun God
27127Apr 13/69(UK)Trial at Sea
28128Mar 02/69(UK)See You Down There
29129Apr 20/69(UK)The Birthday (clip show)
30130Mar 23/69(UK)Viva Cordova

He's the newest special secret agent for the World Intelligence Network. Thanks to his father's invention, which records and transfers brain patterns, Joe McClaine can become whatever is needed to complete his latest mission; a pilot, an astronaut or even a brain surgeon. And who would suspect a nine year old schoolboy?

Joe 90
AKA: The Adventures of Joe 90 (UK)
Genre: action, adventure, science fiction
Show Type: supermarionation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 30
Broadcast Run: 1968 - 1969
Starring: Len Jones
Rupert Davies
Keith Alexander
David Healy
Created By: Gerry & Sylvia Anderson
Broadcast Network: ATV
Production Company: Century 21 Television
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
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