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King of the Hill
Season One - 12 episodes
14E01Jan 12/97Pilot
24E02Jan 19/97Square Peg
34E03Feb 02/97The Order of the Straight Arrow
44E05Feb 09/97Hank's Got the Willies
54E04Feb 16/97Luanne's Saga
64E07Feb 23/97Hank's Unmentionable Problem
74E06Mar 02/97Westie Side Story
84E08Mar 23/97Shins of the Father
94E09Apr 13/97Peggy the Boggle Champ
104E10Apr 27/97Keeping up With Our Joneses
114E13May 04/97King of the Ant Hill
124E11May 11/97Plastic White Female

Season Two - 23 episodes
135E01Sep 21/97How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying
145E02Sep 28/97Texas City Twister
155E04Oct 19/97Arrow Head
165E06Oct 26/97Hilloween
175E03Nov 02/97Jumpin' Crack Bass
185E05Nov 09/97Husky Bobby
195E07Nov 16/97The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteberg
205E08Nov 23/97The Son That Got Away
214E12Dec 07/97The Company Man
225E10Dec 14/97Bobby Slam
235E09Dec 21/97The Unbearable Blindness of Laying
245E12Jan 11/98Meet the Manger Babies
255E11Feb 01/98Snow Job
265E13Feb 08/98I Remember Mono
275E15Feb 15/98Three Days of the Kahndo
285E14Feb 22/98Traffic Jam
295E16Mar 01/98Hank's Dirty Laundry
305E17Mar 15/98The Final Shinsult
315E18Apr 19/98Leanne's Saga
325E19Apr 26/98Junkie Business
335E21May 03/98Life in the Fast Lane
345E22May 10/98Peggy's Turtle Song
355E23May 17/98Propane Boom (part 1)

Season Three - 25 episodes
365E24Sep 15/98Death of a Propane Salesman (part 2)
373ABE01Sep 22/98And They Call it Bobby Love
385E20Oct 06/98Peggy's Headache
393ABE02Oct 13/98Pregnant Paws
403ABE05Nov 03/98Next of Shin
413ABE07Nov 10/98Peggy's Pageant Fever
423ABE08Nov 17/98Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men
433ABE04Dec 01/98Good Hill Hunting
443ABE10Dec 15/98Pretty, Pretty Dresses
453ABE11Jan 12/99A Firefighting We Will Go
463ABE03Jan 19/99To Spank, With Love
473ABE12Jan 26/99Three Coaches and a Bobby
483ABE14Feb 02/99De-Kahnstructing Henry
493ABE09Feb 09/99The Wedding of Bobby Hill
503ABE15Feb 16/99Sleight of Hank
513ABE06Feb 23/99Return to La Grunta
523ABE16Mar 16/99Escape From Party Island
533ABE13Mar 23/99Love Hurts... and So Does Art
543ABE18Apr 06/99Hank's Cowboy Movie
553ABE17Apr 13/99Dog Dale Afternoon
563ABE19Apr 20/99Revenge of the Lutefisk
573ABE20Apr 27/99Death and Texas
583ABE21May 04/99Wings of the Dope
593ABE22May 11/99Take Me Out of the Ball Game
603ABE23May 18/99As Old as the Hills

Season Four - 25 episodes
613ABE24Sep 26/99Peggy Hill: The Decline and Fall
624ABE01Oct 03/99Cotton's Plot
634ABE02Oct 24/99Bills Are Made to Be Broken
644ABE03Oct 31/99Little Horrors of Shop
654ABE04Nov 07/99Aisle 8A
664ABE05Nov 14/99A Beer Can Named Desire
674ABE08Nov 21/99The Hank's Giving Episode
684ABE06Nov 28/99Not in My Back-Hoe
694ABE07Dec 12/99To Kill a Ladybird
704ABE10Dec 19/99Hillennium
714ABE09Jan 09/00Old Glory
724ABE11Jan 16/00Rodeo Days
734ABE13Feb 06/00Hanky Panky (part 1)
744ABE14Feb 13/00High Anxiety (part 2)
754ABE12Feb 20/00Naked Ambition
764ABE16Feb 27/00Moving on Up
774ABE15Mar 12/00Bill of Sales
784ABE18Mar 19/00Won't You Pimai Neighbor?
794ABE19Apr 09/00Hank's Bad Hair Day
804ABE17Apr 16/00Meet the Propaniacs
814ABE20Apr 30/00Nancy's Boys
824ABE22May 07/00Flush With Power
834ABE21May 14/00Peggy's Magic Sex Feet
844ABE23May 21/00Peggy's Fan Fair
855ABE02Oct 01/00The Perils of Polling

Season Five - 19 episodes
865ABE01Nov 05/00The Buck Stops Here
874ABE24Nov 12/00I Don't Want to Wait...
885ABE05Nov 19/00Spin the Choice
895ABE04Nov 26/00Peggy Makes the Big Leagues
905ABE03Dec 03/00When Cotton Comes Marching Home Again
915ABE07Dec 10/00What Makes Bobby Run?
925ABE08Dec 17/00'Twas the Nut Before Christmas
935ABE09Jan 14/01The Exterminator
945ABE10Jan 21/01Chasing Bobby
955ABE06Feb 04/01Yankee Hankie
965ABE12Feb 11/01Hank and the Great Glass Elevator
975ABE14Feb 18/01Now Who's the Dummy?
985ABE15Feb 25/01Ho Yeah!
995ABE16Mar 11/01Luanne Virgin 2.0
1005ABE11Apr 01/01Hank's Choice
1015ABE18Apr 08/01It's Not Easy Being Green
1025ABE19Apr 22/01The Trouble With Gribbles
1035ABE17May 06/01Hank's Back Story
1045ABE22May 13/01Kidney Boy and Hamster Girl

Season Six - 23 episodes
1055ABE24Nov 11/01Bobby Goes Nuts
1066ABE01Nov 18/01Goodbye, Normal Jeans
1075ABE21Dec 02/01The Substitute Spanish Prisoner
1086ABE02Dec 09/01Soldier of Misfortune
1095ABE13Dec 12/01Lupe's Revenge
1106ABE04Dec 16/01The Father, the Son and J.C.
1116ABE06Jan 06/02Father of the Bribe
1126ABE09Feb 10/02I'm With Cupid
1136ABE12Feb 17/02Torch Song Hillogy
1146ABE03Feb 24/02Joust Like a Woman
1156ABE14Feb 24/02The Bluegrass is Always Greener
1165ABE20Mar 10/02Unfortunate Son
1176ABE07Mar 17/02Are You There, God? It's Me, Peggy Hill
1186ABE10Mar 31/02Tankin' it to the Streets
1196ABE08Apr 07/02Of Mice and Little Green Men
1206ABE11Apr 14/02A Man Without a Country Club
1216ABE13Apr 14/02Beer and Loathing
1226ABE15Apr 21/02Fun With Jane and Jane
1236ABE16Apr 28/02My Own Private Rodeo
1246ABE05May 05/02Sug Night
1256ABE17May 05/02Dang Ol' Love
126/1276ABE20/21May 12/02Returning Japanese (one hour)

Season Seven - 22 episodes
1287ABE01Nov 03/02Get Your Freak Off
1297ABE03Nov 10/02The Fat and the Furious
1306ABE19Nov 17/02Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do
1317ABE02Dec 01/02Dances With Dogs
1326ABE22Dec 08/02The Son Also Roses
1336ABE18Dec 15/02The Texas Skilsaw Massacre
1347ABE04Jan 05/03Full Metal Dust Jacket
1355ABE23Jan 12/03Pigmalion
1367ABE05Jan 12/03Megalo Dale
1377ABE07Feb 02/03Boxing Luanne
1387ABE09Feb 09/03Vision Quest
1397ABE10Feb 16/03Queasy Rider
1407ABE08Mar 02/03Board Games
1417ABE06Mar 09/03An Officer and a Gentle Boy
1427ABE11Mar 16/03The Miseducation of Bobby Hill
1437ABE13Mar 30/03The Good Buck
1447ABE14Apr 13/03I Never Promised You an Organic Garden
1457ABE12Apr 27/03Be True to Your Fool
1467ABE17May 04/03Racist Dawg
1477ABE16May 11/03Night and Deity
1487ABE18May 18/03Maid in Arlen
1497ABE20May 18/03Witches of East Arlen

Season Eight - 22 episodes
1508ABE01Nov 02/03Patch Boomhauer
1518ABE02Nov 09/03Reborn to Be Wild
1527ABE15Nov 16/03New Cowboy on the Block
1538ABE04Nov 23/03The Incredible Hank
1547ABE22Nov 30/03Flirting With the Master
1557ABE19Dec 07/03After the Mold Rush
1568ABE05Dec 14/03Livin' on Reds, Vitamin C and Propane
1577ABE21Jan 04/04Rich Hank, Poor Hank
1588ABE03Jan 25/04Ceci N'est Pas Une King of the Hill
1598ABE06Feb 08/04That's What She Said
1608ABE09Feb 15/04My Hair Lady
1618ABE10Feb 22/04Phish and Wild Life
1628ABE07Mar 07/04Cheer Factor
1638ABE11Mar 14/04Dale Be Not Proud
1648ABE08Mar 21/04Après Hank, le Deluge
1658ABE12Mar 28/04Daletech
1668ABE14Apr 18/04How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Alamo
1678ABE16Apr 25/04Girl, You'll Be a Giant Soon
1688ABE13May 02/04Stressed For Success
1698ABE15May 09/04Hank's Back
1708ABE17May 16/04The Redneck on Rainey Street
1718ABE20May 23/04Talking Shop

Season Nine - 15 episodes
1728ABE22Nov 07/04A Rover Runs Through It
1739ABE05Dec 19/04Ms. Wakefield
1748ABE18Jan 16/05Death Buys a Timeshare
1758ABE19Jan 23/05Yard, She Blows
1769ABE02Jan 30/05Dale to the Chief
1779ABE06Feb 13/05The Petriot Act
1789ABE12Feb 20/05Enrique-cilable Differences
1799ABE03Mar 06/05Mutual of Omabwah
1809ABE01Mar 13/05Care-Takin' Care of Business
1819ABE07Mar 27/05Arlen City Bomber
1829ABE09Apr 10/05Redcorn Gambles With His Future
1839ABE10Apr 17/05Smoking and the Bandit
1849ABE08May 01/05Gone With the Windstorm
1859ABE13May 08/05Bobby on Track
1869ABE19May 15/05It Ain't Over Till the Fat Neighbor Sings

Season Ten - 15 episodes
1879ABE14Sep 18/05Hank's on Board
1888ABE21Sep 25/05Bystand Me
1899ABE15Nov 06/05Bill's House
1909ABE04Nov 20/05Harlottown
1919ABE16Dec 04/05Portrait of the Artist as a Young Clown
1929ABE11Dec 11/05Orange You Sad I Did Say Banana?
1939ABE17Jan 29/06You Gotta Believe (In Moderation)
1949ABE18Mar 19/06Business is Picking Up
1959ABE20Mar 26/06The Year of Washing Dangerously
1969ABE21Apr 02/06Hank Fixes Everything
1979ABE22Apr 09/06Church Hopping
198AABE01Apr 23/0624 Hour Propane People
199AABE02Apr 30/06The Texas Panhandler
200AABE03May 07/06Hank's Bully
201AABE04May 14/06Edu-macating Lucky

Season Eleven - 12 episodes
202BABE02Jan 28/07The Peggy Horror Picture Show
203BABE01Feb 11/07SerPunt
204BABE03Feb 18/07Blood and Sauce
205BABE04Mar 25/07Luanne Gets Lucky
206BABE05Apr 01/07Hank Gets Dusted
207BABE06Apr 22/07Glen Peggy Glen Ross
208BABE07Apr 29/07The Passion of the Dauterive
209BABE08Apr 29/07Grand Theft Arlen
210BABE09May 06/07Peggy's Gone to Pots
211BABE10May 13/07Hair Today, Gone Today
212BABE11May 20/07Bill, Bulk and the Body Buddies
213AABE05May 20/07Lucky's Wedding Suit

Season Twelve - 22 episodes
214BABE13Sep 23/07Suite Smells of Excess
215BABE12Sep 30/07Bobby Rae
216BABE16Oct 07/07The Powder Puff Boys
217BABE15Oct 14/07Four Wave Intersecton
218BABE14Nov 11/07Death Picks Cotton
219BABE17Nov 18/07Raise the Steaks
220BABE19Nov 25/07Tears of an Inflatable Clown
221BABE18Dec 09/07The Minh Who Knew Too Much
222BABE20Dec 16/07Dream Weaver
223CABE01Jan 06/08Doggone Crazy
224CABE02Jan 27/08Trans-Fascism
225CABE03Feb 17/08Untitled Blake McCormack
226CABE04Mar 02/08The Accidental Terrorist
227CABE05Mar 09/08Lady and Gentrification
228CABE06Mar 16/08Behind Closed Doors
229CABE07Mar 30/08Pour Some Sugar on Kahn
230CABE08Apr 06/08Six Characters in Search of a House
231CABE09Apr 13/08The Courtship of Joseph's Father
232CABE10Apr 27/08Strangeness on a Train
233CABE11May 04/08Cops and Robert
234CABE12May 11/08It Came From the Garage
235CABE13May 18/08Life: A Loser's Manual

Season Thirteen - 24 episodes
236CABE16Sep 28/08Dia-Bill-ic Shock
237CABE17Oct 05/08Earthly Girls are Easy
238CABE18Oct 19/08Square-Footed Monster
239CABE14Nov 02/08Lost in Myspace
240CABE15Nov 09/08No Bobby Left Behind
241CABE19Nov 16/08A Bill Full of Dollars
242CABE20Nov 30/08Straight as an Arrow
243DABE01Feb 08/09Lucky See, Monkey Do
244DABE02Feb 15/09What Happens at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis Stays at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis
245DABE03Mar 01/09Master of Puppets
246DABE04Mar 08/09Bwah My Nose
247DABE05Mar 15/09Uncool Customer
248DABE06Mar 22/09Nancy Does Dallas
249DABE07Apr 19/09Born Again on the Fourth of July
250DABE08Apr 26/09Serves Me Right For Giving General George S. Patton the Bathroom Key
251DABE10May 03/09Bad News Bill
252DABE09May 10/09Manger Baby Einstein
253DABE11May 17/09Uh-Oh Canada
254DABE12Sep 13/09The Boy Can't Help It
255DABE17Sep 13/09To Sirloin With Love
256DABE13unairedThe Honeymooners
257DABE14unairedBill Gathers Moss
258DABE15unairedWhen Joseph Met Lori, and Made Out with Her in the Janitor's Closet
259DABE16unairedJust Another Manic Kahn-Day

Come to Arlen, Texas and visit with Hank Hill and his family. See the world from a redneck point of view.

King of the Hill
Genre: comedy
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 13
Number of Episodes: 259
Broadcast Run: 1997 - 2009
Starring: Mike Judge
Kathy Najimy
Pamela Segall
Brittany Murphy
Johnny Hardwick
Stephen Root
Created By: Mike Judge
Greg Daniels
Broadcast Network: FOX
Production Company: Deedle-Dee Productions
Judgemental Films
3 Arts Entertainment
Film Roman
20th Century Fox Television
Country of Origin: United States
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