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Men in Black: The Series
Season One - 13 episodes
1101Oct 11/97The Long So-Long Syndrome aka The Long Goodbye Syndrome
2102Oct 18/97The Buzzard Syndrome
3103Oct 25/97The Irritable Bow-Wow Syndrome
4104Nov 01/97The Alpha Syndrome
5105Nov 08/97The Undercover Syndrome
6106Nov 15/97The Neuralizer Syndrome
7107Nov 22/97The Symbiote Syndrome
8108Dec 06/97The Inanimate Syndrome aka The Farewell My Lovely Syndrome
9109Dec 13/97The Psychic Link Syndrome
10110Dec 27/97The Elle of My Dreams Syndrome aka The Big Sleep Syndrome
11111May 16/98The Take No Prisoners Syndrome
12112Dec 20/97The Head Trip Syndrome
13113Feb 14/98The I Married an Alien Syndrome

Season Two - 13 episodes
14201Sep 26/98The Quick Clone Syndrome
15202Sep 19/98The Little Big Man Syndrome
16203Oct 03/98The Heads You Lose Syndrome
17204Oct 10/98The Dog-Eat-Dog Syndrome
18205Oct 24/98The Big Bad Bug Syndrome
19206Oct 31/98The Jack O'Lantern Syndrome
20207Nov 07/98The Sonic Boom Syndrome
21208Nov 14/98The Bad Seed Syndrome
22209Nov 21/98The Fmall Fmall World Syndrome
23210Jan 16/99The Supermen in Black Syndrome
24211Jan 23/99The Star System Syndrome
25212Dec 12/98The Black Christmas Syndrome
26213Feb 06/99The Blackguard Syndrome

Season Three - 14 episodes
27301Oct 23/99The Puppy Love Syndrome
28302Oct 02/99The Worm-Guy Syndrome
29303Oct 09/99The Cold Sweat Syndrome
30304Jan 15/00The Permanent Midnight Syndrome aka The Lights Out Syndrome
31305Nov 13/99The Way Out West Syndrome
32306Nov 20/99The Mine, Mine, Mine Syndrome
33307Nov 06/99The Lost Continent Syndrome
34308Jan 22/00The Out to Pasture Syndrome
35309Feb 05/00The Sardines & Ice Cream Syndrome
36311Dec 04/99The Bye-Bye Worm Syndrome
37312Apr 08/00The Bad Doggie Syndrome
38313Mar 04/00The I Want My Mummy Syndrome
39314Mar 25/00The Baby Kay Syndrome
40315May 20/00The "J" is For James Syndrome

Season Four - 13 episodes
41401Oct 21/00The Future's So Bright Syndrome
42402May 26/01The Zero to Superhero Syndrome
43403Sep 23/00The Spectacle Syndrome aka The Spartacus Syndrome
44404Sep 30/00The Back to School Syndrome
45405Sep 16/00The Musical Chairs Syndrome
46406Oct 07/00The Opening Gambit Syndrome
47407Apr 14/01The Loose Ball Foul Syndrome
48408May 05/01The Virtual Crossfire Syndrome
49409Apr 28/01The Circus Parade Syndrome
50410Apr 21/01The Hots For Jay Syndrome
51411May 12/01The Breaking News Syndrome aka The Bad Boys, Bad Boys Syndrome
52412Jun 23/01The Endgame Syndrome
53413Jun 24/01The Endgame Syndrome, Part 2

Jay and Kay are back in black.

Still protecting the Earth from the scum of the universe.

Men in Black: The Series
Genre: science fiction, action, comedy
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 53
Broadcast Run: 1997 - 2001
Starring: Keith Diamond
Jennifer Lien
Charlie Napier
Ed O'Ross
Gregg Berger
Developed By: Duane Capizzi
Jeff Kline
Richard Raynis
Based on the Malibu Comic By: Lowell Cunningham
Broadcast Network: The WB
Production Company: Adelaide Productions
Country of Origin: United States
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