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The Pretender
Season One - 22 episodes
103101Sep 19/96Pilot
203102Sep 28/96Every Picture Tells a Story
303106Oct 19/96Flyer
403103Oct 26/96Curious Jarod
503104Nov 02/96The Paper Clock
603107Nov 09/96To Protect and Serve
703108Nov 16/96A Virus Among Us
803109Dec 14/96Not Even a Mouse
903111Jan 04/97Mirage
1003110Jan 11/97The Better Part of Valor
1103112Jan 18/97Bomb Squad
1203113Feb 01/97A Prison Story
1303115Feb 08/97Bazooka Jarod
1403116Feb 15/97Ranger Jarod
1503114Mar 08/97Jaroldo
1603119Mar 22/97Under the Reds
1703117Apr 05/97Keys
1803118Apr 26/97Unhappy Landing
1903121May 03/97Jarod's Honor
2003120May 10/97Baby Love
21/2203122/23May 17/97Dragon House (two hours)

Season Two - 22 episodes
2303201Nov 01/97Back From the Dead Again
2403202Nov 08/97Scott Free
2503203Nov 15/97Over the Edge
2603204Nov 22/97Exposed
2703205Dec 06/97Nip & Tuck
2803206Dec 13/97Past Sim
2903207Jan 03/98Collateral Damage
3003210Jan 10/98Hazards
3103209Jan 17/98F/X
3203212Jan 31/98Indy Show
3303211Feb 07/98Gigolo Jared
3403208Mar 07/98Toy Surprise
3503213Mar 14/98A Stand Up Guy
3603214Mar 21/98Unforgotten (clip show)
3703215Mar 28/98Bulletproof
3803216Apr 04/98Silence
3903217Apr 11/98Crash
4003219May 02/98Stolen
4103218May 02/98Red Rock Jarod
4203220May 09/98Bank
43/4403221/22May 16/98Bloodlines (two hours)

Season Three - 22 episodes
453ABP01Oct 17/98Crazy
463ABP02Oct 24/98Hope and Prey
473ABP04Oct 31/98Once in a Blue Moon
483ABP03Nov 07/98Someone to Trust
493ABP05Nov 14/98Betrayal
503ABP06Nov 21/98Parole
513ABP07Dec 12/98Homefront
523ABP08Jan 02/99Flesh and Blood
533ABP09Jan 09/99Murder 101
543ABP11Feb 06/99Mr. Lee (clip show)
553ABP10Feb 06/99The Assassin
563ABP12Feb 13/99Unsinkable
573ABP13Feb 20/99Pool
583ABP14Feb 27/99At the Hour of Our Death
593ABP15Mar 20/99Countdown
603ABP16Apr 03/99PTB
613ABP18Apr 10/99Ties That Bind
623ABP17May 01/99Wake Up
633ABP19May 08/99End Game (part 1 - Profiler crossover)
62969May 08/99Grand Master (part 2 - Profiler episode)
643ABP20May 22/99Qallupilluit
65/663ABP21/22May 22/99Donoterase (two hours)

Season Four - 20 episodes
674ABP01Sep 25/99The World's Changing
684ABP02Oct 02/99Survival
694ABP03Oct 30/99Angel's Flight
704ABP04Nov 06/99Risque Business
714ABP07Nov 13/99Road Trip
724ABP06Dec 04/99Extreme
734ABP08Dec 11/99Wild Child
744ABP05Jan 08/00Rules of Engagement
754ABP09Jan 15/00'Til Death Do Us Part
764ABP12Feb 05/00Spin Doctor (part 1 - Profiler crossover)
63361Feb 05/00Clean Sweep (part 2 - Profiler episode)
774ABP13Feb 12/00Cold Dick
784ABP11Feb 19/00Lifeline
794ABP10Feb 26/00Ghosts From the Past
804ABP14Mar 11/00The Agent of Year Zero
814ABP16Mar 25/00Junk
824ABP15Apr 22/00School Daze
834ABP17Apr 29/00Meltdown
63368Apr 29/00Pianissimo (Profiler episode)
844ABP18May 06/00Corn Man
85/864ABP19/20May 13/00Inner Sense (two hours)
1AER99Jan 22/01The Pretender 2001
2AER01Dec 10/01The Pretender: Island of the Haunted

There are Pretenders among us. Geniuses with the ability to become anyone they want to be. In 1963 a corporation known as the Centre isolated a young Pretender named Jarod and exploited his genius for their research. Then one day, their Pretender ran away...

The Pretender
Genre: science fiction, drama, mystery
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 86
Broadcast Run: 1996 - 2000
Starring: Michael T. Weiss
Andrea Parker
Patrick Bauchau
Jon Gries
Created By: Steven Long Mitchell
Craig W. Van Sickle
Broadcast Network: NBC
Production Company: MTM Enterprises (season 1)
Mitchell/Van Sickle Productions
NBC Studios
20th Century Fox Television (season 2-4)
Copyright: © 1996-2000 MTM Enterprises. Inc. & NBC Studios, Inc.
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Profiler (1996)
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