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Whenever possible, information has been taken directly from the show credits, as seen on TV.
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I've been doing this for a long time now.

This site is all about collecting. All my life I've been a collector of something: books, comics, stamps, coins, etc.

A change of fortune, coupled with the need to care for my aging parents prevented me from collecting things anymore. But the urge to collect was great. Since I was getting into the internet at that time I decided to collect information. It was a cheap way to scratch that itch and keep me occupied at the same time.

I was also increasingly getting into TV as I had more free time and years of shows that I had missed. The internet was a great resource for information, so I started making personal lists for the shows I liked, so I could keep track of what I watched and hadn't yet seen.

I had been wanting to learn HTML and try my hand at making a website so this gave me the impetus to grab a free geocities site and get started. I figured if the information was useful to me, then it could be useful to a small percentage of the world.

So here I am, over twenty years later, just finished another redesign to become more mobile friendly. I've trimmed some of the redundant information to make things easier for me. The site has grown considerably over the years but it's still just a one-person operation. And I'm not getting younger.

In the end, this is still just a hobby for me, for the same reasons I started it. I make no money from it. In fact, it costs me money. But it still keeps me busy.


I strive to be as accurate as possible. If you see a discrepancy anywhere, feel free to let me know about it in the form provided. (Sorry, the form is not working and hasn't been for a while.
I will remove this when and if the server ever gets around to fixing the problem.)


Anyone who wishes to link to this website, or to any of the individual show pages, is welcome.

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