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John Blackstar, astronaut, is swept through a black hole into an ancient alien universe. Trapped on the planet Sagar, Blackstar is rescued by the tiny Trobbit people. In turn, he joins their fight for freedom against the cruel Overlord who rules by the might of the Powerstar. The Powerstar is split into the Powersword and the Starsword. And so, with Starsword in hand, Blackstar, together with his allies, sets out to save the planet Sagar. This is his destiny.

"I am John Blackstar."

Season One: 13 episodes
162001Sep 12/81City of the Ancient Ones
2Sep 19/81Search For the Star Sword
3Sep 26/81The Lord of Time
4Oct 03/81The Mermaid of the Serpent Sea
5Oct 10/81The Quest
6Oct 17/81Spacewrecked
7Oct 24/81The Lightning City of the Clouds
8Oct 31/81The Kingdom of Neptul
9Nov 07/81Tree of Evil
10Nov 14/81The Air Whales of Anchar
11Nov 21/81The Overlord's Big Spell
12Nov 28/81The Crown of the Sorceress
13Dec 05/81The Zombie Master
Genre: science fiction, fantasy, adventure
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 13
Broadcast Run: 1981
Voice Cast: George DiCenzo
Pat Pinney
Alan Oppenheimer
Linda Gary
Frank Welker
Broadcast Network: CBS
Production Company: Filmation
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Blackstar