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Central Organization of Police Specialists

Fighting crime in a future time.
Protecting Empire City from Big Boss and his gang of crooks.

Season One: 65 episodes
EpPNAirdateFile No.Title
1160001Oct 05/8829761The Case of the Stuck-Up Blimp
2160002Oct 07/8855302The Case of the Crime Circus
3160003Oct 11/8819817The Case of the Baffling Bugman
4160004Oct 24/8898004The Case of Berserko's Big Surprise
5160005Sep 30/8839816The Case of the Bogus Justice Machines
6160006Oct 14/8824888The Case of the Prison Break-In
7160007Sep 20/8821007The Case of the Pardner in Crime
8160008Nov 21/8800001The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1, Part 1
9160009Nov 21/8800001The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1, Part 2
10160010Sep 19/8816010The Case of the Blur Bandits
11160011Sep 23/8891011The Case of the Bulletproof Waldo
12160012Sep 21/8829012The Case of the Blitz Attack
13160013Sep 19/8821813The Case of the Baby Badguy
14160014Oct 03/8866414The Case of the Thieving Robots
15160015Sep 22/8824015The Case of the Highway Robbery
16160016Oct 18/8832816The Case of the Crime Convention
17160017Oct 04/8817017The Case of the Crook With a Thousand Faces
18160018Oct 20/8872618The Case of the Super Shakedown
19160019Sep 29/8868019The Case of the Criminal Mall
20160020Sep 28/88160020The Case of the Big Bad Boxoids
21160021Oct 19/8833121The Case of the Half-Pint Hero
22160022Nov 07/881722The Case of the Brilliant Berserko
23160023Oct 27/8827423The Case of the Big Frame Up
24160024Oct 17/8889724The Case of the Sinister Spa
25160025Sep 27/888974The Case of the Cool Caveman
26160026Nov 11/88472026The Case of the Wayward Whiz Kid
27160027Nov 15/88392027The Case of the Stashed Cash
28160028Oct 12/8812829The Case of the Big Boss's Master Plan, Part 1
29160029Oct 12/8812829The Case of the Big Boss's Master Plan, Part 2
30160030Jan 16/89160030The Case of the Criminal Games
31160031Nov 09/8813131The Case of the Iceberg Pirates
32160032Feb 03/89The Case of the Giveaway Gold
33160033Nov 03/88The Case of the Big Little Green Men
34160034Oct 06/88The Case of the Crook With a Conscience
35160035Oct 21/8855035The Case of Mace's Romance
36160036Oct 28/88The Case of the Crime Nobody Heard AKA The Case of The Boy Nobody Wanted
37160037Jan 05/8927437The Case of the Bogus Bride
38160038Nov 11/8816138The Case of the Visiting Mother
39160039Oct 31/8816139The Case of the Ghost Crooks
40160040Oct 26/8892440The Case of the Lying Lie Detector
41160041Feb 16/8933041The Case of the Disappearing Dough
42160042Jan 30/89160042The Case of Mukluk's Luck
43160043Nov 14/88160043The Case of the Baby Badguy's Return
44160044Nov 28/8816044The Case of the Rock and Roll Robbers
45160045Oct 10/8841045The Case of the Boy Who Cried Sea Monster
46160046Nov 02/8823046The Case of the Runaway Buzzbomb
47160047Nov 01/8844947The Case of the Missing Masterpiece
48160048Oct 25/8865748The Case of the Lesser of Two Weevils
49160049Nov 08/88160049The Case of Big Boss's Bye-Bye
50160050Nov 04/8841050The Case of the Iron C.O.P.S. and the Wooden Crooks
51160051Nov 16/8875951The Case of the Midas Touch
52160052Feb 14/8942752The Case of the Ready Room Mutiny
53160053Nov 18/8836053The Case of the High-Iron Hoods
54160054Nov 17/8837654The Case of the Kangaroo Caper
55160055Jan 11/8978655The Case of the Missing Memory
56160056Nov 23/88160056The Case of the Lowest Crime
57160057Feb 13/89160057The Case of the Crooked Contest
58160058Jan 31/89The Case of the Ransomed Rascal
59160059Feb 08/89The Case of the Spotless Kingpin
60160060Jan 09/89160060The Case of the Lawless Lady
61160061Jan 03/89160061The Case of the Lost Boss
62160062Feb 20/89The Case of the Bad Luck Burglar
63160063Nov 29/88The Case of the Big Boss's Big Switch
64160064Feb 07/8916064The Case of the Red Hot Hoodlum
65160065Feb 06/89160065The Case of the Invisible Crime
Genre: action, science fiction
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 65
Broadcast Run: 1988 - 1989
Starring: Ken Ryan
Jane Schoettle
Brent Titcomb
Mary Long
Paul De La Rosa
Nick Nichols
Dan Hennessey
Jeri Craden
Darrin Baker
Paulina Gillis
John Stocker
Ron Rubin
Len Carlson
Marvin Goldhar
Peter Keleghan
Elizabeth Hanna
Ray James
Noam Zylberman
Based on a Toy Line By: Hasbro
Broadcast Network: syndication
Production Company: DIC Enterprises
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: C.O.P.S.