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Follow me to a place where incredible feats
Are routine every hour or so
Where enchantment runs rampant, yes wild in the streets
Open sesame, here we go!

Arabian nights, like Arabian days
They tease and excite, take off and take flight, they shock and amaze!
Arabian nights, like Arabian days
More often than not, are hotter than hot, in a lot of good ways

Pack your shield, pack your sword, you won't ever get bored
Though get beaten or gored you might
Come on down, stop on by, hop a carpet and fly
To another Arabian night!

Season One: 65 episodes
Nov 25/92Disney's Aladdin (90 mins)
May 20/94The Return of Jafar (66 mins)
Aug 13/96Aladdin and the King of Thieves (80 mins)
14316-001Sep 05/94Air Feather Friends
24316-031Sep 06/94Bad Mood Rising
34316-011Sep 07/94To Cure a Thief
44316-022Sep 08/94Do the Rat Thing
54316-008Sep 09/94Never Say Nefir
64316-015Sep 12/94Getting the Bugs Out
74316-038Sep 13/94The Vapor Chase
84316-048Sep 14/94Garden of Evil
94316-021Sep 15/94Much Abu About Something
104316-018Sep 16/94My Fair Aladdin
114316-035Sep 19/94Some Enchanted Genie
124316-028Sep 20/94Web of Fear
134316-004Sep 21/94Mudder's Day
144316-026Sep 22/94Plunder the Sea
154316-014Sep 23/94Strike Up the Sand
164316-020Sep 26/94I Never Mechanism I Didn't Like
174316-006Sep 27/94Fowl Weather
184316-016Sep 28/94Forget Me Lots
194316-055Sep 29/94Scare Necessities
204316-027Sep 30/94SandSwitch
214316-044Oct 03/94Lost and Founded
224316-019Oct 04/94Moonlight Madness
234316-066Oct 05/94The Flawed Couple
244316-030Oct 06/94Rain of Terror
254316-054Oct 07/94Dune Quixote
264316-039Oct 10/94The Day the Bird Stood Still
274316-003Oct 11/94Of Ice and Men
284316-042Oct 12/94Opposites Detract
294316-067Oct 13/94Caught By the Tale
304316-010Oct 14/94Elemental My Dear Jasmine
314316-045Oct 17/94Smolder and Wiser
324316-013Oct 18/94The Game
334316-047Oct 19/94Snowman is an Island
344316-057Oct 20/94The Animal Kingdom
354316-040Oct 21/94Power to the Parrot
364316-065Oct 24/94The Sands of Fate
374316-070Oct 25/94The Citadel
384316-059Oct 26/94Poor Iago
394316-074Oct 27/94The Secret of Dagger Rock
404316-043Oct 28/94In the Heat of the Fright
414316-058Oct 31/94The Seven Faces of Genie
424316-071Nov 01/94The Wind Jackals of Mozenrath
434316-073Nov 02/94A Clockwork Hero
444316-046Nov 03/94Mission: Imp Possible
454316-023Nov 04/94Stinker Belle
464316-080Nov 07/94Shadow of a Doubt
474316-041Nov 08/94Smells Like Trouble
484316-034Nov 09/94The Way We War
494316-083Nov 10/94Night of the Living Mud
504316-069Nov 11/94Egg-Stra Protection
514316-075Nov 14/94Heads, You Lose
524316-081Nov 15/94The Love Bug
534316-084Nov 16/94When Chaos Comes Calling
544316-085Nov 17/94Armored and Dangerous
554316-052Nov 18/94Shark Treatment
564316-086Nov 21/94Black Sand
574316-064Nov 22/94Love at First Sprite
584316-088Nov 23/94Vocal Hero
594316-082Nov 24/94The Lost City of the Sun
604316-076Nov 25/94As the Netherworld Turns
614316-078Nov 28/94Seems Like Old Crimes, Part One
624316-079Nov 29/94Seems Like Old Crimes, Part Two
634316-087Nov 30/94From Hipposdeth, With Love
644316-091Dec 01/94Destiny On Fire
654316-090Dec 02/94The Return of Malcho

Season Two: 13 episodes
664316-012Sep 17/94Raiders of the Lost Shark
67Sep 24/94Sneeze the Day
684316-017Oct 01/94The Prophet Motive
694316-007Oct 08/94That Stinking Feeling
70Oct 15/94Beast or Famine
714316-009Oct 22/94The Spice is Right
72Oct 29/94Hero With a Thousand Feathers
73Nov 05/94Witch Way Did She Go?
744316-056Nov 12/94Sea No Evil
75Nov 19/94A Sultan Worth His Salt
76Nov 26/94Genie Hunt
774316-060Dec 03/94The Lost Ones
78Dec 10/94Eye of the Beholder

Season Three: 8 episodes
794316-092Sep 16/95The Hunted
804316-093Sep 23/95Riders Redux
814316-097Sep 30/95The Book of Khartoum
824316-094Oct 07/95While the City Snoozes
834316-098Oct 14/95Two to Tangle
844316-095Oct 21/95The Ethereal
854316-099Oct 28/95The Shadow Knows
864316-096Nov 04/95The Great Rift
Disney's Aladdin
AKA: Aladdin
Genre: adventure, comedy, fantasy
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 86
Broadcast Run: 1994 - 1995
Starring: Scott Weinger
Linda Larkin
Dan Castellaneta
Gilbert Gottfried
Val Bettin
Frank Welker
Broadcast Network: syndication (season 1)
CBS (season 2-3)
Production Company: Walt Disney Television Animation
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Disney's Aladdin