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Let's Get Dangerous!

Season One: 65 episodes
14308-052Sep 08/91Darkly Dawns the Duck, Part 1
24308-053Sep 08/91Darkly Dawns the Duck, Part 2
34308-018Sep 09/91Beauty and the Beet
44308-008Sep 10/91Getting Antsy
54308-040Sep 11/91Night of the Living Spud
64308-016Sep 12/91Apes of Wrath
74308-004Sep 13/91Dirty Money
84308-017Sep 16/91Duck Blind
94308-036Sep 17/91Comic Book Capers
104308-001Sep 18/91Water Way to Go
114308-033Sep 19/91Paraducks
124308-024Sep 20/91Easy Come, Easy Grows
134308-050Sep 23/91A Revolution in Home Appliances
144308-014Sep 24/91Trading Faces
154308-015Sep 25/91Hush, Hush Sweet Charlatan
164308-012Sep 26/91Can't Bayou Love
174308-029Sep 27/91Bearskin Thug
184308-013Sep 30/91You Sweat Your Life
194308-044Oct 01/91Days of Blunder
204308-047Oct 02/91Just Us Justice Ducks, Part 1
214308-048Oct 03/91Just Us Justice Ducks, Part 2
224308-019Oct 04/91Double Darkwings
234308-021Oct 07/91Aduckyphobia
244308-056Oct 08/91When Aliens Collide
254308-031Oct 09/91Jurassic Jumble
264308-039Oct 10/91Cleanliness is Next to Badliness
274308-045Oct 11/91Smarter Than a Speeding Bullet
284308-027Oct 14/91All's Fahrenheit in Love and War
294308-023Oct 15/91Whiffle While You Work
304308-041Oct 16/91Ghoul of My Dreams
314308-046Oct 21/91Adopt-a-Con
324308-043Oct 22/91Toys Czar Us
334308-055Oct 23/91The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck
344308-042Oct 24/91Up, Up and Awry
354308-049Oct 25/91Life, the Negaverse and Everything
364308-026Oct 28/91Dry Hard
374308-020Oct 29/91Heavy Mental
384308-063Oct 30/91Disguise the Limit
394308-061Oct 31/91Planet of the Capes
404308-051Nov 01/91Darkwing Doubloon
414308-060Nov 04/91It's a Wonderful Leaf
424308-065Nov 05/91Twitching Channels
434308-009Nov 06/91Dances with Bigfoot
444308-067Nov 07/91Twin Beaks
454308-062Nov 08/91The Incredible Bulk
464308-068Nov 11/91My Valentine Ghoul
474308-058Nov 12/91Dead Duck
484308-006Nov 13/91A Duck by Any Other Name
494308-064Nov 14/91Let's Get Respectable
504308-002Nov 15/91In Like Blunt
514308-059Nov 18/91Quack of Ages
524308-070Nov 19/91Time and Punishment
534308-066Nov 20/91Stressed to Kill
544308-071Nov 21/91The Darkwing Squad
554308-072Nov 22/91Inside Binkie's Brain
564308-073Nov 25/91The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain
574308-074Nov 26/91Slime Ok, You're Ok
584308-077Nov 27/91Whirled History
594308-076Nov 28/91U.F. Foe
604308-081Nov 29/91A Star is Scorned
614308-078Dec 02/99The Quiverwing Quack
624308-080Dec 03/91Jail Bird
634308-082Dec 04/91Dirtysomething
644308-075Dec 05/91Kung Fooled
654308-079Dec 06/91Bad Luck Duck

Season Two: 13 episodes
664308-007Sep 07/91That Sinking Feeling
674308-034Sep 14/91Film Flam
684308-025Sep 21/91Negaduck
694308-010Sep 28/91Fungus Amongus
704308-037Oct 05/91Slaves to Fashion
714308-028Oct 12/91Something Fishy
724308-032Oct 19/91Tiff of the Titans
734308-030Oct 26/91Calm a Chameleon
744308-009Nov 02/91Battle of the Brainteasers
754308-038Nov 09/91Bad Tidings
764308-057Nov 16/91Going Nowhere Fast
774308-022Nov 23/91A Brush With Oblivion
784308-035Nov 30/91The Merchant of Menace

Season Three: 13 episodes
794308-085Sep 12/92Monsters R Us
804308-084Sep 19/92Inherit the Wimp
814308-083Sep 26/92The Revenge of the Return of the Brainteasers, Too
824308-086Oct 03/92Star Crossed Circuits
834308-089Oct 10/92Steerminator
844308-091Oct 17/92Frequency Fiends
854308-090Oct 24/92Paint Misbehavin'
864308-092Oct 31/92Hot Spells
874308-095Nov 07/92Fraudcast News
884308-094Nov 14/92Clash Reunion
894308-093Nov 21/92Mutantcy on the Bouncy
904308-097Nov 28/92Malice's Restaurant
914308-096Dec 05/92Extinct Possibility
Disney's Darkwing Duck
AKA: Darkwing Duck
Genre: action, comedy
Show Type: animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 91
Broadcast Run: 1991 - 1992
Starring: Jim Cummings
Christine Cavanaugh
Terry McGovern
Katie Leigh
Susan Tolsky
Hamilton Camp
Kath Soucie
Rob Paulsen
Tino Insana
Broadcast Network: syndication (season 1)
ABC (season 2-3)
Production Company: Walt Disney Television Animation
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: Disney's DuckTales (1987)
IMDb: Disney's Darkwing Duck