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Jim Hensen's Dog City
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The criminal element in Dog City is ruled over by Bugsy Vile, the Dogfather. Chief Inspector Rosie O'Gravy does her best to keep the peace but Bugsy's real nemesis is Ace Hart, Private Eye Dog. Ace always wins the day but, of course, he has a secret weapon. If things are going bad he can collaborate with his animator, Eliot Shag, to redraw the outcome.

Season One: 13 episodes
1DC-01Sep 26/92The Big Squeak
2DC-02Oct 03/92Taming of the Screw
3DC-03Oct 10/92Meat, the Butcher
4DC-04Oct 17/92Disobedience School
5DC-05Oct 31/92The Dog Pound
6DC-06Nov 14/92Radio Daze
7DC-07Nov 21/92The Bloodhound
8DC-08Nov 28/92Adventures in Puppysitting
9DC-09Dec 19/92Ya Gotta Have Hart
10DC-10Jan 09/93In Your Dreams
11DC-11Jan 16/93Rocketship K-9
12DC-12Jan 23/93Cats 'n' Dogs
13DC-13Jan 30/93Is it Arf?

Season Two: 10 episodes
14DC-14Sep 18/93Boss Bruiser
15DC-15Sep 25/93Springer Fever
16DC-16Oct 02/93Much Ado About Mad Dog
17DC-17Oct 09/93Of Mutts and Mayors
18DC-18Oct 16/93Who Watches the Watch Dog?
19DC-19Oct 23/93The Great Dane Curse
20DC-20Oct 30/93Out of the Mouths of Pups
21DC-22Nov 06/93Farewell, My Rosie
22DC-21Nov 13/93Old Dogs, New Tricks
23DC-23Nov 20/93Sick as a Dog

Season Three: 8 episodes
24DC-24Sep 17/94The New Litter
25DC-25Sep 24/94Doggy See, Doggy Do
26DC-26Oct 01/94Comedy of Horrors
27DC-27Oct 08/94Howl the Conquering Hero
28DC-28Nov 05/94Reduce, Reuse, Retrieve
29DC-29Nov 12/94Future Schlock
30DC-30Nov 19/94No Pain, No Brain
31DC-31Nov 26/94The Dog Days of Summer Vacation
Dog City
AKA: Jim Hensen's Dog City
Genre: comedy
Show Type: animation & muppetry, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 31
Broadcast Run: 1992 - 1994
Starring: Ron White
Elizabeth Hanna
Stuart Stone
John Stocker
James Rankin
Howard Jerome
Paulina Gillis
Stephen Ouimette
Rino Romano
George Buza
Kevin Clash
Fran Brill
Joey Mazzarino
Brian Meehl
David Rudman
Lisa Buckley
Broadcast Network: FOX
Production Company: Nelvana
Jim Hensen Television
Country of Origin: Canada
IMDb: Dog City