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Fireball XL5
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Come join the daring Colonel Steve Zodiac and his brave crew aboard the Fireball XL5 as they patrol Sector 25, an area of strange races and exotic planets.

Season One: 39 episodes
1101Oct 28/62(UK)Planet 46
2102Oct 13/63(UK)Hypnotic Sphere
3103Jan 20/63(UK)Planet of Platonia
4104Oct 27/63(UK)Space Magnet
5105Nov 04/62(UK)The Doomed Planet
6106Nov 18/62(UK)Plant Man From Space
7107Dec 02/62(UK)The Sun Temple
8108Nov 11/62(UK)Space Immigrants
9109Jan 06/63(UK)Space Monster
10110Dec 23/62(UK)Flying Zodiac
11111Nov 25/62(UK)Spy in Space
12112Dec 09/62(UK)XL5 to H2O
13113Dec 16/62(UK)Space Pirates
14114Jan 13/63(UK)The Last of the Zanadus
15115Dec 30/62(UK)Space Pen
16116Feb 10/63(UK)Convict in Space
17117Feb 03/63(UK)Wings of Danger
18118Jan 27/63(UK)The Triads
19119Oct 20/63(UK)Sabotage
20120Mar 03/63(UK)Prisoner on the Lost Planet
21121Feb 24/63(UK)Flight to Danger
22122Feb 17/63(UK)Space Vacation
23123Mar 31/63(UK)Mystery of the TA2
24124Mar 17/63(UK)Robert to the Rescue
25125Mar 10/63(UK)The Forbidden Planet
26126Apr 21/63(UK)The Granatoid Tanks
27127Mar 24/63(UK)Dangerous Cargo
28128Apr 14/63(UK)1875
29129Apr 28/63(UK)The Robot Freighter Mystery
30130Apr 07/63(UK)Drama at Space City
31131May 05/63(UK)Whistle For Danger
32132Jun 02/63(UK)Faster Than Light
33133Jun 09/63(UK)The Day the Earth Froze
34134May 26/63(UK)Invasion Earth
35135Oct 06/63(UK)Ghosts of Space
36136May 12/63(UK)Trial by Robot
37137May 19/63(UK)A Day in the Life of a Space General
38138Jun 23/63(UK)Space City Special
39139Jun 16/63(UK)The Fire Fighters
Fireball XL5
Genre: science fiction, adventure
Show Type: supermarionation, black & white
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 39
Broadcast Run: 1962 - 1963
Voice Cast: Paul Maxwell
David Graham
Gerry Anderson
Sylvia Anderson
John Bluthal
Created By: Gerry Anderson
Sylvia Anderson
Broadcast Network: ATV
Production Company: AP Films
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
IMDb: Fireball XL5