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He takes you places you don't want to visit alone.

Season One: 3 episodes
1Nov 23/83Shattered Vows
2Nov 30/83When Morning Comes
3Dec 14/83Split Decision

Season Two: 10 episodes
4001Nov 13/84Lovesounds
5002Nov 27/84Remembering Melody
6003Dec 04/84Face to Face
7004Jan 15/85And if We Dream
8005Jan 29/85Petty Thieves
9006Feb 16/85Video Date
10007Mar 02/85A Time For Rifles
11009Mar 12/85Man at the Window
12008Mar 26/85Hired Help
13010Apr 09/85Murderous Feelings

Season Three: 13 episodes
14101Oct 15/85Nightshift
15104Oct 29/85Out of the Night
16103Nov 12/85Killer
17102Nov 26/85W.G.O.D.
18106Dec 10/85Man's Best Friend
19107Jan 07/86Ghostwriter
20108Jan 28/86O.D. Feelin'
21105Feb 11/86Dead Man's Curve
22110Feb 25/86The Curse
23113Mar 11/86True Believer
24109Mar 25/86Last Scene
25112Apr 08/86Man of Her Dreams
26111Apr 22/86One Last Prayer

Season Four: 13 episodes
27201Feb 17/87Perfect Order
28202Feb 24/87Minuteman
29203Mar 03/87Dead Heat
30204Mar 10/87Why Are You Here?
31205Mar 17/87Homebodies
32206Mar 24/87Doctor's Orders
33212Mar 31/87The Legendary Billy B.
34208Apr 07/87In the Name of Love
35209Apr 14/87Made For Each Other
36210Apr 21/87Joker
37211Apr 28/87Best Shot
38207May 05/87Secret Ingredient
39213May 12/87Cabin Fever

Season Five: 26 episodes
40040Apr 22/89The Martyr
41041Apr 29/89In Living Color
42042Jul 01/89Dark Wishes
43043Jul 07/89Garter Belt
44044Jul 08/89Shadow Puppets
45045Jul 14/89Renaissance
46046Jul 15/89The Miracle of Alice Ames
47047Jul 21/89Code Liz
48048Jul 22/89Her Finest Hour
49049Jul 28/89Together Forever
50050Aug 04/89Phantom Zone
51051Aug 05/89Spinning Wheel
52052Aug 11/89Square Deal
53053Aug 12/89Part of Me
54054Aug 18/89Fashion Exchange
55055Sep 16/89Hootch
56057Sep 30/89Coach
57056Nov 04/89The Verdict
58058Nov 10/89Hit and Run
59059Nov 11/89Studio 3X
60Nov 17/89Striptease
61Nov 18/89The Cruelest Cut
62Nov 24/89The Dying Generation
63063Nov 25/89My Enemy
64Dec 09/89Power Play
65065Dec 16/89Pawns

Season Six: 20 episodes
66066Sep 21/90Fading Away
67068Sep 28/90Tough Guys Don't Whine
68067Oct 05/90Riding the Nightmare
69069Oct 12/90Strate Shooter
70070Oct 19/90Hard Rhyme
71072Oct 26/90Toxic Shock
72071Nov 02/90New Dawn
73074Nov 09/90A Function of Control
74073Nov 16/90Trust Me
75Nov 23/90Windows
76Nov 30/90Working Girl
77Dec 07/90White Slaves
78078Dec 14/90Tourist Trap
79079Jan 11/91Homecoming
80080Jan 18/91Living a Lie
81Jan 25/91Made in Paris
82082Feb 01/91A Whole New You
83083Feb 08/91Offspring
84084Feb 15/91Secrets
85085Feb 22/91New Blood
The Hitchhiker
Genre: horror, drama
Show Type: live action, anthology, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 6
Number of Episodes: 85
Broadcast Run: 1983 - 1991
Hosted By: Nicholas Campbell (season 1)
Page Fletcher (season 2-6)
Created By: Riff Markowitz
Lewis Chesler
Richard Rothstein
Broadcast Network: HBO (season 1-4)
USA Network (season 5-6)
Production Company: Corazon Productions (season 1)
Quintina Productions (season 2-6)
DIC Entertainment (season 4-5)
Atlantique Productions (season 5-6)
Country of Origin: Canada
United States
IMDb: The Hitchhiker