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When boy genius Tony Stark loses his father in a plane crash that also damages his heart and forces him to rely on his own hi-tech imventions to survive, he builds a flight suit and begins to investigate the so-called accident. With the help of his close friends Rhodey and Pepper, his Iron Man persona begins to emerge as a new force against evil.

Season One: 26 episodes
1/2101/102Nov 22/08(CA)Iron, Forged in Fire (one hour)
3103Apr 19/09(CA)Secrets and Lies
4104Apr 26/09(CA)Cold War
5106May 03/09(CA)Whiplash
6105May 10/09(CA)Iron Man vs The Crimson Dynamo
7107May 17/09(CA)Meltdown
8108May 17/09(CA)Field Trip
9109May 22/09(AU)Ancient History 101
10110May 25/09(AU)Ready, A.I.M., Fire!
11112May 26/09(AU)Masquerade
12111May 27/09(AU)Seeing Red
13113May 28/09(AU)Hide and Seek
14114May 29/09(AU)Man and Iron Man
15115Aug 28/09(US)Panther's Prey
16116Sep 04/09(US)Fun With Lasers
17117Sep 18/09(US)Chasing Ghosts
18118Sep 25/09(US)Pepper, Interrupted
19119Oct 09/09(US)Technovore
20120Oct 16/09(US)World on Fire
21121Oct 23/09(US)Designed Only For Chaos
22122Nov 13/09(US)Don't Worry, Be Happy
23123Jan 18/10(US)Uncontrollable
24124Nov 20/09(US)Best Served Cold
25125Nov 28/09(US)Tales of Suspense, Part One
26126Nov 28/09(US)Tales of Suspense, Part Two

Season Two: 26 episodes
27Jul 13/11(US)The Invincible Iron Man, Part 1: Disassembled
28Jul 20/11(US)The Invincible Iron Man, Part 2: Reborn
29Jul 27/11(US)Look Into the Light
30Aug 03/11(US)Ghost in the Machine
31Aug 10/11(US)Armor Wars
32Aug 17/11(US)Line of Fire
33Aug 24/11(US)Titanium vs Iron
34Oct 17/11(US)The Might of Doom
35Oct 24/11(US)The Hawk and the Spider
36Oct 31/11(US)Enter: Iron Monger
37Nov 07/11(US)Fugitive of S.H.I.E.L.D.
38Nov 26/11(US)All the Best People Are Mad
39Nov 26/11(US)Heavy Mettle
40Feb 29/12(US)Mandarin's Quest
41Mar 07/12(US)Hostile Takeover
42Mar 14/12(US)Extremis
43Mar 21/12(US)The X-Factor
44Mar 28/12(US)Control-Alt-Delete
45Jun 06/12(US)Iron Man 2099
46Jun 13/12(US)Doomsday
47Jun 20/12(US)The Hammer Falls
48Jun 27/12(US)Rage of the Hulk
49Jul 02/12(AU)Iron Monger Lives
50Jul 02/12(AU)The Dragonseed
51Jul 03/12(AU)The Makluan Invasion, Part 1
52Jul 03/12(AU)The Makluan Invasion, Part 2
Iron Man: Armored Adventures
Genre: science fiction, action
Show Type: cgi animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 52
Broadcast Run: 2008 - 2012
Starring: Adrian Petriw
Daniel Bacon
Anna Cummer
Mackenzie Gray
Vincent Tong
Iron Man Created By: Stan Lee
Larry Lieber
Don Heck
Jack Kirby
Showrunner: Christopher Yost
Broadcast Network: Teletoon (Canada)
Nicktoons (USA)
Production Company: Method Animation
DQ Entertainment
Isle of Man Film
Country of Origin: France
See Also: Iron Man (1994)
IMDb: Iron Man: Armored Adventures