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The Munsters Today
Season One - 24 episodes
unairedStill the Munsters After All These Years (pilot)
1101Feb 25/89Green-Eyed Munsters
2102Jun 03/89Eau de Munster
3103Nov 06/88Designing Munsters
4104Dec 02/88Rock Fever
5105Apr 29/89Lights, Camera, Munsters
6106Nov 11/88Farewell, Grandpa
7107Jan 28/89A Hero Ain't Nothing But a Cereal
8108Mar 11/89Two Left Feet
9109May 27/89The Howling
10110May 20/89Don't Cry Wolfman
11111Oct 09/88Vampire Pie
12112Nov 18/88Corporate Munsters
13113Oct 30/88Magna Cum Munster
14114Oct 23/88Flyweight Champion of the World
15115Oct 16/88A Little Russian Dressing
16116Nov 25/88Herman, the Astronaut
17117Dec 16/88Say Ahhh
18118May 06/89Neighborly Munsters
19119Feb 04/89Computer Mating
20120Dec 09/88Professor Grandpa
21121May 13/89Munster Hoopsters
22122Feb 11/89McMunsters
23123Mar 04/89The Not So Great Escape
24124Feb 18/89One Flu Over the Munster Nest

Season Two - 24 episodes
25201Oct 07/89Threehundredsomething
26202May 18/90Will the Real Herman Munster Please Stand Up?
27203Nov 25/89It's a Sad, Sad World
28204Nov 11/89It's a Wonderful Afterlife
29205Oct 14/89There's No Place Like Home
30206May 04/90Thicker Than Water
31207Jun 01/90Take This Job and Shovel It
32208Oct 21/89Raging Hormones
33209Oct 28/89Murder in Munsterland
34210Apr 27/90Tell 'em Herman Sent You
35211Jun 08/90That's Gratitude
36212Dec 08/89Once in a Blue Moon
37213Dec 01/89Melting Pot
38214Nov 04/89Trial
39215May 11/90Misadventures in Time
40216Nov 18/89The Eyes Have It
41217Dec 15/89Drac the Ripper
42218Feb 02/90Reunion
43219Feb 23/90Never Say Die
44220Jan 26/90Gateman and Son
45221Mar 02/90It's a Baby
46222Feb 09/90Pants on Fire
47223May 25/90Deadlock
48224Feb 16/90Munstergeist

Season Three - 24 episodes
49301Oct 09/90The Silver Bullet
50302Oct 12/90The Reel Munsters
51303Oct 19/90Wish You Were Here
52304Jan 25/91A Matter of Trust
53305May 03/90Breaking the Chain
54306Mar 08/91Parenthood vs Childhood
55307Oct 26/90Three Munsters and a Baby
56308Apr 26/91A Camping We Will Go
57309May 24/91Family Night
58310Nov 09/90Makin' Waves
59311Nov 30/90Mind Reader
60312May 17/91The Bet
61313Nov 02/90It's My Party and I'll Die if I Want to
62314May 10/91Diary of a Mad Munsterwife
63315Nov 16/90Just Another Pretty Face
64316Feb 01/91Large
65317Dec 07/90No More Mr. Nice Guy
66318Feb 15/91Lotsa Luck
67319Nov 23/90Kiss, Kiss
68320Feb 08/91Genie From Hell
69321Mar 01/91The Beating of Your Heart
70322Jan 18/91A House Divided
71323Feb 22/91If I Only Knew Now
72324Mar 15/91Das Trunk

When one of Grandpa's experiments goes wrong, the Munsters are put in suspended animation and wake up 22 years later.

The Munsters Today
Genre: comedy, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 72
Broadcast Run: 1988 - 1991
Starring: John Schuck
Lee Meriwether
Howard Morton
Hilary Van Dyke
Jason Marsden
Based on Characters
Developed By:
Norm Liebmann
Ed Haas
From a Format By: Al Burns
Chris Hayward
Broadcast Network: syndication
Production Company: The Arthur Company
Country of Origin: United States
See Also: The Munsters (1964)
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