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Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles
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These are stories of the Mobile Infantry squad known as "Razak's Roughnecks" during the war between Earth and a ruthless alien invasion force known as the "Bugs".

Season One: 40 episodes
1101Pluto: Day 1Aug 30/99Freefall
2102Pluto: Day 4Aug 31/99Plasma Bugs of Navarone
3103Pluto: Day 9Sep 01/99Handle With Care
4104Pluto: Day 10Sep 03/99Basic Training
5105Pluto: Day 13Sep 22/99Deep Trouble
6106Hydora: Day 1Oct 12/99Water, Water Everywhere
7107Hydora: Day 28Sep 30/99Swarm
8108Hydora: Day 29Oct 21/99Search & Destroy
9109Hydora: Day 40Nov 04/99Missing in Action
10110Hydora: Day 112Nov 12/99Sole Survivor
11111Tophet: Day 1Feb 16/00Betrayal
12112Tophet: Day 19Sep 02/99Stranded
13113Tophet: Day 27Sep 08/99Of Flesh and Steel
14114Tophet: Day 83Jan 28/00Captured
15115Tophet: Day 89Feb 14/00The Face of Truth
16116Tesca Nemerosa: Day 6Nov 19/99No Substitute
17117Tesca Nemerosa: Day 23Dec 09/99...And Then There Were Two
18118Tesca Nemerosa: Day 45Dec 03/99Marauder
19119Tesca Nemerosa: Day 48Dec 17/99Liquid Dreams
20120Tesca Nemerosa: Day 61Jan 03/00Heart
21121Ice Asteroid: Day 1Feb 08/00Ice-Olation
22122Ice Asteroid: Day 2Feb 15/00Mixed Signals
23123Ice Asteroid: Day 3Nov 25/99Hot Ice
24124Ice Asteroid: Day 4Jan 17/00The Inside Story
25125Ice Asteroid: Day 5Mar 09/00The Ice Men Goeth
26126Deep Space: Day 386 of the WarFeb 18/00Metamorphosis
27127Klendathu: Day 2Feb 17/00D-Day
28128Klendathu: Day 34Feb 25/00The Mission
29129Klendathu: Day 134Feb 21/00Letters Home
30130Klendathu: Day 181Mar 06/00Checkmate
31131EarthMar 28/00Trackers
32132EarthMar 03/00Among Us
33134EarthMar 17/00Hide 'n' Seek
34135Earth: Day 210Mar 13/00Requiem
35136Earth: Day 211Mar 14/00Funeral For a Friend
36137Earth: Day 213Mar 15/00Spirits of the Departed (season finale)
138EarthscrappedThe Gates of Hell
139EarthscrappedCircle of the Damned
140EarthscrappedFinal Inferno
37141Pluto / TophetSep 21/99Pluto and Beyond (clip show)
38142HydoraJan 14/00Propaganda Machine (clip show)
39143KlendathuFeb 22/00Marooned (clip show)
40144VariousApr 05/00The Court-Martial of Lieutenant Razak (clip show)
Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles
Genre: action, drama, science fiction
Show Type: cgi animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 40
Broadcast Run: 1999 - 2000
Starring: E.G. Daily
David DeLuise
Bill Fagerbakke
Nicholas Guest
Jamie Hanes
Tish Hicks
James Horan
Alexander Polinsky
Rino Romano
Rider Strong
Thomas Wagner
Jason Marsden
Based on the Novel "Starship Troopers" By: Robert Heinlein
Broadcast Network: syndication
Production Company: Adelaide Productions
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles