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Tales From the Crypt
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Hello, boils and ghouls. Come into my cozy crypt and listen to another terrifying tale of murder, most macabre. It will thrill you to death!!

Season One: 6 episodes
Mar 09/72Tales From the Crypt (97 mins)
Mar 16/73The Vault of Horror aka Further Tales From the Crypt (86 mins)
1Jun 10/89The Man Who Was Death
2Jun 10/89And All Through the House...
3Jun 10/89Dig That Cat, He's Real Gone
4004Jun 14/89Only Sin Deep
5005Jun 21/89Lover Come Hack To Me
6006Jun 28/89Collection Completed

Season Two: 18 episodes
7012Apr 21/90Dead Right
8013Apr 21/90The Switch
9007Apr 21/90Cutting Cards
10009Apr 24/90'Til Death
11010May 01/90Three's a Crowd
12008May 08/90The Thing From the Grave
13011May 15/90The Sacrifice
14014May 22/90For Cryin' Out Loud
15015May 29/90Four Sided Triangle
16016Jun 05/90The Ventriloquist's Dummy
17017Jun 12/90Judy, You're Not Yourself Today
18018Jun 19/90Fitting Punishment
19019Jun 26/90Korman's Kalamity
20020Jul 03/90Lower Berth
21021Jul 10/90Mute Witness to Murder
22022Jul 17/90Television Terror
23023Jul 24/90My Brother's Keeper
24024Jul 31/90The Secret

Season Three: 14 episodes
25025Jun 15/91The Trap
26029Jun 15/91Loved to Death
27031Jun 15/91Carrion Death
28026Jun 19/91Abra Cadaver
29028Jun 26/91Top Billing
30034Jul 03/91Dead Wait
31032Jul 10/91The Reluctant Vampire
32033Jul 17/91Easel Kill Ya
33030Jul 24/91Undertaking Parlor
34027Jul 31/91Mournin' Mess
35035Aug 07/91Split Second
36037Aug 14/91Deadline
37036Aug 21/91Spoiled
38038Aug 28/91Yellow

Season Four: 14 episodes
39041Jun 27/92None But the Lonely Heart
40044Jun 27/92This'll Kill Ya
41048Jun 27/92On a Deadman's Chest
42046Jul 04/92Seance
43042Jul 11/92Beauty Rest
44045Jul 22/92What's Cookin'
45043Jul 25/92The New Arrival
46Aug 01/92Showdown
47Aug 08/92King of the Road
48049Aug 19/92Maniac at Large
49052Aug 26/92Split Personality
50047Sep 02/92Strung Along
51050Sep 09/92Werewolf Concerto
52051Sep 16/92Curiosity Kills

Season Five: 13 episodes
53053Oct 02/93Death of Some Salesmen
54055Oct 02/93As Ye Sow
55054Oct 02/93Forever Ambergris
56063Oct 06/93Food For Thought
57056Oct 13/93People Who Live in Brass Hearses
58059Oct 20/93Two For the Show
59058Oct 27/93House of Horror
60057Nov 03/93Well Cooked Hams
61060Nov 10/93Creep Course
62062Nov 17/93Came the Dawn
63065Nov 24/93Oil's Well That Ends Well
64064Dec 01/93Halfway Horrible
65061Dec 08/93Till Death Do We Part

Season Six: 15 episodes
66067Oct 31/94Let the Punishment Fit the Crime
67068Oct 31/94Only Skin Deep
68069Oct 31/94Whirlpool
69070Nov 09/94Operation Friendship
70071Nov 16/94Revenge Is the Nuts
71072Nov 23/94The Bribe
72073Nov 30/94The Pit
73074Dec 07/94The Assassin
74075Dec 14/94Staired in Horror
75077Dec 21/94In the Groove
76078Dec 28/94Surprise Party
77076Jan 04/95Doctor of Horror
78079Jan 11/95Came the Dawn
Jan 13/95Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight (92 mins)
79066Jan 18/9599 & 44/100% Pure Horror
80080Jan 25/95You, Murderer

Season Seven: 13 episodes
81087Apr 19/96Fatal Caper
82082Apr 26/96Last Respects
83085May 03/96A Slight Case of Murder
84081May 17/96Escape
85083May 24/96Horror in the Night
86086May 31/96Cold War
87084Jun 07/96Kidnapper
88089Jun 14/96Report From the Grave
89092Jun 21/96Smoke Wrings
90091Jun 28/96About Face
91088Jul 05/96Confession
92090Jul 12/96Ear Today, Gone Tomorrow
93093Jul 19/96The Third Pig
Aug 16/96Tales From the Crypt: Bordello of Blood (87 mins)
Sep 18/02Tales From the Crypt: Ritual (99 mins)
Tales From the Crypt
Genre: horror
Show Type: live action, anthology, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 7
Number of Episodes: 93
Broadcast Run: 1989 - 1996
Hosted By: Jon Kassir
Based On: EC Comics
Broadcast Network: HBO
Production Company: Home Box Office
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Tales From the Crypt