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Tripping the Rift
Season One - 13 episodes
Dec 16/00 (Internet)Love and Darph... (6 mins)
1Mar 04/04God is Our Pilot
2Mar 11/04Mutilation Ball
3Mar 18/04Miss Galaxy 5000
4Mar 25/04Sidewalk Soiler
5Apr 01/04The Devil and a Guy Named Webster
6Apr 08/04Totally Recalled
7Apr 15/042001 Space Idiocies
8Apr 22/04Power to the Peephole
9May 06/04Nature vs Nurture
10May 13/04Aliens, Guns and a Monkey
11May 20/04Emasculating Chode
12May 27/04Love Conquers All... Almost
13May 27/04Android Love

Season Two - 13 episodes
14Jul 27/05Cool Whip
15Jul 27/05You Want to Put That Where?
16Aug 03/05Honey, I Shrunk the Crew
17Aug 10/05Ghost Ship
18Aug 17/05Benito's Revenge
19Aug 24/05All For None
20Aug 31/05Extreme Chode
21Sep 14/05Roswell
22Sep 21/05Santa Clown
23Sep 28/05Chode and Bobo's High School Reunion
24Oct 05/05Creaturepalooza
25Oct 12/05Chode's Near Death Experience
26Oct 19/05Six, Lies and Videotape

Season Three - 13 episodes
27Sep 06/07(CA)Chode Eraser
28Sep 13/07(CA)Skankenstein
29Sep 20/07(CA)To EBay or Not to EBay
30Oct 11/07(CA)23 ½
31Oct 18/07(CA)Chuckles Bites the Dust
32Oct 25/07(CA)The Need For Greed
33Nov 01/07(CA)Hollow Chode
34Nov 08/07(CA)Raiders of the Lost Crock of $%?&*!
35Dec 13/07(CA)Witness Protection
36Dec 20/07(CA)The Son Also Rises
37Dec 27/07(CA)Extreme Take-Over
38Feb 24/08(CA)Battle of the Bulge
39Tragically Whip

Lust in Space

Tripping the Rift
Genre: science fiction, comedy
Show Type: cgi animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 3
Number of Episodes: 39
Broadcast Run: 2004 - 2008
Starring: Stephen Root
Gina Gershon
Carmen Electra
Jenny McCarthy
Maurice LaMarche
Gayle Garfinkle
Rick Jones
John Melendez
Created By: Christopher Crowe
Zachary Crowe
Broadcast Network: SciFi
Production Company: CinéGroupe
Country of Origin: Canada
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