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Jake, Hayley and Felix are three ordinary kids who belong to a secret global society known as "The Troop". Their mission: to keep the world's monster population in check.

Season One: 26 episodes
1101Sep 18/09(US)Welcome to the Jungle
2102Sep 18/09(US)There is No "I" in Monster Hunter
3103Sep 12/09(US)Do the Worm (aka Monster's Ball)
4104Sep 18/09(US)Forest Grump
5105Oct 23/09(US)The Great Punkin
6106Sep 25/09(US)Pajama Game of Death
7107Oct 02/09(US)The Taming of the Cube
8108Oct 16/09(US)No More Master Nice Guy
9109Nov 13/09(US)Tentacle Face
10110Dec 12/09(US)The Good, the Bad and the Icki Doll
11111Nov 20/09(US)Lost in Translation
12112Jan 16/10(US)Unpleasantville
13113Jan 30/10(US)My Gus is Back and You're Gonna Be in Trouble
14114Jan 09/10(US)The Substitute
15115Feb 20/10(US)I, Monster
16116Mar 13/10(US)Like a Moth to the Spotlight
17117Feb 06/10(US)Speed
18118Apr 16/10(US)Snarked Up
19119May 22/10(US)Wrath of the Wraith (aka Rise of the Phantom)
20120Apr 23/10(US)Itty Bitty Baby Dragon
21121Jul 24/10(US)Hayley and Felix on the Side (aka The Evil Within)
22122Jul 31/10(US)Double Felix (aka Robo Rampage)
23123Aug 07/10(US)Do Not Talk to Dr. Cranius (aka Who is Dr. Cranius?)
24124Aug 14/10(US)Batteries Not Included (aka Attack of the Shadow Beast)
25125Mar 20/10(US)Vampsters
26126Aug 21/10(US)Next Stop: Lakewood (aka Countdown to Chaos)

Season Two: 14 episodes
27201Jun 25/11The Triangle
28205Jul 02/11The Monster Within
29206Jul 09/11It's All in the Game
30207Jul 16/11Mirrors
31208Jul 23/11Oh Brother
32209Jul 30/11Through the Looking Glass
33211Aug 06/11Start Me Up
34212Aug 13/11This Bird You Cannot Change
35204unairedA Sniff Too Far
36210unairedEris Returns
37213unairedRoad Trip (aka The Kiss)
38202unairedThe Prisoner of Lakewood
39214unairedIce Hassles
40203unairedDoom Hound
The Troop
Genre: adventure, comedy, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 40
Broadcast Run: 2009 - 2011
Starring: Nicholas Purcell
David Del Rio
Gage Golightly
John Marshall Jones
Matt Shively (season 2)
Malese Jow (season 2)
Created By: Max Burnett
Greg Coolidge
Chris Morgan
Broadcast Network: Nickelodeon
Production Company: Tom Lynch Company
Location FilmingVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: The Troop