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Two horny teenage nerds try to create a computer simulation of the perfect woman, when lightning strikes and brings the simulation to life as a drop-dead gorgeous babe with the power to grant wishes.

Season One: 13 episodes
Aug 02/85Weird Science (94 mins)
176101Mar 05/94She's Alive
276106Mar 12/94Universal Remote
376102Mar 19/94Cyrano De Brainiac
476105Mar 26/94Magnifico Dad
576110Apr 09/94The Feminine Mistake
676107Apr 16/94Airball Kings
776108Apr 23/94Party High, USA
876109Apr 30/94One Size Fit's All
976111May 07/94Keeps on Ticking
1076140May 14/94Mr. President
1176113May 21/94Fatal Lisa
1276112May 28/94Killer Party
1376114Jun 04/94Sex Ed

Season Two: 13 episodes
1476125Aug 06/94Lisa's Virus
1576127Aug 13/94The Bazooka Boys
1676132Aug 20/94The Most Dangerous Wish
1776131Aug 27/94Wyatt Erectus
1876128Sep 10/94A Tale of Two Lisas
1976129Sep 17/94Nightmare on Chett Street
2076130Sep 24/94Magic For Beginners
2176133Oct 01/94Copper Top Girl
2276134Oct 08/64Switched at Birth
2376135Oct 15/64Camp Wannabe
2476137Oct 22/64Circuit Courtship
2576138Oct 29/64Chett Reborn
2676136Nov 05/64Unplugged

Season Three: 18 episodes
2776206Apr 08/95Earth Boys Are Easy
2876205Apr 15/95Horseradish
2976203Apr 22/95Grampira
3076202Apr 29/95Rock Hard Chett
3176207May 06/95Lucky Suit
3276204May 13/95Gary Wallace: Boy Reporter
3376208May 27/95Hot Wheels
3476210Jun 03/95Bikini Camp Slasher
3576213Jun 10/95What Genie?
3676211Jun 17/95Sci-Fi Zoned
3776214Jun 24/95The Wyatt Brief
3876209Jul 01/95Free Gary
3976219Jul 15/95Quantum Wyatt
4076212Jul 22/95Fly Boy
4176222Jul 29/95Teen Lisa
4276218Aug 05/95Dead Can Dance
4376227Aug 12/95The Legend of Red Brick Wallace
4476221Sep 09/95Spies "R" Us

Season Four: 26 episodes
4576228Jan 06/96Searching For Boris Karloff
4676225Jan 13/96Men in Tights
4776224Jan 20/96Puppet Love
4876226Jan 27/96Chett-a-Nator
49K0912Feb 03/96Phantom Scampi
50K0911Feb 10/96Grumpy Old Genie
51K0909Feb 24/96Funhouse of Death
52K0913Mar 02/96It Takes a Geek
53K0906Mar 09/96Slow Times at Farber High
54K0902Mar 16/96Chett World
55K0907Mar 23/96By the Time We Got to Woodstock...
56K0908Mar 30/96You'll Never Eat Brains in This Town Again
57K0904Apr 06/96Demon Lisa
58K0905Apr 13/96Cyborg Sam I Am
59K0918Apr 27/96It's a Wonderful Life (Without You)
60K0915May 04/96Lisa's Childhood Memories
61K0916May 18/96Lisarella
62K0910May 25/96Family Affair
63K0922Jun 01/96Gary and Wyatt's Bloodsucking Adventure
64K0919Jun 15/96It's a Mob, Mob, Mob, Mob World
65K0901Jun 22/96Strange Daze
66K0923Jun 29/96Community Property
67K0917Jul 06/96Master Chett
68K0914Jul 13/96Pirates!
69K0903Aug 03/96Swallow 13
70K0925Aug 10/96Strangers in Paradise

Season Five: 18 episodes
71K1906Jan 05/97I Dream of Gene
72K1909Jan 12/97Girl Talk
73K1904Jan 19/97Boys on the Hide
74K1908Jan 26/97Gary Had a Little Cram
75K1907Feb 02/97Forbidden Janet
76K1902Feb 09/97Man's Best Friend
77K1905Feb 16/97Show Chett
78K1912Feb 23/97Bee in There
79K1914Mar 07/97Future Brides
80K1910Mar 14/97Stalag 16
81K1903Mar 21/97I, Chettus
82K1913Apr 11/97The Genie Detective
83K1915Jul 11/98Magic Comet Ride
84K1916Jul 11/98School Spirits
85K1917Jul 18/98Wicked Wish
86K1918Jul 18/98Night of the Swingin' Steves
87K1919Jul 25/98Genie Junior
88K1920Jul 25/98WS4
Weird Science
Genre: comedy, science fiction, fantasy
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 88
Broadcast Run: 1994 - 1998
Starring: Michael Manasseri
John Mallory Asher
Lee Tergesen
Vanessa Angel
Developed By: Alan Cross
Tom Spezialy
Based on the Movie Created By: John Hughes
Broadcast Network: USA Network
Production Company: St. Clare Entertainment
Country of Origin: United States
IMDb: Weird Science