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Nuclear war has devastated the Earth but mankind has survived on 12 space stations orbiting the planet. After three generations, overcrowding is forcing the leaders to take ruthless measures to control the population. In desperation, they send 100 young prisoners to the surface to test the planet's habitability.

Season One: 13 episodes
1296843Mar 19/14Pilot
22J7052Mar 26/14Earth Skills
32J7053Apr 02/14Earth Kills
42J7054Apr 09/14Murphy's Law
52J7055Apr 16/14Twilight's Last Gleaming
62J7056Apr 23/14His Sister's Keeper
72J7057Apr 30/14Contents Under Pressure
82J7058May 07/14Day Trip
92J7059May 14/14Unity Day
102J7060May 21/14I Am Become Death
112J7061May 28/14The Calm
122J7062Jun 04/14We Are Grounders, Part 1
132J7063Jun 11/14We Are Grounders, Part 2

Season Two: 16 episodes
143J5251/T27.12251Oct 22/14The 48
153J5252/T27.12252Oct 29/14Inclement Weather
163J5253/T27.12253Nov 05/14Reapercussions
173J5254/T27.12254Nov 12/14Many Happy Returns
183J5255/T27.12255Nov 19/14Human Trials
193J5256/T27.12256Dec 03/14Fog of War
203J5257/T27.12257Dec 10/14Long Into an Abyss
213J5258/T27.12258Dec 17/14Spacewalker
223J5259/T27.12259Jan 21/15Remember Me
233J5260/T27.12260Jan 28/15Survival of the Fittest
243J5261/T27.12261Feb 04/15Coup de Grace
253J5262/T27.12262Feb 11/15Rubicon
263J5263/T27.12263Feb 18/15Resurrection
273J5264/T27.12264Feb 25/15Bodyguard of Lies
283J5265/T27.12265Mar 04/15Blood Must Have Blood, Part 1
293J5266/T27.12266Mar 11/15Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2

Season Three: 16 episodes
303J5751/T27.12751Jan 21/16Wanheda, Part 1
313J5752/T27.12752Jan 28/16Wanheda, Part 2
323J5753/T27.12753Feb 04/16Ye Who Enter Here
333J5754/T27.12754Feb 11/16Watch the Thrones
343J5755/T27.12755Feb 18/16Hakeldama
353J5756/T27.12756Feb 25/16Bitter Harvest
363J5757/T27.12757Mar 03/16Thirteen
373J5758/T27.12758Mar 10/16Terms and Conditions
383J5759/T27.12759Mar 31/16Stealing Fire
393J5760/T27.12760Apr 07/16Fallen
403J5761/T27.12761Apr 14/16Nevermore
413J5762/T27.12762Apr 21/16Demons
423J5763/T27.12763Apr 28/16Join or Die
433J5764/T27.12764May 05/16Red Sky at Morning
443J5765/T27.12765May 12/16Perverse Instantiation, Part 1
453J5766/T27.12766May 19/16Perverse Instantiation, Part 2

Season Four: 13 episodes
46T27.13251Feb 01/17Echoes
47T27.13252Feb 08/17Heavy Lies the Crown
48T27.13253Feb 15/17The Four Horsemen
49T27.13254Feb 22/17A Lie Guarded
50T27.13255Mar 01/17The Tinder Box
51T27.13256Mar 15/17We Will Rise
52T27.13257Mar 22/17Gimme Shelter
53T27.13258Mar 29/17God Complex
54T27.13260Apr 26/17DNR
55T27.13259May 03/17Die All, Die Merrily
56T27.13261May 10/17The Other Side
57T27.13262May 17/17The Chosen
58T27.13263May 24/17Praimfaya

Season Five: 13 episodes
59T27.13551Apr 24/18Eden
60T27.13552May 01/18Red Queen
61T27.13553May 08/18Sleeping Giants
62T27.13554May 15/18Pandora's Box
63T27.13555May 22/18Shifting Sands
64T27.13556Jun 05/18Exit Wounds
65T27.13557Jun 19/18Acceptable Losses
66T27.13558Jun 26/18How We Get to Peace
67T27.13559Jul 10/18Sic Semper Tyrannis
68T27.13560Jul 17/18The Warriors Will
69T27.13561Jul 24/18The Dark Year
70T27.13562Jul 31/18Damocles, Part 1
71T27.13563Aug 07/18Damocles, Part 2

Season Six: 13 episodes
72T27.13801Apr 30/19Sanctum
73T27.13802May 07/19Red Sun Rising
74T27.13803May 14/19The Children of Gabriel
75T27.13804May 21/19The Face Behind the Glass
76T27.13805May 28/19The Gospel of Josephine
77T27.13806Jun 11/19Memento Mori
78T27.13807Jun 18/19Nevermind
79T27.13808Jun 25/19The Old Man and the Anomaly
80T27.13809Jul 09/19What You Take With You
81T27.13810Jul 16/19Matryoshka
82T27.13811Jul 23/19Ashes to Ashes
83T27.13812Jul 30/19Adjustment Protocol
84T27.13813Aug 06/19The Blood of Sanctum

Season Seven: 16 episodes
85T27.14051May 20/20From the Ashes
86T27.14053May 27/20The Garden
87T27.14052Jun 03/20False Gods
88T27.14054Jun 10/20Hesperides
89T27.14055Jun 17/20Welcome to Bardo
90T27.14056Jun 24/20Nakara
91T27.14057Jul 01/20The Queen's Gambit
92T27.14063Jul 08/20Anaconda
93T27.14058Jul 15/20The Flock
94T27.14059Aug 05/20A Little Sacrifice
95T27.14060Aug 12/20Etherea
96T27.14062Aug 19/20The Stranger
97T27.14061Sep 09/20Blood Giant
98T27.14065Sep 16/20A Sort of Homecoming
99T27.14064Sep 23/20The Dying of the Light (part 1)
100T27.14066Sep 30/20The Last War (part 2)
The 100
Genre: science fiction, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: one hour
Current Status: ended (resolved)
Number of Seasons: 7
Number of Episodes: 100
Broadcast Run: 2014 - 2020
Starring: Eliza Taylor
Marie Avgeropoulos
Bob Morley
Shelby Flannery (season 7)
JR Bourne (season 7)
Chuku Modu (season 7)
Shannon Kook (season 6-7)
Tasya Teles (season 5-7)
Richard Harmon (season 3-7)
Lindsey Morgan (season 2-7)
Paige Turco (season 1-6)
Henry Ian Cusick (season 1-6)
Zach McGowan (season 4)
Ricky Whittle (season 2-3)
Christopher Larkin (season 1-5)
Isaiah Washington (season 1-5)
Devon Bostick (season 1-4)
Thomas McDonell (season 1-2)
Eli Goree (season 1)
Developed By: Jason Rothenberg
Based on the Book By: Kass Morgan
Showrunner: Jason Rothenberg
Broadcast Network: The CW
Production Company: Alloy Entertainment
Bonanza Productions
Warner Bros. Television
CBS Television Studios
Country of Origin: United States
Official Website: The 100
IMDb: The 100