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Season One
George Peppard ... Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith
Dirk Benedict ... Lieutenant Templeton "Faceman" Peck
Melinda Culea ... Amy Amanda "Triple A" Allen
Dwight Schultz ... Captain H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock
Mr. T ... Sergeant Bosco B.A. "Bad Attitude" Baracus
John Ashley ... Opening Narration
  • Ep: 1/2
  • Mexican Slayride
  • Starring: George Peppard (Hannibal Smith), Melinda Culea (Amy Allen), Tim Dunigan (Templeton Peck), Dwight Schultz (Howling Mad Murdock), Mr. T (B.A. Baracas)
  • Guest Stars: William Lucking (Colonel Lynch), Philip Sterling (Grant Eldridge), Sergio Calderon (Valdez), Ron Palillo (Zack), Melody Anderson (Avon Salesgirl)
  • And: William Windom (Al Massey)
  • Co-Starring: Enrique Lucero (Colonel Flores), Felix Gonzales (Mexican Town Leader), William Marquez (Miguel), Jorge Zepeda (Cortez), Peter Brocco (Priest), Marianne Muellerleile (Nurse), J. Patrick McNamara (Jerry)
  • Featuring: James Beach (Aide), Keland Love (Floyd), Brandon Williams (Kid), Arnold Turner (Assistant Director), Humberto Elizondo (Carlos), Miguel Angel Fuentes (Quintana)
  • Written By: Frank Lupo & Stephen J. Cannell
  • Directed By: Rod Holcomb
  • Ep: 3
  • Children of Jamestown
  • Guest Stars: Gerrit Graham (Brother Stephen), Ron Hayes (Tim Coulton)
  • Special Guest Star: John Saxon (Martin James)
  • Co-Starring: John Carter (Mr. Rogers), Sherilyn Wolter (Carolyn Coulton), Carol Jones (Sheila Rogers), Fred Lerner (Brother John), Dean Wein (James' Second-in-Command)
  • Featuring: Bill Watson (Man in Hardhat), Victoria Lucas (Girl)
  • Written By: Stephen J. Cannell
  • Directed By: Christian I. Nyby, Jr.
  • Ep: 4
  • Pros and Cons
  • Guest Stars: Clifton James (Warden Beal), William Smith (Jose Tataro), Paul Koslo (Sneed), Red West (Lieutenant Trask), Hugh Gillin (Sheriff)
  • And: Ken Norton (Jackhammer Jackson)
  • Special Guest Star: Meeno Peluce (Joey Tataro)
  • Co-Starring: Elsa Raven (Prison Psychiatrist), Michael Greene (Deke), Phil Proctor (Andre)
  • Featuring: David Penhale (Maitre D'), Randy Patrick (Deputy), Duane Tucker (Guard #1), Nick Shields (Guard #2), Eddy C. Dyer (Guard #3)
  • Written By: Stephen J. Cannell
  • Directed By: Ron Satlof
  • Ep: 5
  • A Small and Deadly War
  • Guest Stars: Jack Ging (Captain Stark), Dean Stockwell (Officer Collins), Norman Alden (Inspector Maloney)
  • And: Al White (Officer Steve Meadows)
  • Co-Starring: Fil Formicola (Shaeffer), Carol Baxter (Nurse), East Carlo (Delgado), Lew Palter (Desk Sergeant), Rhonda Shear (Bonnie)
  • Featuring: Dave Morick (Mickey), Connie Downing (Waitress)
  • Written By: Frank Lupo
  • Directed By: Ron Satlof
  • Ep: 6
  • Black Day at Bad Rock
  • Guest Stars: Ed Lauter (Sheriff Hank Thompson), Tricia O'Neal (Dr. Maggie Sullivan), John Dennis Johnston (Snake), Sid Haig (Sonny Jenko)
  • Co-Starring: Ted Gehring (Deputy Jack Harmson), William Frankfather (Neil Sullivan)
  • Written By: Patrick Hasburgh
  • Directed By: Christian I. Nyby, Jr.
  • Ep: 7
  • The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas
  • Guest Stars: Richard Romanus (Jackie Martell), Terry McGovern (Professor Bruce Warfel), Luke Andreas (Jilly), Kitty Moffat (Darlene), Floyd Levine ()
  • And: Charles Cioffi (Gianni Christian)
  • Co-Starring: Michelle Avonne (Sue Beth), Richard Reicheg (), Tracy Scoggins (Elly Payne), Christopher Thomas (), Michael Laurence ()
  • Featuring: Alma Beltran (Maid), James Dybas (Doorman), Timothy Prager (Florist Messenger)
  • Written By: Frank Lupo
  • Directed By: Bruce Kessler
  • Ep: 8
  • The Out-of-Towners
  • Guest Stars: Yaphet Kotto (Charlie), Priscilla Pointer (Tracy's Mother), Albert Popwell (Digger), Jack Kruschen (Bernie), Robert Tessier (Scully), J. Jay Saunders (), Billy Jacoby (Nicky)
  • Co-Starring: Wendy Hoffman (Tracy), Martin Garner (Mr. Laskey, Peter Iacangelo ()
  • Featuring: Joni Demarest (Rita), Howard Vann (Airport Guard)
  • Written By: Frank Lupo
  • Directed By: Chuck Bowman
  • Ep: 9
  • Holiday in the Hills
  • Guest Stars: Edward Winter (Mitchell Barnes), Philip Sterling (Eldridge), Denise Galik (Louanne), John Perak (Captain Stewart)
  • And: Bill McKinney (Clint)
  • Co-Starring: Mickey Jones (), Gary Lee Davis (), James Beach ()
  • Written By: Babs Greyhosky
  • Directed By: Arnold Laven
  • Ep: 10
  • West Coast Turnaround
  • Guest Stars: Michael Alldredge (Whitaker), Devon Ericson (Ellen Penhall), Robert Sampson (Joe Penhall), Tom McFadden (), Tim Rossovich ()
  • Special Guest Star: Stuart Whitman (Chuck Easterland)
  • Co-Starring: Caskey Swain (), Jim Boeke ()
  • Teleplay By: Stephen J. Cannell & Patrick Hasburgh
  • Story By: Babs Greyhosky
  • Directed By: Guy Magar
  • Ep: 11
  • One More Time
  • Guest Stars: Ed Grover (Major Briggs), Alan Fudge (Mr. Perry), Nico Minardos (Rashaad), Warren Kemmerling (General Ludlam), Amy Steel (Kathy Ludlam), Danny Wells (), Barbra Horan (), Dean Santoro ()
  • Special Guest Star: William Lucking (Colonel Lynch)
  • Co-Starring: Dennis Haysbert (Psych Ward Staff), Casey King ()
  • Featuring: Patrick Cameron (Guard), Rick Fitts (Burrows), Robb Madrid (Sergeant at Arms), Judd Omen (Guerrilla)
  • Teleplay By: Frank Lupo & Patrick Hasburgh
  • Story By: Babs Greyhosky
  • Directed By: Arnold Laven
  • Ep: 12
  • Till Death Do Us Part
  • Guest Stars: John Ericson (Calvin Cutter), Janice Heiden (Jackie Taylor), Jim Antonio (Sheriff Bueller), Noble Willingham (Pete), William Green Bush ()
  • Co-Starring: Tony Dale (), Lesley Woods (Secretary), Jenny Neumann (Tracy), Sy Kramer (), Kenneth White ()
  • Featuring: Jack Garner (Texan), Tom Pletts (Justice of the Peace), Terrence Beasor (Minister), Gordon Hurst (Gas Station Attendant)
  • Written By: Babs Greyhosky & Frank Lupo
  • Directed By: Guy Magar
  • Ep: 13
  • The Beast From the Belly of a Boeing
  • Guest Stars: Andrew Robinson (Jackson), Alan Stock (Thomas), Jim McKrell (Hertzog), Michael Swan (Trigg), Jesse D Goins (Phillips)
  • Co-Starring: Milt Kogan (T.K.), Xander Berkeley (Baker), Scott Lincoln (Rourke), Mary Kate McGeehan (Stewardess)
  • Featuring: Melvin F. Allen (Orderly), Tony Brubaker (Marty), Steve Chambers (Price), Wayne Storm (Guard)
  • Written By: Patrick Hasburgh
  • Directed By: Ron Satlof
  • Ep: 14
  • A Nice Place to Visit
  • Guest Stars: Joanna Kerns (Trish Brenner), Burton Gilliam (Sheriff Jeff), Ted Markland (Logan Watkins), Kelbe Nugent (Lianne), Sandy Ward (Lianne's Father)
  • And: Robert F. Lyons (Harold Watkins)
  • Special Guest Star: Don Stroud (Deke Watkins)
  • Co-Starring: M.C. Gainey (C.W. Watkins), Georgie Paul ()
  • Featuring: Johnny Crear (Arnold), Tony Epper (Curly), William Dyer (Minister)
  • Written By: Frank Lupo
  • Directed By: Bernard McEveety