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Aaron Stone
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It's Not Just a Game!

Season One: 21 episodes
1101Feb 03/09Hero Rising, Part 1
2102Feb 03/09Hero Rising, Part 2
3103Feb 23/09First Strike
4105Mar 02/09Time Out
5104Mar 09/09Rockin' the Free World
6106Mar 16/09From Hero to Xero
7107Mar 23/09Not So Friendly Skies, Part 1
8108Mar 30/09Not So Friendly Skies, Part 2
9109Apr 13/09In Hall We Trust
10110Apr 20/09My Two S.T.A.N.s
11111Jun 22/09Xero Control
12112Jun 29/09Cloudy With a Chance of Ninjas
13113Jul 06/09Hunt Me? Hunt You!
14114Jul 13/09Beastland
15115Jul 20/09Chuck or Charlie
16116Jul 27/09Mind Games
17117Aug 03/09My Stakeout With S.T.A.N.
18118Oct 07/09Dreamcast
19119Nov 04/09S.T.A.N. By Me
20120Nov 18/09Saturday Night Fever
21121Nov 27/09Game On

Season Two: 14 episodes
22Feb 24/10Damage Control (part 1)
23Feb 24/10In the Game of the Father (part 2)
24Mar 03/10Gauntlet, But Not Forgotten
25Mar 10/10Photography
26Mar 17/10Face-Off
27Mar 24/10My Own Private Superhero
28Jun 16/10Resident Weevil
29Jun 23/10Run, Aaron, Run
30Jun 30/10Pack-Man
31Jul 07/10Tracker and Field
32Jul 14/10Metal Gear Liquid
33Jul 21/10Sparks
34Jul 30/10Mutant Rain, Part 1
35Jul 30/10Mutant Rain, Part 2
Aaron Stone
Genre: action, science fiction, drama
Show Type: live action, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 35
Broadcast Run: 2009 - 2010
Starring: Kelly Blatz
Tania Gunadi
David Lambert
J.P. Manoux
Created By: Bruce Kalish
Broadcast Network: Disney XD
Production Company: Shaftesbury Films
Three Hearts Productions
Copyright: © 2009-2010 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Country of Origin: Canada
United States
IMDb: Aaron Stone