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Ace Lightning
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More than just a game

Season One: 26 episodes
1Sep 02/02(UK)The Game Begins
2Sep 03/02(UK)The Trap is Set
3Sep 04/02(UK)The Substitute
4Sep 05/02(UK)Face the Music
5Sep 06/02(UK)There's No Place Like Home
6Sep 10/02(UK)Opposite Attraction
7Sep 11/02(UK)Only Human
8Sep 12/02(UK)Behind the Mask
9Sep 13/02(UK)Once Upon a Hero
10Sep 17/02(UK)Knights Under Cover
11Sep 18/02(UK)Tunnel of Love
12Sep 19/02(UK)Nobody's Hero
13Sep 19/02(UK)Ace's Wild
14Feb 16/03(UK)The Field Trip
15Feb 22/03(UK)Not Alone at Home
16Feb 23/03(UK)Unidentified Flying Superhero
17Mar 01/03(UK)A Friend in Need
18Mar 02/03(UK)The Last Laugh
19Mar 08/03(UK)Download Disaster
20Mar 09/03(UK)Daffy Duff (clip show)
21Mar 15/03(UK)The Unlikely Hero
22Mar 16/03(UK)The Not So Great Outdoors
23Mar 22/03(UK)The Biggest Fan
24Mar 23/03(UK)The Play's the Thing
25Mar 27/03(UK)The Rat Turns
26Mar 28/03(UK)Game Over

Season Two: 13 episodes
27Apr 06/05(UK)Upgrades
28Apr 08/05(UK)The Game's On
29Apr 13/05(UK)Uninvited Guest
30Apr 15/05(UK)A Secret Life
31Apr 20/05(UK)Welcome to the Nightmare
32Apr 22/05(UK)The Search For Sparx
33Apr 27/05(UK)Bound to Fail
34Apr 29/05(UK)Formula For Disaster
35May 05/05(UK)Choices
36May 06/05(UK)Rotgut Rides Again
37May 11/05(UK)Putting it Together
38May 13/05(UK)Kilobyte Bites Back
39May 18/05(UK)The Master Plan
Ace Lightning
Genre: action, comedy, science fiction
Show Type: live action / animation, color
Runtime Format: half hour
Current Status: ended
Number of Seasons: 2
Number of Episodes: 39
Broadcast Run: 2002 - 2005
Starring: Tom Wansey
Marc Minardi
Michael Riley
Shadia Simmons (season 1)
Ashley Leggat (season 2)
Created By: Jim Corston
Rick Siggelkow
Broadcast Network: BBC
Production Company: Alliance Atlantis
BBC Worldwide
Country of Origin: Canada
United Kingdom
IMDb: Ace Lightning